The 19 Best Automatic Dog Feeder by Brand

By Erin Shaffer / August 8, 2021

Do you ever dread finding a pet sitter when you have to go away on a long trip or are away from home?  The stress from trying to find a trustworthy person (to pay) to go into your house a few times a day to check on your pet isn’t a great feeling.

Luckily, that can be eliminated by getting your very own automatic dog feeder, which perfectly fits your pet owner needs.

A mechanism such as this would be great in your home when you have any troubles feeding your pup at the proper hour when it is hungry.

A device like this gives you the peace of mind when you’re away from home that your furry friend will be well fed and won’t starve.

Whenever I am away from home, and I have to leave my puppy, Maggie, at home, I tend to stress out a bit.

Pet food on white backgroundI would always worry if she was safe and healthy. But once I got her an automatic food dispenser, it was a game changer, and my life became easier.

Below, we’ll go over some of the popular automatic dog feeders that we picked for 2021.

Automatic Pet Feeder Buyer’s Guide

dog sitting on white carpetAs a homeowner, you most likely have certain standards for what goes into your house. Now as a dog owner, your standards get higher because you want attractive, yet  effective devices that will benefit both you and your dog.

Some characteristics that you should keep your eye out for when you’re on your search for proper suiting automatic dog feeders are:

  • Bottom heavy (therefore won’t fall over)
  • Programming that is simple and effective
  • Multiple timed meal schedules throughout the day
  • Customizable portions specific for different types of canines
  • Adjustable feeding speed to control the duration of each meal time
  • Safe mechanics
  • Simple to take apart and clean

dog food with different shapesDepending on your style, there are many different designs to choose from. Some are very slick and shiny looking, while others have fun colors that can show off your pet’s cheery and fun personality.  Either way, the effects of mealtime will be quite similar when considering the mechanics behind the product itself.

Before I get too ahead of myself, I’ll show you some of my favorite options to choose from when it comes to automatic dog feeders!

Best Automatic Dog Feeder – Top Model Reviews

WOpet Dog Feeder

This WOpet food dispenser has many features that can make your feeding routine much more simple.  Some features of this WOpet are:

  • Distribution Alarms
  • Portion Control
  • 4 Meals Per Day
  • Timer
  • Voice Recorder

Wouldn’t you agree that your dog deserves the best, timely meals?  With this WOpet item, you’re able to give your pooch an opportunity to never miss a feeding, even if you are away from home!

Depending on the size of your pooch, you can customize a healthy portion size of food and decide when the food will be released.

One of my favorite features is that you can record your voice to say whatever you want to your dog during mealtime!  This gets them excited and more comfortable with the transition from an ordinary bowl, to a high tech feeder.

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SereneLife Automatic Pet Feeder

SereneLife is an electric dry food feeder that can hold your dog’s meals long before they will be eaten.  The best elements included in this automatic feeder are:

  • Built-in Voice Recorder
  • Dry Food Storage
  • Digital Timer
  • Six Liters of Holding Capacity
  • Optional Battery Operation
  • Perfect Portioning
  • Made with BPA-Free Plastic

Many owners really enjoy the SereneLife.  The easy to use innovated dog food storage container and bowl is a popular product.

The plastic is non-toxic and won’t get your pup sick if they accidentally consume it. This automatic feeder has such an excellent holding capacity and would be a fantastic addition to the household.

Another element that makes this even better is the infrared overflow detection.  This prevents any type of spills inside the mechanism. It is an easy to clean item and can also run with batteries if you prefer it run on battery energy instead!

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PetSafe Automatic Feeder

PetSafe has a feeder that you can program through your very own smartphone!  This exciting new technology allows you to download an app that can connect to the pet feeder so that you can program it in a much more accessible and innovative way!

Some features of this are:

  • Programming from Smartphone
  • Customized Feeding Schedule
  • Portion Sizing control
  • Very Reliable Design
  • Wifi Connection for Feeding Schedules (wifi doesn’t always have to be connected)
  • Simple to Clean
  • Included Power Adapter

All these qualities that are included in the automatic feeder can make your life away from home simpler because of the option to control it through your phone.

Made with stainless steel and BPA-free plastic, this will be easy for you to clean because it is dishwasher safe.  However, this specific item is for indoor use only, which can be great if your pooch is more comfortable with eating indoors.

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WESTLINK Automatic Pet Feeder

WESTLINK electric/automatic food dispenser has a timer for when you would like to feed your pet.  Some great features that you would really enjoy if you get this item are:

  • Six-Liter Storage/Fill Capacity
  • Voice Speaker and Recorder (be able to talk to your pet if you are not there with it)
  • Prevents Any Jamming or Spills
  • Uses USB Power
  • Can Use Battery Power (batteries not included)

The small-sized spinning, rotator inside of this automatic feeder is excellent for avoiding any food getting stuck or jammed inside the machine.

You have the option to record your voice for 10 seconds which will allow you to call your pooch over when it is time to eat a healthy meal.

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HoneyGuardian Automatic Pet Feeder

HoneyGuardian automatic food dispenser is made with programmable portion control, stainless steel, voice recording, and you are also able to power up this device by either batteries or power adaptors.

You can customize the dog’s meal size and meal time that varies on how much you want to feed your pooch and how big they are.

The 12-month warranty included with this specific device lets you return or exchange it if it broke or wasn’t right for you.

Many pet owners love this clean, slick looking design as it is not an eyesore in their home.  This product will not overfill the bowl because it can sense when it is full; therefore it will stop releasing kibble into the bowl portion in the mechanism.

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PortionProRx Pet Feeder

This PortionProRx dispenser has a cute design that provides your canine with scheduled meals throughout its day.  One thing to know about this device is that it is the only vet recommended feeder on the market right now! Which means it must be a good one!

Some notable features that are included with the purchase and design of this dog feeder are:

  • It prevents any food from being stolen by other pets that it is not meant for (this is done by a tag that can be worn by the pet which communicates with the feeder.  If another pet comes up to the feeder with the inappropriate tag, the food will not come out for them)
  • Automatically serves and adjusts mealtimes without your thought after you set it the first time
  • Keeps pets healthy because of portion control
  • Ends food fights because of the non-stealing feature!

Definitely one of the more unique products because of that non-stealing feature am I right?

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PetSafe 5-Meal Automatic Pet Feeder

This PetSafe 5-Meal pet feeder has a unique 5 portion design.  Once you pop the lid, you can fill the 5 sections of this feeder with dry food. Once filled, you can forget about it for the rest of the day!

With the built-in digital clock, this automatic feeder has one section open at a time depending on when you set it throughout the day.  The inside spins whenever eating time comes around which reveals a new section with more food inside.

This happens four times (not including the first section that is open which is technically one of the five sections)

While the battery activated dispenser only lasts 5 meals, it is very convenient to clean.  The inner spinning tray comes out, and you can set it in the dishwasher for an easy clean.

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USDREAM Automatic Pet Feeder

The USDREAM programmable feeder is just as it states, a dream!  This item has a screen that allows you to program your canine’s feeding times.  USDREAM is a white, clean looking feeder that replaces your ordinary dog bowl with a sophisticated look.

A few features that you should note are:

  • Six-liter capacity and storage for dry food
  • Digital timer programs that you can adjust to your needs
  • Voice recorders to help your canine become more comfortable with the device if it hears your voice
  • Very simple to clean and safe to use

USDREAM is very easy to use for owners who are not around all the time to feed their pets.  This technology can give you the peace of mind that your pooch is still eating even when you are away from home.

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DOGNESS Automatic Feeder

DOGNESS automatic feeder is unlike other feeders you have seen before.  Amazingly, a camera is attached to this one! A humanized design such as this allows you to view your dog while using the specific app that can be downloaded along with your purchase.

Very cool components included with the DOGNESS are:

  • 6.5lbs Capacity
  • App Control
  • Wifi Food Dispenser
  • Voice Recording
  • Portion Control
  • Programmable Timer

If you want this item, make sure that you have a 2.4Ghz wifi network frequency to connect and allow the feeder to operate.

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PETKIT Automatic Pet Feeder

As a lover of the color blue, this item really stood out to me.  When you purchase this feeder, you get:

  • App Control
  • Kibble never gets jammed or stuck
  • The timer is programmable
  • 5.9-liter fill capacity
  • Lock system that keeps food fresh for a long time
  • Personalized feeding habits

The PETKIT canine food dispenser is great for when you are away traveling.  Many pet owners love this product and highly recommend it to people who are looking for feeders (like you!)

The special silicone sealing ring keeps any food inside of the mechanism fresh for a long time.  You can even feed your pet up to 10 meals in a day. Healthy portion sizes are from 5mm to 25mm.

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Petzi Pet Feeder

This item is a little different from most that you have read about in this article thus far.  The difference is that instead of portioning, with this you can release treats to your pup.   The Petzi Treat Cam allows you to watch your pup and give them little treats here and there from where ever you may be.

There is a one-way audio system that lets you talk to them and call them over if you want to surprise them with a treat.  An app that you download and connect to this Petzi device gives you the opportunity to watch what your pet is doing while you’re gone, and treat them if they are being good boys or girls!

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Homdox Pet Feeder

Homdox makes an automatic pet feeder that meets your needs.  It stores around fours meals worth of food and gives you the option to portion the meals off for a small, medium, or large pooch.   Some features that will benefit you and your pooch are:

  • Six-Liter Large Capacity
  • 4 Meals a Day
  • Voice Record
  • Play Function
  • Easy to Operate and Set Up
  • Different Time Settings

Homdox is great at portioning healthy amounts of food for your pup so they won’t suffer from hunger if they do not eat enough or if it overeats and get sick or obscene in the long run.

The play function allows you to talk to them while they are eating which helps them not to miss you as much when you are gone.

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Iseebiz Automatic Feeder

Iseebiz created an automatic feeder designed for convenience. It allows you to customize the amount food you distribute each feeding, so you will never have to worry about overfeeding or underfeeding your pooch.  This lightweight product will help you have more time to focus on yourself and not on the feeding schedule of your puppy.

Components that come with this contraption include:

  • Six Liters Worth of dry food storage capacity
  • Programmable Portions
  • Programmable Schedule for Feeding
  • Voice Recorder
  • Easy to Clean
  • Simple Operation
  • Good Customer Service

The best way to keep your pooch from gaining or losing too much weight is by purchasing a portion control item such as this one.  It also keeps them at a steady schedule which helps them learn when they are and are not allowed to eat. A good habit starts with portion control!

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Arf Pets Automatic Feeder

Arf Pets made an automatic dispenser for all animals who need a specific mealtime throughout their day.  When an animal knows that its owner is away, it can easily get stressed out. However, with Arf Pets’ portion control, voice recording pet feeder, you are able to almost be with your canine during the time it has to eat.

You can do this with the voice recording option on the automatic feeder itself.  Other included aspects about this item are:

  • Personalized meal call
  • Blue light up clock/timer
  • Releases 1-10 portions per meal
  • Up to 4 daily meal alarms

With these add ons, your pup can fuel up daily, even when you are on the other side of the world.  Also, you can either let this run with your choice of either batteries or a power cable outlet.

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Bergan Dog Feeder

Unlike the previous options that I showed you, Bergan makes a simple and non-electronic pet kibble holder/releaser.  This is more of a travel option for when you ever take your pet with you places. It has a handle and is lightweight to carry around with you on your vacations.

Aspects that you may enjoy about this simple, yet handy product are:

  • Hold up to five pounds
  • Large top opening (allows for an easy pour)
  • Holds up to 24 cups of food
  • Made in the USA
  • Snap lid and rotating base
  • Storage and feeder all in one

If you are looking for an easy way to carry around your pup’s food and have it available at all times, then this Bergan Dispenser is the one for you.

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Amzdeal Automatic Dog Feeder

This automatic canine feeder is excellent for easy cleans and simple disassembling.  An affordable feeder such as this can bring a lot of relief into your living space.  Great add ons such as:

  • Customizable food portions
  • Customized time of eating
  • Sound recording
  • Simple to take apart and wash
  • Powered by either USB or unincluded batteries
  • Infrared detection
  • LED display and clock (timer)

The infrared detection design senses when the bowl is full and therefore will stop filling it to prevent the possibility of your pooch overeating

Many furry friend owners love this design because of the intuitiveness of the sensor!  If you purchase the Amzdeal, you will not be let down. The sensor and dispenser do your job for you!

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Qpets’ large black automatic feeder holds much more substance than you would think.  For many puppy lovers, this is the first choice they choose to exceed their need.  Qpets AF-200 can be considered one of the best innovative, programmable pet products to be on the market.

If you are wondering why this the case, here are a few reasons:

  • Holds up to 10 pounds of kibble
  • Built-in voice sound recorder (so that you can call your pooch for mealtime without even really being there)
  • Battery life lasts up to 6 months
  • Perfect for any size animal

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with the Qpets after you purchase it, there is a six-month warranty for any returns or exchanges that you might like to make.

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Petnet Feeder

A wifi automatic food dispenser!  I knew that would get your attention.  Anything that involves easy to use apps or wifi connection is a big plus that would get anyone’s attention when searching for a reliable product.

Having those options makes life convenient because it is so simple for you not to have to put much attention into going out of your way to give a meal to your canine.

This smartphone controlled feeder allows you to feed your pooch from wherever and whenever.

Included with this is:

  • Black or white feeder
  • Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Nest Cam
  • Camera allows you to watch your pup eat to see how much kibble is left in the bowl
  • Easy to clean
  • Personalized portions and timing
  • Receive alerts

Wifi and app function are a huge plus!

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Sailnovo Feeder

Sailnovo has a unique take that you have been searching for as well.  The small, compact, modern day robot looking dispenser can hold either four liters or 6 liters of dry food (depending on the size you get).

Four different meals automatically come out of the container and into the bowl by the demand of the time that you previously set for it to be delivered.

Factors that may help sway your mind to getting the Sailnovo are:

  • Great at keeping canine food fresh for a long time inside storage sector
  • Made with pet-safe materials
  • Prevents any type of food jams inside of the mechanism
  • Records your voice
  • Allows you to set a time for food to be delivered and how much would be released

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Benefits of Having an Automatic Dog Feeder

dog laying on wood floorWhere do I even begin?  Many different factors are beneficial for your day to day life when it comes to having an automatic dog food dispenser.  Some of these factors include:

  • Timed meals (to help quick eaters eat slower)
  • Set meal times without your constant attention
  • Easy for you to refill (and less frequent)
  • Healthy portion sizing (especially based on how much your dog eats)
  • Clean mechanism that is also easy to wash
  • Helps your canine learn when mealtimes are
  • You don’t need to remember when to feed your canine
  • Your canine will learn to be less dependent on you

…to name a few!  If you’ve read any of these and a smile magically appeared on your face, then you know the drill.  It is now time for you to join the club of comfortable living and get one of these lifesavers.

double heart dog foodOnce you have one in your home, the stress of making time to give your pet their breakfast in the morning while you are rushing to get ready for work lifts off your shoulders.

The benefits of this product are too good not to get!

DIY Automatic Dog Feeders

white dog being heldNow, I have a challenge for you, but only if you’re up for it.  A DIY (do it yourself) automatic dry food dispenser. If ever you are wanting to make your very own feeder, here is a guide on how to do so.

Before I start, something you should know is that you can find most of these items around your house or at your local hardware store (Lowes, Home Depot, etc.).

One example of an option that you can choose from is the Water Pipe design.

Pet food in pink bowlsDepending on how big or small the pipe you purchase is, you can make anything from a feeder for your small fish, to one for your big canine.

If you are mechanically inclined, this may be the way to go in the case of not wanting to purchase a feeding dispenser from online or a store.  However, the mechanics of a DIY automatic dog feeder such as this can get quite tricky. Therefore this project isn’t for the faint of heart.

This ‘make it on your own’ water pipe dispenser is a basic design that uses pipe, wood, pipe holder, pipe joiners, and many other intricate items that can help you to make the feeder that will satisfy your needs.  This way, you can also customize it!

Final Thoughts

dog close-upWhether you’re in the market for a feeder because you are away from home a lot, or if you merely want it to make your life easier, we hope that our guide on automatic dog feeders helped you on your search.

Out of all of these different brands and devices, pick the one that stands out to you most, to ship home to you today!

Your pup deserves the very best treatment and love from you, their owner.  The scheduled meal times can help your canine get into a healthy habit of coming to eat at certain times throughout the day.

This will get them out of the untimely confusion of when they should be able to eat or have hunger cravings.

Put an end to your frustration of rushed mornings, chaotic evenings, and stressful trips with your very own automatic dog food dispenser!  From one dog owner to the next, this is really going to change your life.

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