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When I'm not working, you can find me spending all my time with my dogs. My dogs mean the world to me, and I do my best to give them the world. I'll do anything for them. I hope that my love for dogs can spread with everyone else that visits my site.


Greenies vs Dentastix (3 Important Comparisons for 2020)

By John Myers / June 30, 2018

Does your dog have horrible breath? Sometimes halitosis is a symptom of serious dental issues. Canines are not as fortunate as humans, in that we can brush our teeth whenever we want, or go to a dentist when we feel something is wrong. Pets rely on us as owners to help them care for their […]


The 5 Best Dog Shampoo For Shedding

By John Myers / May 24, 2018

I love my dog. Every time I say bye to him I find myself rolling a lint remover immediately after so I don’t go to work wearing its fur. For the most part, shedding is natural for dogs. Some just shed more than others. However, if you notice your canine shedding more than what is […]


Top 5 Best Dog Food for English Bulldog in 2021

By John Myers / May 15, 2018

Do you have a picky eater? Or do you just want the know what’s the best dog food for English Bulldogs? As you know, this type of breed is known to be loyal, are good guard dogs, affectionate, and most importantly, adorable. But one aspect of owning an English Bulldog puppy that people overlook is […]


Blue Buffalo vs Wellness Food for Dogs: The Great Comparison

By John Myers / May 8, 2018

As customers, we tend to gravitate towards the first can or bag of food we see at the store, or go straight to the cheapest brand, just to save a couple of cents. Just remember, cheap dog food brands are made with cheap ingredients, and are probably not the healthiest for your pet. Your dog […]


Can My German Shepherd Eat Peanut Butter?

By John Myers / May 5, 2018

I’m sure you’ve seen it all over on social media. Pet owners giving their dogs a spoonful of peanut butter. I have to admit, it’s cute. Sometimes, we’ll surf all day and night looking for more videos of different dogs eating it. Before you decide whether or not you should do the same for your […]


Does My Puppy Need a Lot of Love and Attention?

By John Myers / May 5, 2018

The day you bring your puppy home for the first time can be exciting and terrifying at the same time. Exciting because you’re introducing a new member to the family, but terrifying because you’re responsible for another living thing. You also have to keep in mind that this pet you just brought home, has been […]


Are You Thinking About Feeding Your Dog Octopus?

By John Myers / May 4, 2018

The sound of octopus, “yum”. I don’t know about you, but the sound of “octopus” makes me cringe. And to think, can dogs eat Octopus? Really? One thing for sure is that octopus is a form of meat. And as you may know, most dog foods have meat in them (emphasis in chicken, beef, lamb […]


Best Dog Food for German Shepherds in 2020

By John Myers / April 4, 2018

Imagine what would happen if you fed your German Shepherd with low-quality dog food from the time it was a small puppy. It would most certainly affect the body, such as its bones and even hair. Although the food may not taste bad, it might not be considered healthy and beneficial for your pet overall. […]


Our Top Rated Bark Control Collars for Small Dogs

By John Myers / March 7, 2018

You ever noticed that smaller dogs tend to bark more? Maybe it’s because they have all that ball of energy to compensate for their size. Or maybe they just have a bad temper overall? You can train your pooch to not bark, but the process takes a lot of time and patience. And for that […]


How to Put on a Dog Harness

By John Myers / February 20, 2018

Putting on a harness may not seem hard, but sometimes, it can be tricky. If your canine is well behaved and the harness you chose is simple enough, you should be able to put it on easily. However, if there are many straps and features, and your canine doesn’t cooperate, you might need some extra […]

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