The 5 Best Bark Collar for 2021

By John Myers / August 2, 2021

spotted dog taking a walkThat’s precisely why it’s useful and convenient to have a control bark collar. But before purchasing an anti-bark collar, be sure you know why your dog barks and that having one is the right option for you and your furry companion.

Lastly, once you’ve selected the right one, make sure you know how to fasten it in a comfortable yet effective way.

Continue reading if you want to figure out what the best bark collar is for your dog.

How to Pick the Right Barking Collar?

There are so many different bark collars on the market in 2021, which presents a bit of a problem for owners to make a choice. To make the process easier for yourself, there are a few factors you have to consider when deciding what’s the best bark collar.

Many people overlook these factors and automatically purchase the first bark choker they see.

dog barking with no training collarWe’re here to help you if you find yourself struggling to control your barking canine, and we also picked out some of the best dog collars.

These training collars are safe and easy to use; and received fantastic customer reviews, which are all very important.

First, let’s take a look at the comparisons for 2021 below, where we’ve compared these bark collars and highlighted their most important details.

That way you can see the similarities and differences, but more importantly, its unique features. We suggest reading each review thoroughly to make an informed purchase when choosing the best bark collar for yourself.

Top Rated Bark Collar Products

 Kpow Dog Anti-Barking Collar

This anti-barking is a perfect way to prevent that annoying nighttime barking shows that your canine often throws. It has intelligent recognition, which means you can use it to train your pup or just stop it from barking.

It’s easy to control because it features 7 levels of sensitivity that activate under sound and vibration, which means it responds only to your dog’s barking. The three modes are shock, vibration, and sound, and they’re all adjustable. The product is safe to use because the shocks are harmless.

If your hound keeps barking for more than 7 minutes, the neckband enters auto protection mode. It features a rechargeable battery that provides lasting battery life.

Also, the training collar features an auto power protect method that helps save battery life when you’re not using the product.

What’s great is that you get 14 days of continuous use when the battery is fully charged. This product fits for all sizes, from small to large. Also, the receiver for this bark collar is waterproof, so it’s suitable for all kinds of weather conditions.

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Nemobub Dog Training Collar

Of course, your dog’s well-being is on the top of the priority list, and that’s something the Nemobud takes very seriously. This training collar has a combination of convenience, efficiency, and comfort.

What we like best is that it’s easy to control because it only features a single button for vibration and shock, which is an upgrade in comparison to the old way of controlling bark collars.

These training collars are made of rubber oil surface, which makes it easy to control, comfortable, and easier to grasp.

Also, the Nemobub has three different modes and levels of customization, in which it beeps, shocks, and vibrates to help you train your dog to stop barking correctly, and appropriately. These training collars are rechargeable and have a receiver that’s fully functional at up to 330 yards in range.

Customer reviews consistently rave about how their dogs don’t bark as much and behave much better after using this bark collar.  It’s important to note that the Nemobub dog training collar is waterproof and adjustable to fit dogs from 10 to 110 lbs.

Since convenience is a major factor, the Nemobub bark collar has a battery tree bar display, as well as a power indicator, so you always know the power status and when it’s time to recharge the battery.

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PetSion Dog Training Collar (2021)

The PetSion (2021) is an improvement on its predecessor, and one of the most popular training collars on the market today.

It’s innovative, high quality, easy to use, and of course, safe to use. The friendly design of this collar’s remote control features a blue backlight screen, and the collar itself features three training modes.

The remote control allows you to control the bark collar with ease, without any confusion or problems. Its remote control works up to 300 yards in range, which means you can train your dog even from afar. The PetSion’s three modes are beep, shock, and vibration to help owners train their dogs to stop barking.

The dog training collar and remote control operate on rechargeable lithium batteries, so there’s no need to worry about buying new batteries.

This product also features a hibernation feature that’s included and according to customers, that preserves a lot of the battery life when it’s not in use. The PetSion can fit canine’s from 5.5 inches to 26.4 inches.

Whether you have a large or a small breed, the bark collar will fit impeccably. Also, the PetSion has an LED light that always comes in handy during the night. This item is dust and waterproof, making it one of the top choices to prevent your dog from barking annoyingly.

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Hazie No Bark Dog Collar (2021)

When it comes to the safety of your pet, Hazie does everything needed to protect your pet. The product is practical and convenient, but it’s also highly safe to use. When your pup starts barking, the collar sends a warning sound and shock, which stops your dog’s barking. However, if he or she continues barking, the Hazie increases the intensity level until the dog is silent for about thirty seconds.

If the collar reaches the 7th level of intensity, it will stop working for a minute to protect your dog. It’s adjustable to fit breeds from 15 to 120 pounds and features a 6-volt battery that’s replaceable.

Previous consumers were weary of using the prior model on smaller dogs due to the shock being to powerful. So, the company implemented an upgraded sensitivity chip, thus making this collar perfect for all size canines, from small pups to adults.

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 TOProh Dog Bark Collar

The ToProh features all you need if you’re looking for an effective model, this 2021. It has an intelligent anti-injury chip that protects your dog.

This product features a protection mode, which deactivates the collar if your dog activates at least 7 times in a minute.

Due to its vibration detection feature, only your dog can trigger the collar once it barks. If other dogs bark in the neighborhood, they won’t activate the collar. The TOProh displays everything, from battery power, shock, vibration, and sensitivity.

Many customer reviews stated that the product has made their lives much easier, and houses have become quieter since using the TOProh collar to control their barking.

The neckband is adjustable and can go from 8.46inches to 23.82 inches. The choker is rainproof and features a rechargeable battery that’s 280mAh. The battery can last up to 14 days, which is very good. The combination of this collar’s features and specifications make this product a popular choice among many owners.

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If you have a smaller breed, then these bark collars might be better for your dog.  Below, are the top 5 products that we recommend.

Petiner Dog Shock Collar

If your pup is excessively howling at night, this might be the top neckband to stop it from doing that in the future. It works with a perfect combination of shock, sound, and vibration. It’s especially useful for canines that howl at nighttime.

Seven correction levels repeat over and again, as well as a vibration that intensifies until the canine stops barking for at least 30 seconds.

Once the collar reaches its 7th level, it stops for one minute to protect your pooch. What’s great is that it has + and – buttons that allow you to adjust the settings.

Its strap is adjustable and fits most breeds and sizes from small to large. It’s light, so it doesn’t sit heavily on your tiny dog’s neck. However, I wouldn’t recommend you keep it on your pet for more than 6 to 10 hours. When worn for too long it can cause pressure necrosis.

Pros for the Petiner:

  • Seven levels
  • Fits most sizes and breeds
  • Shuts off to protect the hound

Petiner Cons:

  • Doesn’t recharge

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Fiery Youth Adjutable Dog Barking Collar

The Fiery Youth offers five sensitivity levels you can choose from, based on how often your pet barks. It works by combining shock and sound to train your pooch safely and effectively.

It features a safety system that shuts off the neckband if your companion barks for longer than 30 seconds. Also, its sound detecting technology recognizes only your dog’s bark. This means this product won’t be triggered by other noises or another dogs barking.

The choker is rechargeable via USB cable. Once you fully charge it, the product can work for about 10 to 14 days until you’ll need to recharge it. The neckband is waterproof and suitable for all pups over two months old. Its voltage is safe at 10 to 12v, but it’s not recommended you keep it on your pooch all day long.

Pros for the Fiery Youth Barking Collar:

  • Distinguishes your dog’s bark
  • Safe voltage
  • Rechargeable

Fiery Youth Cons:

  • Not to be worn 24h

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Petfly Shock Dog Training Collar

If you think you’ll need more control over your pups excessive barking, this no-bark collar might be the best solution. The Petfly Shock features four training modes:  vibration, shock, and beep. You can adjust vibration and shock, but you can’t turn off beep since it’s what’s giving the warning signal.

Also, the neckband is 60cm big and suitable for mini, small, medium, and large breeds. What makes it stand out on the market is its remote control.

The remote control allows you to train your pet from up to 300m afar and it’s also completely waterproof. It features an LCD display that lights up once you turn on the dog training collar. Its light allows you to use the remote at night, too.

Petfly Shock Collar Pros:

  • Remote control
  • LCD lights up
  • Up to 300m of range
  • Fits all breeds from mini to large

Petfly Dog Training Collar Cons:

  • Beep can’t be turned off

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GoodBoy Rechargeable Dog Collar

If you don’t like the idea of using a shock collar but still want to train your pooch, this could be the best option for you. The GoodBoy uses only vibration and sound, with no shock whatsoever.

It’s ideal for small breeds because it’s thin and lightweight. Still, it fits even medium-sized breeds.

This bark dog training collar uses a combination of vibration and sound that your pet will intuitively understand. Your canine will quickly learn that it can avoid beeping and vibration by not barking. Its vibration unit and sensor are made of durable plastic, while the choker itself is made of nylon.

It’s a waterproof, durable and effective collar that’s also attractive and eye-catching. Charge it simply with the charging cable that’s included with the collar.

Pros on the GoodBoy:

  • Rechargeable
  • Lightweight and thin
  • No shock
  • Waterproof

Cons for the Goodboy Training Collar:

  • Some canines might not react to it

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Casfuy Shock Collar

This barking collar features sound, vibration, and shock all performing at different sensitivity levels. It features a remote control that reaches up to 1000 ft.

What’s great is that you can train two dogs with one remote at the same time. Also, the strap is adjustable to fit canines from small to large size.

The remote is made of rubber, and the choker is made of conductive silicone, so it doesn’t irritate your dog’s neck. Both remote and collar are waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about any bad weather.

The Casfuy Remote Shock Collar has a rechargeable battery that gives you about 14 to 20 days after only 3 hours of charging. Additionally, this product provides low battery indicators, too.

Casfuy Barking Collar Pros:

  • Remote control
  • Waterproof
  • Reaches up to 1000ft
  • Simultaneously training two dogs

Cons on the Training Collar:

  • Charger not included

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Are Bark Collars Safe for Your Dog?

black bark collar for trainingIt’s understandable why there are still people who don’t trust shock collars since no one ever wants to harm their best friend.

Yes, most bark collars use shock, but it’s a small voltage that won’t harm your pet. Still, it’s important to make sure of the voltage before you buy the collar.

Also, it’s good to choose a dog training collar that features some safety system. For example, choose a type of shock collar that shuts off if your pet continues to howl after 30 seconds.

If you aren’t a fan of shocking your canine, you can always choose vibration and sound bark collars.

Lastly, you want to make sure that the bark collar fits properly on your dog. The last thing you want is for them to feel uncomfortable. One key factor when looking for the best bark collar is that your pet is comfortable.

The Benefit of Using a Bark Collar for Small Breeds

small dog barking with no training collarThe biggest benefit of using a bark collar is stopping your hound from continually howling. Not only it’s annoying, but excessive barking can be dangerous for your canine.

By using one, you teach your pooch not to howl excessively, but safely and efficiently.

Different Types of Anti-Bark Dog Collars:

brown dog howlingThere are different types of bark collars, and the difference is mostly in the method of each collar. Here are some of the most popular types:

  • Electric: This is the kind that delivers a small shock to your canine whenever it’s barking. Many neckbands use different levels of frequency but are all safe to use.
  • Citronella: These work by delivering a whiff of Citronella, which is a smell that canines hate. Once they learn that barking releases Citronella, they’ll stop doing it. This type of dog training collar is ideal for people who don’t like the idea of using shock on their dog.
  • Ultrasonic: These release a high-pitch sound whenever your dog howls. The sound won’t harm your canine, and what’s even better, is that people can’t hear it at all.


How exactly do bark collars work?

Bark collars have a device that’s sensitive to sound, and vibration dogs produce when they bark. It then makes a response like a beep, a warning sound, or light.

These responses should divert your dog from barking. But, if the animal continues, the collar device then uses vibration. This works almost always because it almost startles the dog.

Some collars even have static shocks released if the dog continues barking even after warning sounds, lights, and vibration. Static isn’t meant to harm your dog, but catch it by surprise and snapping it out of the barking trance.
Most collars work the same by distracting dogs away from what’s making them bark. The key is in diverting the attention of the animal with these several methods.

Most collars work the same, although you’ll find variations of warning responses included with each model. Also, not all of them have the same warnings mentioned above.

Can I use it on small breed dogs?

You can use a bark collar on all breeds and age groups as long as you choose the right size. Make sure it’s not too loose, or it probably won’t have much effect on the animal.

Also, think about comfort. Your small dog is likely to wear it most of the day, so it should be comfortable and lightweight. A heavy one would cause discomfort, pain, and irritation.

Luckily, most brands offer sizing charts where you can see what size fits your dog. On top of that, some make specific bark collars for small breeds. These are even easier to fit.

It works the same on small dogs as it does on big ones. So, the methods are the same, and you’ll find everything from flashing light and beeping to vibration and static shock.

How often should I use a bark collar?

Although bark collars are considered safe, you shouldn’t let your dog wear one all day long. It’s normal for a dog to bark at times as it’s their way of communicating.

So, you should first identify when your pet barks excessively and what triggers that behavior. For example, is it another barking dog or a movement in your house?
Try to figure out a pattern to know when it’s best to put the collar on. Wearing it for a few hours is unlikely to do any harm but can give you some peace.

But, wearing it all day can cause your dog to stress. Remember we said it’s their natural way of communicating? Well, stripping them of that for too long can actually stress them out.
Intelligent dogs will quickly see a pattern, making a connection between barking and the collar’s response. But, other dogs might need a bit more time.

Either way, think about the barking patterns and try not to use a collar unless you have to.

Do bark collars work for howling or whining?

This depends on the type of collar you have and what it’s triggered by. Some are triggered by sound only, while others are triggered by sound and vibration. Both should sense whining and howling.

But, there’s a catch. Those triggered by sound only can sometimes respond even when it’s not your dog that’s barking. It catches the sound, but it can’t figure out where it comes from.

This can result in your dog having to put up with beeps and warning lights because another dog is howling. For this reason, you might want a collar that can also sense vibration.

Vibration-activated collars have a sensor that determines if your dog produced the sound. These rarely fail, so they’re pretty reliable to use if it’s not always your dog that’s whining and howling.

Are bark collars safe to use on puppies?

Bark collars are safe on puppies as they are on small breeds. But, you should be a bit more careful here because you don’t want to scare your young pet.

Make sure to use the right size and fit so that there’s no irritation or chafing. Also, avoid using static electricity to correct their behavior.

Your puppy’s skin is thin and gentle, which means static electricity can often cause tissue injury. Collars that spray Citronella are also considered too aversive to use on puppies.

Instead, use a collar with sound and vibration responses. This is typically enough to distract the dog from what’s causing it to bark so much. And it’s the safest to use on young animals.

Again, make sure not to leave it on all day long. Instead, use the collar only when you notice barking patterns.

What does positive reinforcement mean?

Positive reinforcement can sometimes be much more effective than a barking collar. It’s when you award and treat your dog for cutting the barking out instead of punishing it when it does bark.

It takes a bit more time to work, especially if your dog often barks and for hours at a time. But, you don’t lose anything by trying, especially since positive reinforcement is considered a more humane way of correcting their behavior.

But, whether or not a simple biscuit will work depends on your dog. If you find a few treats do the job, you don’t need a bark collar. But, you might need both if the barking continues.

What you can do is give your dog a treat every time it stops barking after the collar triggers a response. It’s a method that usually works on more stubborn dogs.

Is it safe to use a static shock collar on my dog?

A static shock collar is typically safe to use if the shock is low-intensity and short. You might come across people who find this inhumane. But, these are made specifically for dogs, so they’re made to be safe to use.

The collar should not cause any pain or discomfort. It simply delivers a short and sharp low-intensity shock to take the dog’s attention from what’s causing it to bark.

So, the crucial part is to ensure the shock is of low intensity and safe to use. High-intensity shock can cause tissue injury, fear, and even aggression, so it’s important that you don’t overlook this.

Although shock collars are generally safe to use, you should still observe your dog. Watch how it behaves to determine whether you want to continue using it.

Do spray collars really work?

A spray collar is a good replacement to use if you’re not interested in shocking your dog every time it barks. These almost always use a citronella spray that works excellent since dogs don’t like the citrus scent.

You can also use water alone because dogs don’t usually like getting their noses wet. It often takes only a few sprays to fix the behavior, depending on how stubborn the dog is.

But, it also depends on why your dog barks in the first place. In other words, spraying might not do much if your dog is barking at someone sneaking around your house at night.

And, all dogs are different. Some just don’t care and find it more important to deliver the message even while they’re getting sprayed in the face.

What is an always-on training collar?

An always-on training collar is best for dogs that bark too much when their owners are not around.

An always-on collar is packed with sensors that help distinguish the sounds your dog is making from other sounds. It then corrects the dog’s behavior when you’re not at home.

These always have reliable shut-off features and safety measures that prevent them from correcting your dog too much.

However, although it’s called an always-on collar, you shouldn’t leave it on all the time. In other words, try not to leave it on your dog for longer than 12 hours at a time.

Anything longer might cause a different effect by stressing your dog out.

I have more than one dog. Can I train all 4 of my dogs with one collar?

Many brands offer you to buy more than one collar.

This allows you to train more dogs with the same remote control.

Buying four separate collars might result in having four remote controls you don’t need. For this reason, look for a way to buy collars without buying additional remotes.

This way, you save money by buying only what you need.

What should I do if my dog’s neck looks irritated after using the collar?

You should always check if the collar is hurting your dog.

Some animals are sensitive to the prongs found in training collars, so try not to overlook this.

Take the time to clean and disinfect the prongs regularly. Also, check the area around the collar and pay attention to if your dog is scratching and itching.

Your dog will show signs they’re intolerant. In this case, avoid using it because it can cause irritation and injury.
The best way to prevent this is to get the size right. Check if the collar is too tight around your dog’s neck since it’s where the irritation occurs.

Also, wait for the irritation to heal before going back to that or any other bark collar.

Do ultrasonic devices really work?

Ultrasonic devices are modern and effective.

They release a high-pitched sound you might not hear, but your dog will.

The noise is unpleasant for dogs so much that they’ll modify their behavior after hearing it. But, these are typically expensive and meant only for short-range use.

What’s the best no-bark collar?

It’s difficult to tell which no bark collar is the best since all dogs are different. For example, some dogs bark more than others and react differently to sonic electricity, vibration, and sound.

If you’re unsure where to start, you should go with a mild one with several correction methods. This way, you can choose based on how your dog behaves at specific points.

Final Thoughts on Collars

dog howlingBark collars are useful in training and prevent our canine’s from continuously barking.

You’ll no longer have to put up with loud barks at home or outside, especially if they have a tendency do the aforementioned at odd hours.

As you can see, there are a few things to consider when choosing this type of collar for your pooches, such as its strength of the shock, battery life, and vibration detectors.

Our favorite that we strongly suggest for 2021, is the Kpow No Bark Rechargeable Collar because it’s effective and very easy to control. Not only is it completely safe for your canine, but it’s adjustable and convenient. For us, we consider this to be the best bark collar.

Overall, the bark collars we reviewed proved to be the best choices when it comes to training your dogs and giving you a break from their barking.

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