The Best Dog Blankets in 2020

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There is no doubt in my mind that all of us want the very best for our pups. However, if they are uncomfortable sleeping or if they are ripping your sofa or car seats with their paws, it puts you in a tough decision trying to figure out what to do.

Does your pet ever get into your car and tear your car seats? Do you often find them on the couch leaving holes in your cushions? Are they cold or not comfortable sleeping without some sort of safety blanket?

If any of those questions describe your situation, then you need the perfect dog blanket specific for your pup.

puppy laying downMaybe as a kid, you remember not being able to sleep without a special blanket with you. Same as you, your pooch could be having that same experience. With knowing how they feel, you as the owner should be sure that they are always as safe and as comfortable as possible.

Keep reading to find the dog blanket perfect for your pet.

Buyer’s Guide

pug wrapped outsideIf you are unsure about what to look for in a blanket, then here are some key aspects that you will want to take into consideration while you are on your search.

With the knowledge of what to look for, you will have a better experience with both the purchase and the owning of the product you bought.

The durability, personalization, size, and material of the blankets are all characteristics that you need to know as you are viewing the products below.


two dogs lying outsideSome blankets that are made specifically for pets are made with durable materials that don’t rip or tear when the animal bites, scratches, or chews on it!

When the durability of the dog blanket is reliable to last a long time, the value of your purchase is just that much better because you won’t need to buy a new one annually!


close-up of dog noseWhether you have a boy pup or a girl pup, or maybe certain colors make your pooch’s eyes pop, either way, you can pick what color of blanket you would like. If you’d like a particular color to match your drapes or leather seats, that can be done as well! Also, another option is to get your pet’s name on the blanket itself!


Pug with large blanketThe great thing about dog blankets is that you can get them in different sizes depending on the size of your pet. Even if you have a small dog who thinks he’s a big boy, you can get him a huge blanket too!


chihuahua under the coversHelping find the most suitable material for your blanket (depending on what you want to use it for) is my primary goal. Both you and your pooch need to be happy and satisfied with the material so that it is both comforting and durable.

Types of Blankets


dogs in carIf you have a difficult time having peace of mind with your canine alone in the back seat of your car while you are driving, then a car blanket will be a must!

The durable materials help protect your seats from scrapes, holes and even pet hair that can make a mess in your car.


Some blankets are great for setting on your couch to keep it clean and hole-free, others are made to go on your bed for a bleeping sport for your pet!

Giving your dog an excellent place to rest on the couch and/or on your bed gives them the comfort they need, and your furniture the protection it needs.light brown dog laying down


Outdoor blankets are made specifically to not weather down in the sun or rain. Waterproof/water resistant blankets for outdoors are also available for the rainier seasons.

While you can put indoor blankets outside, they wouldn’t last as long as blankets that were designed to be our doors.


pug on bedOne of my personal pet peeves is when my puppy, Maggie, lays on my bed and sheds her fur all over my comforter. I tried putting a towel underneath her, however, all that did was gave her a smaller place to sleep for the reason that she avoided the towel altogether (because she didn’t like the texture).

When I got her a soft blanket, she couldn’t have been happier!

Throw Blanket

Throw blankets are a little different than standard blankets because they are a bit smaller and shorter. They also can have more decoration than most other blankets.

 jack russell terrier on bedOne thing to note is that these are usually used for couch and chair use; however, you always have the option to change it up and use it on the bed!

Top Rated Blankets For Dogs

Comsmart Pet Blanket

This canine fleece blanket will keep your pet in utter comfort and warmth whenever they want. You can cover your bed, sofa, or the dog’s bed with this blanket/mat hybrid which will keep the pet hair off of the covered furniture.

This product is also great for covering your car seats or putting some extra cushion in dog crates or kennels. This is great for any weather because it can both hold warmth and breathe for the hotter months.

Very softly made with double sided usage and a lightweight feel. Comes in multiple colors with adorable paw prints as the design. Great for smaller pets as the dimensions are: 24×28 inches or 28×39 inches.

Comes with a four-pack or a six-pack is suitable for small to medium size pets!

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Allisandro Super Soft Blanket

Allisandro has a very soft, fuzzy blanket that comes in four different sizes for your small, medium, or large pooches. Two different colors are offered, you can get this product in either a grey or a beige tone. Cute, colorful paw prints are spread out in the design.

You can use this as padding in a kennel or puppy bed, a blanket to help keep warm, or a cover for your bed/sofa/car seats to refrain from any scratches, fur, or tears. These flannel blankets are incredibly soft and will keep your pets nice and cozy!

You can either wash this in the washing machine or by hand (your preference) and when it comes out of the wash, it will maintain its softness and fuzzy feel. The sizing includes 31×23″, 39×31″, 59×39″, and 78×59″.

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FurryBaby premium fleece pet blanket is soft, warm, and cozy for your animals. Comes in small, medium, and large to fit the size or your pooch and the furniture/place you will be putting the blanket on. All size pets love this blanket because of the comfort it brings to them when they are on/under it.

The fleece that it is made from is environment-friendly and very thick and comfortable! You can wash and dry this as you usually would you clothes because the material won’t fade or shed off into the machines.

Pets and pet owners love this product because it protects the couches, beds, and car seats free from scruffs or pup hair! The thick fleece is excellent for keeping warm when it’s cold for your animal, and it also does a great job of not letting any hair or fur fall off of it.

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Pet Blankets for Small Dogs

Allisandro Throw

This fleece/flannel hybrid of a dog blanket is very soft to the touch! The cute colors bring a warm tone to the home and car. The many uses for this animal blanket include cushioning for a pet kennel, a bed cover to protect sheets from fur, a car seat cover, a sofa cover, and so much more!

The three different sizes are great for any size pooch. The fabric is washer safe, so you don’t need to worry about hand washing this one! The high-quality material dries fast and folds the original form even after being cleaned.

Keeping your household furniture and car seats away from pet hair or scruffs is comfortable with this product. This dog blanket provides both physical comfort to your canine, and mental comfort to you because you won’t have to clean as much!

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PAWZ’s skin friendly canine blanket works well for any type of weather. The four different colors of grey, pink, coffee, and light brown bring soothing and relaxing tones into the home.

While any size pooch would love this blanket, a small dog would especially enjoy the intimate, close and comforting feeling this product can give them. This blanket is great to take traveling with you and for when your pup is sleeping.

Made with materials that are soft and remain soft even after machine washes, this product is great for keeping hair off of your car seats, couches, and beds.

Also, this would be a great item to have for long car trips or anytime your pet is in a kennel or somewhere it is not used to. PAWZ ultra-soft dog blanket is a great addition to keep your pet in comfort!

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Tamu Style

Tamu sells a blanket that has a cute and simple design compared to the other products with dog paws all over them. Tamu’s blanket has polka dots! Coming in a pack of three, these colorful blankets of blue, pink, and yellow can really brighten up your mood!

Tamu is excellent for any type of weather and is made with ultra soft materials to maximize your pet’s comfort. Great for any traveling or at home uses and is easy to clean if any hair, drool, urine, or dirt gets on it.

If it does get dirty or smell bad from any of the above, then you can throw it straight into the washing machine (or hand wash if you choose) and wash it as you would your regular clothes.

You can go to the maintenance section to see how to properly clean the blanket.

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Blankets for Large Dogs


PAWZ also has another blanket design that is made with fleece (polyester) and comes in three different colors; blue, pink, grey. This is an excellent item for large dogs because it measures up to 55 x 39.4 inches. It also comes in other sizes; however the large is very comfortable and will keep your pet warm for an extended amount of time.

Both sides of this product are the same, so if you ever need to fold or flip it to find a clean side, your pooch won’t know the difference! Works well for sleeping and traveling because it holds warmth very well for your animal and can quickly be thrown into the washer if it gets dirty.

Protects whatever it is on from hair, scratches, scruffs, and drool who that your home can stay clean and not have stench from old puppy drool.

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Coming in a whopping fourteen different colors and designs, this sherpa/fleece blanket is great for protecting your furniture. PetAmi is a customer loved product that all canines seem to really enjoy. Many people who bought this item said that is worked perfectly for their needs of keeping their cars and indoor furniture free from any fur or scratches.

Some people said that they had never seen their pet so happy and comfortable with a blanket before they bought this one. The fabric used to make this wonderful item is also stain resistant, and any liquids spilled or released onto this blanket have been said to not bleed into the material.

Whatever is underneath the blanket when it is being used will stay clean and free of any filth that it may get without the blanket there.

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Pawsse Blanket

Pawsee makes a duel textured blanket with warmth holding materials like lamb’s wool and fleece. Used as protection against fur and as a cushioning bed, this blanket comes in six different colors; hot pink, black, latte, brown, blue, and dark grey. Spoil your pup with this comforting and warm device that with keep in relaxed throughout the day.

It measures 60 x 49 inches and can quickly get put into the washing machine to be cleaned just as normal clothing and blankets. With this huge item, pet parents are also able to enjoy the softness of the product along with their pup!

While this is an excellent item for large canines, small pups can also enjoy the larger surface area as well. Many people have said this to be one of the coziest blankets they have purchased, including ones made for humans. Maybe we need dog blankets too, from now on!

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Waterproof Blankets for Dogs

PetAmi Waterproof Comfortable Lightweight

This specific waterproof product comes in fourteen different colors and designs that you get to choose to suit your home or personal preference. PetAmi is loved by all product owners, and their pets really appreciate the purchase. Pretty much everyone who purchased this item has said that is suited all of their need of keeping their areas clean and hairless.

Pet owners who have this item have even said that they have never seen their pup more comfortable than with this item close to them. The materials used to PetAmi’s product are waterproof. Therefore any liquids will roll right off of the surface rather than bleed through and stain.

Whenever your pet is on this blanket, you will not have to worry about a mess on your upholstery!

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Pawsse Waterproof Blanket

Pawsse also makes a waterproof blanket that repels and liquids such as drool or urine that may be spilled or released onto it. Coming in seven different colors and designs, this mat keeps all of the covered items free of fur, leakage, and dirt.

This makes it great for pooches who are not good at holding their bladder, and it gives you less stress because you won’t need to clean it up besides throwing the blanket into the washer or hand washing. It even keeps its shape and softness after you wash it.

Dogs and cats sleep and lounge around comfortably with this item. The two sizes that it comes in are 60 x 50 inches and 80 x 60 inches.

Also, an excellent product to put food and water bowls on because the water will bead up and not sink it if your pooch were to spill.

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PETMAKER Waterproof

This blanket is not only great for the use of keeping pet hair off of sofas and cars seats for your pet, but it is also great for you as well! With the wide surface area, this cute and cozy looking blanket can bring both you and your pet pure comfort!

It is waterproof so any spills or leaks that get onto it will bead up and roll off instead of sinking in and staining the product with bad colors or odors. There is also an internal lining that gives more protection against those things.

While working great as a cozy item for your pup, it also has a very chic look for your couches or bed. With the protected layers, this will also keep your canine very warm and relaxed while it is on or under it!

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Dog Blankets for Winter

Pawsse Fluffy Sherpa Fleece Blanket

Pawsse makes a lot of different types of dog blankets to suit each pet’s individual needs. Coming in beige, red, mocho, green, and grey, this will bring years of comfort into your lives. One side is made with think heat holding fleece, while the flip side is made of lambswool that also retains a lot of warmth.

This is made to keep your pets out of the cold during winter so that they are not shivering or getting jealous when they see you all wrapped up in a blanket. It measures to be 60 x 49 inches which can cover a large portion of your bed, couch or car for when you allow them to be in/on such places.

If your significant other doesn’t want them sleeping on the bed, because of the shedded fur yet all you want to do is cuddle with your pup, then this would be an excellent item for you! It will keep any hair off of places it should not be.

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Has a 48 x 40 inch thick and cozy pet blanket that comes in the colors of brown and grey. This comfortable product is perfect for any size dog and is made with premium materials such as flannel and lamb velvet.

Perfectly soft to the touch, your pooch will fall in love with falling asleep on this! It retains heat very well which keeps your pet warm even in the coldest of winter.

Great for traveling and at home living, this blanket can easily be washed in the washing machine or by hand if you choose. After cleaning, this product will maintain its soft feel and large shape.

Go to the maintenance section below to see how to correctly wash a pet blanket.

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Now, this blanket is probably one of the softest and best for retaining heat, because it is not only used for pets, but it is also used for babies! The softness of this item is loved by everyone who purchases it, and it holds warmth very well for when it is cold outside.

This item comes in twenty-five different colors and two sizes that you get to choose from to make it your own! The size and thickness of it even makes it easy to fold up to bring with you on places or during your travels.

Puppies will love this synthetic microfiber blanket because they will be so comforted the texture that they will fall right asleep on it!

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Summer Blankets for Dogs


UTEX makes a very lightweight and comfortable, microfiber blanket great for use in the hotter months. Made with quality fleece, your pooch will be able to keep cozy all summer without being overheated. The premium fleece dog blanket is excellent for any size dog and can be used for many different purposes.

It doesn’t only keep your pet relaxing with the soft materials, but it also keeps the bed, couch, car seats, etc. free of any dirt, pet hair, and drool.

The product is double sided and hides any stains well with the cute design. It is also fur resistant which means that you don’t need to worry about going over it with a lint roller, all you have to do is throw it in the washing machine.

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Style Basics

Style Basics’ silky soft animal mat/blanket is a must buy. People who have purchased this product really fell in love with how their dogs enjoyed it. This item has a cooling effect for the summer and will keep your canine cozy even when it is hot.

Coming in grey with dog bone designs or grey without the bone designs, this blanket works well as a bed cover or any upholstery cover to keep your home and car clean. This is a very durable item, and it is able to be machine washed which makes it easier for you to clean.

Style Basics’ also makes blankets for babies and adults which shows that they are super comfortable and well worth the purchase!

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PAWZ Road Skin Friendly

Made of premium fleece fluff, this dog blanket will keep your pooch comfortable any time of the year. Even after you wash it (whether it be machine washed and dried or hang washed and air-dried), it will stay just as soft as when you first bought it. Of course, you can always add fabric softener to the laundry to make it softer as well.

The colors that this comes in are pink, grey, coffee, and light brown which can add a hint of simplistic color to our household. Animals love to cuddle up in this to keep warm and stay cozy, and even when its summer, it will not get too hot.

It may be more suitable for medium or smaller size dogs; however, the comfort will suit them all!

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Dog Blankets for Bed

West Paw

West Paw makes a blanket in six different colors that are made with very soft fleece and faux suede. This is an item that would be great for protecting your home furniture and car seat away from and pet fur, scrapes, scratches, uring, drool, etc.

Made in the USA, this is a blanket that customers love and highly recommend because of how much their animals loved it! You can also quickly clean it by simply throwing it in the washing machine just like you would wash any standard blankets.

To get more information on how to properly clean an animal blanket, go to the maintenance section below.

The sizing come in small (27 x 21), medium (56 x 38), and large (73 x 62).

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Silly Legacy

This product is different from the rest because it is made to your entire bed comforter! So basically, instead of a smallish blanket that would not protect your entire bed from the makings of your pet, this product is made to cover your entire bed! Whether you have a king bed or a queen bed, you can get the perfect size to be able to guard your sheets from animal hair.

The three different color options have reversible sides, and each is as beautiful as the next! You can even fold it in half to fit a twin size bed or a couch. Very lightweight and can easily be clean by throwing it in the washing machine or spot treating by wiping down certain areas.

Any animal can enjoy the comfort of the blanket while you also get the peace of mind that your sheets are not getting urinated on or scratched up.

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PetAmi Blanket Sherpa Microfiber Reversible

This fluffy miracle of a blanket comes in 15 different colors that can all express your pooch’s personality. This item has a lot of surface area which makes it a great product because it can be used in a wide area, or even be folded to fit a car seat or couch chair.

Made with fleece that is reversible and tightly knit on one side, while much more fluffy on the other, your pet will love the comfort and warmth that this will give them. It is very durable and made with high-quality materials.

This product does not only have the comfortable and fluffy looks, but it also works to keep pet hair, drool, etc. off of your beds, couches, and car seats!

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Cheap Blankets for Dogs

If you are on a budget or just want to try out an animal blanket for fun, then here are some recommendation that will not lighten your wallet.

These few items were chosen to suit yours and your pet’s needs, while still asking a reasonable price which will be worth the purchase!

FurryBaby Premium Fluffy Fleece Blanket

While sitting at a lower price than other blankets, this is a quality dog blanket that will be great for your pet. Your furry friend would love the fluffy fleece that this is made out of. Say goodbye to any cold or restless nights sleep for your pet because with this, they will be able to sleep relaxed and also won’t get any fur on anything.

The colors do not even fade or shed after a wash in the washing machine because of the durable, premium materials. You can also say goodbye to any scratched up furniture or car seats because this item will eliminate those.

This product is so great that your other pets are going to get jealous and want one just like it! Many purchasers have said that it was one of their best buys yet and that they have never felt such a soft blanket.

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This is another unique product because this is more of a pad than a blanket. When blankets get tangled around your pet or cause them to overheat at times, this will come in handy! HIGHROCK made a sleeping mat/pad to put on a doggie bed, couch, car seat, etc. to keep any grimy messes off of where you would like to stay clean.

The color options are pink, beige white, and brown. Small, medium and large are all available for you to choose from depending on what you would prefer for the size of your pup. It is very soft and durable which means that is can be washed easily with your regular laundry.

Your pet is going to appreciate the comfort of this sleeping mat/pad, and they will be able to live a lot more comfortable than before, and at a more affordable price!

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Another more affordable option you can get that would eliminate your messy canine problems is Softan’s five-pack of fleece blankets. Coming in a pack with five individual blankets, this cozy item can even be used as a towel to soak up water out of your pet’s fur after a bath.

Since there are five included blankets, you can put one in every place you need it. You can put one of them in the car, on the couch or bed, on the floor, and even in the bathroom for when you bathe them.

The durable and soft material can keep your puppy nice and cozy all day long, wherever they are! You can wash this simply by putting it into the washing machine along with the rest of your laundry.

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Different Materials


If you are looking for a blanket to keep your pet warm during the cold days and nights, then you are going to love the soft, warm fleece blankets. A fleece blanket will be perfect for your dog to keep them warm and comfortable during the cold months.

black puppy yawning


A sherpa blanket has two different textured sides that will give different comforts to your canine. One side is smooth and not very textured besides the softness of the material, and the other side is textured with looser, wider knit fabrics.


Flannel dog blankets are great for the winter and for whenever your pet would be cold because it is a great material for keeping warm and holding body heat. If your dog often shivers from the cold, then a flannel blanket will be great for keeping them comfortable and out of the cold.

french bulldog belly up


small dog in blue blanketThis stain/chemical resistant material is found to be very durable. It is also effortless to wash and dry at home without the stress of having to go to the dry cleaners.

While polyester is great for indoors, it is also perfect for outdoors as well! This would be a strong, lightweight blanket that would be very suitable for your dog.


puppy sleepingThe maintenance of these products all depends on how dirty your pet gets it. Sometimes your pet is very clean; therefore you wouldn’t need to wash the blanket for a couple weeks.

On the other hand, sometimes you pooch is extremely dirty and likes to play outside in the mud then go to the blanket and rub the dirt all over it. In this case, you would probably want to wash it every day or every couple of days.

How to clean it properly:

washing machineIf you have a canine (or other animals) that shed a lot on your pet blanket, then two of the best options for you would be to either get a blanket you can quickly throw in the washer or one you could quickly wipe down with your hand or a wipe.

Depending on the type of material of the blanket that you get, they should be washed in different ways. If you are unsure about using hot or cold water to clean the blanket, or if you should hang or machine dry, then the label or tag should have the proper directions for that specific product.

How to remove dog hair:

white dog laying downOne of the easiest tips for removing dog hair without having to wash the whole blanket is a ‘lint roller.’ Called by many other names, this sticky roller can pick up any hair, lint, crumbs, or fuzz from your pet’s blanket.

A roller such as this is a small product that fits in your hand to be easily used as an hourly blanket/sofa/clothing cleaner. With the next option of throwing the whole blanket into the washer, this would be a much simpler solution to the hair problem.

How to properly remove blankets with urine:

cute dog lying on blanketA great way to get the stench and stains of animal urine out of your blankets it to get them into warm/hot water in the washing machine as soon as possible. Apply your usual amount of detergent as if you were washing it at any regular time.

Then, you should add half a cup of super washing soda and a quarter cup of hydrogen peroxide. Add some vinegar to the softener dispenser and then wash the blanket as usual. This will help get the stench and stain of the animal’s urine off of the blanket.

Are Blankets Safe for Dogs?

woman sitting with her dogOne of the most stressful things to think about if your dog had a blanket is whether or not they could suffocate or get tangled in it. If you are worried about the safety of your pup or if they ever look like they are not enjoying the blanket, then you should take it away.

Be sure to never wrap your pet up like a burrito or tightly wrap them up in the blanket unless you KNOW they are comfortable with it. Most dogs, unfortunately, do not like to be swaddled so if you do so, they will associate the blanket with the strenuous feeling which isn’t a good thing.

The primary goal of the dog blanket is to keep your pooch in comfort and warmth, so try to always have a way out of the blanket if they ever wanted to get away from it.

Final Thoughts

close-up of dog outsideWhen your pet lives uncomfortably without a blanket specific for its needs, it is easy for them to act out to try to tell you what they need. If the pup ever is too cold or in a constant state of not being comfortable, then they are not living their best lives.

Once you get them a suitable blanket, the levels of excitement and luxury that your pet will have will be priceless.

To save your pet from being cold and to save your car seats and sofas from rips or tears, one of the blankets above will be great to help avoid those situations.

Just as you may have needed amenities when you were younger—or even now—your pup is really going to appreciate the same thing.

I hope that we helped you figure out what blanket is right for you. Remember to care for your furry friend and show them lots of love!

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