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When I'm not working, you can find me spending all my time with my dogs. My dogs mean the world to me, and I do my best to give them the world. I'll do anything for them. I hope that my love for dogs can spread with everyone else that visits my site.


What is The Best Dog Silencer in 2020?

By John Myers / March 6, 2019

Does your dog get fired up by the neighbor’s pooch or even the smallest noise? Many pups, especially small species, tend to have a barking problem now and then. If it happens often enough to disturb your daily life, you might want to consider a dog silencer. These devices teach your pup not to bark […]


What’s The Best No Pull Dog Harness for 2020?

By John Myers / February 21, 2019

Getting a harness is probably the best thing for your pet, especially if your dog doesn’t like the uncomfortable feeling of being on a leash. Some breeds just don’t like walking or don’t know how to behave with a leash around their neck. In addition, some have a tendency to pull on their leash during […]


The 21 Best Dog Harness for Walking (Top Rating in 2020)

By John Myers / February 15, 2019

If your dog is anything like mine, a harness will solve the problem of constant pulling on leashes and choking during walks. Dogs may pull on their leash for different reasons. For instance, some dogs just don’t like stuff around their necks while others, like mine, didn’t get proper training and aren’t used to being […]


Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys? We Have 4 Theories!

By John Myers / February 5, 2019

Is your dog crazy for squeaky toys? Unsurprisingly, most dogs are, and it’s actually hard to find a pup that doesn’t like them. Most dogs love hearing the squeak and will go mad to find where the sound is coming from. It’s an endless source of fun and simulation. Why do dogs like these? Several […]


The Best Dog Food for Miniature Schnauzers in 2020

By John Myers / January 29, 2019

You’ve probably heard that you shouldn’t feed your dog with human food often. Why? Simply put, the food we eat doesn’t have enough of what our dogs need regarding nutrition. Miniature Schnauzer owners usually struggle to find the best food for this breed. It’s the smallest of the three Schnauzers and entirely different from the […]


The 7 Best Smelling Dog Shampoo for 2020

By John Myers / November 28, 2018

How often do you bathe your dog? Also, does the smell of the shampoo you use last for a while?  Rinsing your pup and keeping its smell fresh is sometimes more tricky than you expect. Regardless of whether you have a puppy or a fully grown hound, baths can be a struggle. But, once you […]


The History of Dog Sledding [3 Major Facts]

By John Myers / September 27, 2018

Dogs have been loyal friends to the humankind throughout history. Numerous cultures even used them in herding, hunting, security, and transport. This meant the beginning of sledding that was only slightly different than today.  The places with harsh winters were where sledding began. Though winters were cold, they still had work to do and supplies […]


How Long Can a Dog Go Without Peeing?

By John Myers / September 11, 2018

Just as we have to use the bathroom every few hours, so do our dogs. If you’re a new owner, you probably wonder how long can a dog hold its pee. In most cases, trained dogs will ask to go outside, but even then, they might have been holding it in for a while. Imagine […]


The Best Low Protein Dog Food Brands With Kidney Problems

By John Myers / August 17, 2018

Protein offers the nutrients, such as amino acids, to help raise a healthy dog. It helps build muscle, a source of energy, and can help your dog gain weight. For your canine, high-quality sources of protein should be all-natural and clear of preservatives. Examples are salmon and beef. So if feeding your dog protein is […]


Ran Out of Dog Food – What Do You Feed Instead?

By John Myers / July 19, 2018

So, it’s late, and you’re out of dog food? That’s probably when you notice the saddest look on your dog’s face. There’s no other solution but to try and find something to replace its favorite canned meals. Many things come to mind, but are they safe? You can always feed your pup with lunch leftovers, […]

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