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    Erin Shaffer

    Growing up without dogs was one of the most regrettable circumstances in my life. When I got my very first puppy my whole world turned upside down. She bettered my life, so every day I do my best to better hers. Dogs are truly little angels and deserve nothing but the best. Our dogs dedicate themselves to us, so lets give back and be the best pet owners we can be in every way possible.


    The Best Dog Blankets in 2021

    By Erin Shaffer / March 19, 2021

    There is no doubt in my mind that all of us want the very best for our pups. However, if they are uncomfortable sleeping or if they are ripping your sofa or car seats with their paws, it puts you in a tough decision trying to figure out what to do. Does your pet ever […]


    The Best Toys For Dogs (And Puppies) of 2020

    By Erin Shaffer / May 11, 2019

    Does your furry friend ever look bored?  Do you often find them chewing on your furniture or other things they are not supposed to be gnawing on?  Do they ever stress or get nervous about something? Maybe they have weak teeth or are teething puppies whose teeth are growing in?  Or perhaps they just want […]


    The Best Dog Food in 2020

    By Erin Shaffer / April 28, 2019

    Just as we all do our very best to keep our dogs happy and healthy with the food that they are consuming, it can be tough to know of which brands are the best for our pets. Do you ever go to a store to buy dog food and are just completely overwhelmed by all […]


    Our 20 Best Dog Crate for 2020

    By Erin Shaffer / April 15, 2019

    Do you ever have a hard time keeping your pet from causing any havoc in your house while you are away?  Does your pup rummage through your home and make messes for you to come home and clean up?  If you are training a new puppy, do they get anxiety while you are away and […]


    Acana vs Orijen Dog Food Comparison Guide of 2020

    By Erin Shaffer / March 18, 2019

    As an owner of a furry friend who we want in our lives forever, it is tough to make the right decisions about what type of food would be best for their bodies. We want to give them something that will both keep them healthy throughout their lives, and be delicious and fun for them […]


    The 19 Best Automatic Dog Feeder by Brand

    By Erin Shaffer / March 3, 2019

    Do you ever dread finding a pet sitter when you have to go away on a long trip or are away from home?  The stress from trying to find a trustworthy person (to pay) to go into your house a few times a day to check on your pet isn’t a great feeling. Luckily, that […]


    Why Won’t My Dog Drink Water Out of His Bowl?

    By Erin Shaffer / February 23, 2019

    Every living mammal needs a source of water to live.  Without water, there is no life (we are made up of 60% water).  If your pooch is not getting the correct amount of water that it needs to stay healthy, then that is a very serious problem. Usually, dogs know when to drink on their […]


    How to Measure a Dog For a Harness

    By Erin Shaffer / February 18, 2019

    One of my most aggravating pet peeves is when my puppy chases after something and ever-so-sneakily slips out of her chain or harness.  As you can imagine, I get agitated when such occurrences happen.  Even when I fork out money to buy new leashes or chains for her, she always finds a way to maneuver […]