The Best Dog Collars in 2020

By John Myers / May 9, 2019

A dog collar is a must-have for all dogs. First, the city you live in may require your pet to wear a collar at all times. Next, this accessory can hold your dog’s identification or even a GPS tag. So, if your pet ever ran away or got lost, whoever finds it can quickly check the collar for owner contact information.

dog collar and toy on white backgroundAnother essential function of any collar is that you can attach a leash to it so you can control your dog during walks. Last, but not least, a collar serves as a simple way to show off your pup’s personality and style. As you can see, a collar is a must-have accessory for any pet owner.

With so many types of collars, it can surprisingly be a tough decision when you consider all the different materials, styles, and colors of products out there. But don’t stress, we’ve simplified the whole process for you and already did the research. So, go ahead and read the following reviews about the best dog collars. Enjoy!

Dog Collar Reviews


This flea collar is guaranteed to work and must be replaced every 8 months so you can avoid monthly medication applications that other brands require. It is ideal for dogs over 18 pounds. Its sustain release technology provides sufficient coverage over your dog’s coat and skin in small doses over time. One thing that separates this item from the competition is that the medicine kills on contact.

So what does that mean? Your pup does not need to be bitten first for the medication to kill the fleas. The collar not only treats an infestation but also prevents future attacks.

This product comes highly recommended by vets and made to fight against fleas, ticks, and lice. However, the formula does not kill mosquitos or protect against biting flies. Also, this product is odorless and non-greasy.

Seresto collars are water-resistant and guaranteed to work after swimming, a bath, and exposure to rain. But remember, the medication is only effective for the 8 months, assuming your dog does not swim or shower more than once a month. Exposing the collar to water for long periods of time, more than once a month, reduces the effectiveness down to 5 to 7 months.

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Dog Training Collar Rechargeable Waterproof

This collar is perfect, focusing on better technology and communication, for obedience training your canine. If your dog is the rambunctious type, then this product is excellent to help you prepare your pup to do simple tasks, such as learning to stay, sit, etc. It features three training modes: beep, vibrates, or shock.

Also, depending on the size of your dog (15-100lbs), you can adjust the size of the collar as well as the shock level (0-99) so you won’t harm it. Another added feature is the security keypad lock, which prevents you from accidentally shocking your pet because the last thing you want to do is shock your pet when they didn’t deserve it. The shock collar’s remote control is truly versatile.

You can control up to 9 collars/dogs at one time. Also, the remote has a long-lasting battery with a standby time up to 45 days while the receiver has a standby time of 15 days. Both items are rechargeable via Micro USB.

It also has a working range of 330 yards, so you’ll never have to worry about the remote dying on you during a session. This Dog Care product is a solid choice for training and is waterproof. It is an uncruel way to build respect and trust between you and your pet during these sometimes trying moments.

Give this product a shot, you won’t be disappointed.  

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Blueberry Pet Classic Solid Color Collection

This elegant and simple dog collar is constructed of high-quality nylon. It secures around the neck of your pup with eco-friendly plastic and includes a metal D-ring that easily connects to any leash. It comes in 22 different colors, so it shouldn’t be hard to find one that matches your pet’s personality and style.

Blueberry allows you to also personalize your collar by printing your pup’s name and your telephone, so if your dog ever gets lost, people will be able to contact you without a problem. If you’re the type that likes to keep the brand and style consistent, Blueberry has matching leashes, harnesses, and seat belts to match all their collars (sold separately).

The collar is fully adjustable and comes in 4 different sizes, ranging from extra small to large. The company suggests pairing this collar with any dog not exceeding 85 lbs., or make sure your dog’s neck size is not greater than 26 inches. Depending on the size of your pet’s collar, the width of each collar can range from ⅜” to 1”.

Also, this product does not stretch, so make sure you’re able to fit 2 fingers comfortably between the collar and your pet’s neck when picking the right size. This product is simple and comes at a very reasonable price. With all of the options that come with this item, it would be hard to pass on such a great deal.

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Country Brook Design (martingale)

This Martingale nylon collar is an excellent alternative to a traditional collar that secures with a buckle. Merely adjust the hardware to loosen and tighten the collar when you need to slip it on or off. The construction of the collar is perfect for those that have dogs that pull and tug on their leash during walks.

It comes in a variety of colors and styles, which should make it very easy to find one to fit your dog’s character and personality. It comes in 4 fully adjustable sizes, ranging from Small to X-Large (11” to 31”). Also, all the hardware is made from either aluminum or stainless steel for extra durability.  

For example, the sturdy D-ring is perfect for attaching a leash. Your pup will definitely not slip-out of this form-fitting collar due to its flexibility. It is the ideal training tool for aggressive canines. Best of all, it is made in the US with colorfast dye so it won’t bleed or fade.

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Fettish Dog Training Collar

This training collar package comes with 1 remote with 2 shock collars. The remote can control the 2 collars simultaneously up to a range of 900 feet. The collar is made of a durable TPU material and can fit a neck size of 0 to 25” in circumference.

It is a reliable training tool for small, medium, and large dogs. The Fettish shock collar is customizable to fit your pet’s needs. For instance, the shock collars have 4 training modes: beep, vibrate, LED light, shock.

Also, depending on the size and temperament of your dog, the shock collar adjusts from level 0 – 100. We strongly advise you to start low on the shock level. The shock can be pretty intense.

It is waterproof so you won’t have to worry about your pet getting it wet. The remote and transmitters are rechargeable and come with a charger, too. So if your canine is constantly barking unnecessarily or doesn’t seem to follow basic commands, such as to sit or stay, then give this package a try.

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This anti bark collar by Pop View is safe, humane, and sends a shock to your pet when it barks. Many pet parents prefer not to shock their canine because they view that as a harmful consequence for barking. When your dog barks, the collar progresses through 7 different levels of sound and vibration.

Each stimulus is a little more intense than the previous one. The goal is to correct behavior with the least amount of pain. Some dogs are a little more sensitive than others, so this item allows you to control how loud the barking must be to activate the collar.

The bark collar comes with an adjustable nylon strap that secures with a heavy-duty plastic buckle. It fits small, medium, and large dogs. The manufacturer suggests that your pup must weigh from 11-120 pounds. What makes this item even better is the 90-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your purchase.

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Mile High

This collar is made of nylon webbing and is exceptionally comfortable. The reflective 3m material makes this accessory visible during your nighttime walks. Each collar is fully adjustable and comes in 4 different sizes, ranging from size extra small to large (9” – 21”), so you can really get a customizable fit.

The collar secures around your pup’s neck with a lightweight but heavy duty plastic buckle.  Also, it features a sleek gunmetal D-ring which connects to a leash. For extra visibility, the Mile High collar comes in 4 bright colors: lime green, hot pink, orange, blue.  

You also have the option of buying a single collar or two-pack that includes 2 different colorways. These collars are really stylish and will definitely get stares while you’re out and about. For extra cushion, the manufacturer suggests adding one inch to your pet’s neck size when ordering this product.

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Dansrueus Dog Bark Collar

The Dansrueus anti-bark collar is favorite among pet owners due to its improved humane technology. It features 4-sensitivity levels and 3 anti-bark modes: beep, vibration, and a harmless shock. Also, it comes with breathing LED light technology so you can easily spot your canine in the dark.

This bark collar needs only one hour to charge fully and has a battery life of 14 hours.  For added convenience, it utilizes a USB cord for charging, which can be plugged into any type of USB port. So you can plug this into a computer, in your car, and even a charging block that plugs into the wall. The charging options are truly versatile.

The product features a heavy-duty nylon strap and secures with a sturdy plastic buckle. It is fully adjustable for a more custom fit and can fit dogs ranging in size from 8 to 120 pounds, and a dog with a neck size ranging from 6.5 to 24 inches. For extra durability, this item is IPX7 waterproof, which makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

However, the manufacturer suggests taking this off before swimming. If your pup has trouble controlling their barking, then give this collar a try. It is a humane way to train your dog without having to shock them.

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This bark collar uses a different approach to getting your dog to stop barking. It startles your dog with a light spray to disrupt your pet’s barking. The product comes with two options of sprays, citronella and unscented. Both are just as effective won’t harm your pet.

Some pet parents prefer an unscented spray, which explains why there are two spray options available. So try both out and see which one you like more. One spray cartridge should give you about 35 sprays before it needs refilling.

Once your spray cartridge is out, they are easy to find and simple to replace. Also, this accessory is fully adjustable, and the strap itself is reliable and durable. The collar adjusts to fit a neck up to 27 inches in circumference, and a pup that is 8 pounds and up.

The PetSafe collar is water-resistant and perfect for dogs that love to be outdoors. It comes with a battery that is rechargeable via USB cable. Another great feature is the notification lights. A red light blinks when the battery is low, and a yellow light will appear when the spray is low.

The battery can last up to 40 hours off of one charge. PetSafe is an industry leader when it comes to these types of products. The spray collar is an excellent alternative to a traditional shock collar if you prefer a more humane way of altering unpleasant behavior.

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The Perri’s collar is a popular one among our staff. Each collar is 100% handmade in the USA by a small number of Amish leather workers. Every stitch and cut is made with precision.

The genuine leather is soft and of the finest quality, and gains more style and character over time.  The padded interior lining is made from lambskin and sits comfortably on your canine’s coat. This stylish accessory is guaranteed to turn heads on your afternoon walks.

This collar has many colorways available, so it shouldn’t be hard to find one that matches your canine’s personality. Depending on the color, each item uses either solid brass or stainless steel roller buckle. They range in size, from extra small to extra large, which means it shouldn’t be hard to find one that fits if your dog’s neck size is from 8 to 24 inches in girth.

For the price point and quality, you’re definitely getting a beautiful product that will last for a very long time.

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Soft Touch Collars

This dog collar is another staff favorite at Puppy Pointers. It is the perfect combination of style and comfort. Each collar comes with a two-tone design. For example, there’s cream and teal or black and cream. But there are a variety of other designs available.

It is made with durable genuine leather that will last for a very long time. The inner lining of the collar is padded and will not rub or cause irritation. The added features make this item a must-have.

For example, it comes with a small ring to easily connect your dog tag. Also, it comes with a rear attachment D-ring to easily attach a leash. This item is available in 4 adjustable sizes from small to extra large and should fit a canine with a neck girth ranging from 11 inches to 25 inches.

This accessory secures around your pup’s neck with solid brass hardware. The Soft Touch collar is high-quality and will definitely not disappoint.

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The Excellent Elite Spanker is made of durable nylon and is a clean-looking tactical collar. It comes in 4 colors: black, beige, gray, and olive green. The combination of velcro and a metal buckle make it one of the more secure collars on the market.

Also, the long strip of velcro allows you to personalize your dog’s collar with labels or patches (as long as they have velcro backing). The collar adjusts but does not stretch, so pick accordingly. Make sure that you can comfortably fit two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck.

This item also features a metal D-ring so you can attach a lead for those daily walks. Also, the collar has a sturdy handle so you can easily control your dog in any given situation. The Elite Spanker is not only a solid tactical item but also a great training tool in the field.  

This tactical collar comes in 3 different sizes, Medium to Extra Large (13” – 24”). Medium to large dogs, such as German shepherds, Dobermans, golden retrievers, and Labradors, are perfect fits for this item. The Elite Spanker is very simple to clean.

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The updated Allenker Bark Stop collar offers the newest anti-bark technology on the market. This anti-bark collar has 3 sensitivity levels, low, medium, and high. It also has 3 training modes, beep, vibration, and a harmless shock.

One useful feature is the automatic protection technology, which means the collar will automatically shut-off if the collar is triggered 7 times within 1 minute. The goal of the protection technology is to prevent your dog from being overstimulated or harmed from due to excessive barking.

The bark collar features an LED display with breathing light technology, so your pet is visible from 200 meters away. The LED display shows the sensitivity level. This item also uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It takes 2 hours to charge via USB, and a single charge can last up to 14 days.

Also, this item is waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about it getting wet. However, the manufacturer suggests taking it off when swimming. If you’re looking for an anti-bark collar that is humane and won’t hurt your furry friend, then give this item a shot.

This item is meant for small to large dogs with a neck circumference ranging from 8 to 24 inches. If you’re concerned about weight limits, the manufacturer suggests that a suitable weight range is from 12 to 120 lbs. Lastly, to avoid false triggers, make sure you can fit 2 fingers comfortably between your pup’s skin and collar.

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Kruz PET Breathable Mesh Dog Collar

The Kruz mesh collar is a wonderful product that comes at a great price point. The mesh material is durable, extremely breathable, and lightweight. The breathability will provide comfort and relief during the hot sunny days, especially if your pup has a thick coat.

The heavy-duty plastic buckle features the “Kruz” brand name on the front. The tri-glide technology allows the collar to adjust quickly. For leash attachment and/or an ID tag, it comes with a heavy duty D-ring.

This product comes in 4 stylish colors: blue, black, red, and orange. Also, if you need more than just a collar, the Kruz brand has many complimentary items available for purchase, such as a harness or leash. The mesh collar also comes in a variety of sizes, so it shouldn’t be challenging to find the perfect match for your canine.

The sizes range from XS to XL, which should fit a neck ranging from about 8 inches to 30 inches.

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Buyer’s Guide

A common debate among pet parents is whether to use a collar or harness for their dog. Harnesses are exceptional items, but some dogs don’t like wearing a harness due to the extra weight or the restrictive feeling it creates. Yes, a harness can help if your dog has a tendency to tug and pull, but there are other viable alternatives to a harness.  

black collar and black combIf you choose to buy a collar, there are a couple of things to consider.  You need to decide the purpose of the collar. Will you be using it for training purposes?

Maybe your dog barks excessively, and you’re out of options. Are you looking for something stylish to make a fashion statement? Leather, mesh, and nylon are popular materials used to construct a collar.

Is your primary concern utility? Something that will not cause discomfort, but something durable, and can hold a leash or an ID tag. Answering the previously mentioned questions before picking a collar will help make the process less intimidating.

Different Types of Dog Collars

View the different options of collars below and the purpose they serve. Once again, figure out your pet’s needs and what you need out of the collar. Below is a description of all the types of collars.


small black dog on white backgroundWhen picking a collar, the first thing to consider the is the size of the collar your pet needs. That, of course, can be determined by the size of your dog and its neck. Each brand and collar type have different sizing requirements, so we strongly consider viewing the manufacturers sizing guidelines before committing to a product.

However, no matter the collar, we strongly suggest sizing-up if your pup is in between sizes or if you think it will continue to grow. One thing to remember is that different materials are more flexible and stretch more than others. Also, when picking the right size collar, a good guideline to follow is that you can easily fit two fingers between the collar and your pet’s coat.

Shock Collars (training)

Dog barkingThese collars come with much scrutiny. Some studies have shown that shock collars have adverse effects and are inhumane, while some feel these are highly effective training tools. Shock collars help fix improper behaviors, such as unnecessary barking, eloping, or if you’re trying to get your canine to sit and stay.

If you’re someone that is interested in trying one out, but don’t know where to start, then check out our reviews for bark collars. If you’re concerned for the safety of your pet, there are products on the market that have adjustable shock levels.

Flat Collar

dog accessories A flat collar is a popular style and fairly common among pet owners. Nylon and leather are typically two materials used to make these kinds of collars. It sits gently on the dog’s coat or skin. However, one downside of a flat collar is that it can cause discomfort or possibly choking if your dog has a tendency to pull.

Head Collar

dog accessories on the floorA head collar is an effective training tool if your dog tugs and pulls on your walks. It is a solid alternative to a no-pull harness. The head harness goes around your pup’s nose and secures around the ears. With a slight pull on the leash, you can easily redirect your pet whenever it gets sidetracked or pulls while you’re on one of your afternoon strolls.

Each dog reacts differently to an item like this, so keep a close eye on your pet in the beginning. Some love it and find it calming as it provides a safe and secure feeling. While some may find it too restricting, especially around the nose area.


dog wearing martingaleIf your dog continuously slips out of its collar or you find yourself in a battle of tug-of-war with your canine on walks, then a martingale collar may be the right option for you and your pet. The reason why these are popular for dogs that pull is that the design of the collar evenly distributes the pressure around the dog’s neck, without pain. Which is the reason why the martingale is referred to as the humane choke collar.

No buckles used. All you do is loosen and tighten the hardware to adjust it to fit your dog’s collar. Keep in mind that when you measure for the proper size collar, you need to measure the circumference of the widest part of your dog’s neck and the widest part of its head since the martingale must first slide around the head before it reaches the neck.

We strongly suggest adding an extra inch to whichever measurement (neck or head) is larger in case your dog gets larger and for coat growth.


Small brown dog with harnessSome pet parents prefer not to use the collar and leash combination during walks. For some, the pressure from the tugging and pulling can hurt your dog’s neck. So using a harness instead of a collar and leash is a great alternative when doing outdoor activities, such as walking, running, and even hiking.

If your pet pulls or is a little aggressive, then we strongly suggest using a no-pull dog harness. The reason some prefer a harness is because it distributes the pressure evenly around the body. Also, almost all harnesses on the market have some type of reflective material stitched-in.

The reflective material provides added safety, so your pet is visible in the darkest scenarios.


Google Maps app on smartphoneA GPS collar is a handy tool for any pet owner, especially if your dog has a tendency to run away. It provides you with the peace of mind knowing that if your pup was ever to get lost, you could easily track it with an application on your smartphone.

A top quality GPS collar uses not only GPS but also GLONASS satellite systems to provide a more precise location of where your dog may be in real time. However, the one downside is that a GPS collar may require a monthly service fee.

Dog Flea Collars

No one likes to see their furry friend continuously scratching from being bitten by pests. Bites from fleas, ticks, and other tiny insects can create a lot of discomfort for your pet if not treated properly. A great alternative to flea medication that you apply directly to a dog’s coat would be a flea collar.

Beagle wearing flea collarA flea collar helps your dog when it is under attack by fleas, ticks, lice, mosquitos, and other annoying insects. But always look for a flea collar that is veterinarian recommended. Doing so will give you the peace of mind that your pup won’t be harmed.

These collars are strictly medical, and we suggest using these in conjunction with an actual collar that holds your dog’s ID tags and leash. A flea collar usually lasts for a couple of months before it needs to be replaced. But each brand is different as far as its lifespan, so read the label carefully.

Also, when picking a flea collar, find one that kills the insect on contact. Some brands require the dog to be bitten before it actually kills the insect.

dog scratching fleasKeep in mind that different brands have offer various types of flea collars. For example, some collars only kill fleas and ticks, and then for a higher price you can buy one that kills fleas, ticks, lice, mosquitos and will also serve as a repellent.

So make sure you know what the problem is precisely before you commit to buying a flea collar. You don’t want to buy a collar that only kills ticks and fleas when the actual problem is mosquitos. If at any time you have doubts about the safety and risks of a specific product, we advise you to seek the advice of a veterinarian. 

Tactical Collars

white and black dog close-upTactical collars are perfect for active dogs, or ones that are serving in the military or police force. Look for a tactical collar that is made from military grade material. They are durable and tough just like the canines they are made for, such as German Shepherds.

These types of collars use a robust material for the strap, buckle, and D-ring to withstand the pulling from the strongest dogs. One feature we strongly suggest looking for is a handle. A handle makes it easier for you to grab and control your dog.

Choke Collar

black dog outside on grassThis type of collar is controversial due to that some view it as cruel and inhumane. The name in itself gives you an idea of what the purpose of this collar is. A choke collar uses tension to correct inappropriate behavior such as barking or pulling. Of course, the harder you pull, the tighter the collar gets.

Some people compare this kind of collar to a pinch collar. Like the pinch collar, it loops around itself and loosen and tightens with tension. But the main difference is that a choke collar does not have the prongs that pinch into your dog’s fur when tension is applied.

A choke collar should be a last resort and not the first choice for dog training. It should be used on naturally aggressive canines. Furthermore, this item should only be used on large and strong dogs that can physically withstand the tension, and not used on small pups with fragile necks.

Always monitor your dog as you use this item. If you see your pet struggling and not responding well to the collar, then we strongly suggest trying other training tool options.  

Leather Collar

water bowl and collarThe leather collar, especially high-quality ones made of genuine leather are ergonomic accessories that combine fashion and function. A solid leather collar is durable and will stand the test of time, and like fine wine, will only get better with age. Over time as your pup continues to wear and grow into it, the collar will mold comfortably to your pet’s natural curves, like a pair of shoes.

Leather collars, especially rolled leather collars, can give your pet an elegant look and provide a subtle fashion statement. So if you and your pup are not the flashy types, then maybe this is the kind of collar your pet needs.

dog with leather collarAs you search for a leather collar, we suggest finding one that is made from genuine leather. Also, look for ones that are naturally tanned and do not use harmful dyes that may harm your pet. In addition, Look for a leather collar that has padding on the interior lining, which only adds to the comfort level of the item.

Lastly, check to see if you need to treat the leather before use. Some leather collars do not come treated or conditioned, which can shorten the lifespan of the item. But don’t worry if it is not conditioned. There are many homemade solutions and leather conditioners available to purchase at your neighborhood pet store.

Are Dog Collars Safe?

Young woman and her black dog outsideA commonly asked question is whether or not dog collars are safe? As we’ve said, collars are vital and essential for pet ownership. In some cities, it may be required that your dog wear one with proper identification.

Overall, collars are safe for your dog to wear, but there are some risks, and if you don’t monitor your pet, a collar can be harmful to your furry friend. If a collar is too tight, strangulation is a possibility. Also, a collar that fits too tight can cause chaffing, rashes, and overall discomfort.

On the other hand, a collar that is too loose can harm your pet as well. If a collar is too loose, a dog can get a limb, such as a paw or a leg stuck in the collar while scratching. Pet experts suggest using a breakaway collar as a way to mitigate this problem, especially if you’re not around to witness it.

Could you imagine your pet being alone for hours stuck in such a horrible situation? So, if at any time your pup gets a leg stuck in a collar, the tension and pressure will cause the breakaway collar to come off.

How Should You Put on a Collar?

black leather collar on wood floorAll dogs are different, and so are their temperaments. Some dogs will instantly submit to having a collar put around their neck, while some will fight it because they don’t like the restrictive feeling around their neck. A good guideline to follow is not to rush the process and be calm in the process. You want your dog not to panic and trust what you’re doing is safe and will not harm them.

Like we said earlier, follow the manufacturer’s sizing guidelines before purchasing a collar. If at any time you’re unsure of how tight a dog collar should be, ask a veterinarian, trainer, or even check your neighborhood pet store for advice.

Final Thoughts

Dog sitting in placeJust like food and shelter, a dog collar is an essential item your pet canine needs. The type of collar you need depends on what you’re going to use it for. Is it going to be used for training, flea medication, or something fashionable your dog will wear? 

Always pay attention to the manufacturer’s sizing guidelines, and check to see that your dog fits the weight and neck requirements. Moreover, it’s essential to know what you need out of a collar before committing to a certain one.

Lastly, after committing to a collar, always monitor your pet to make sure it fits right and is not causing discomfort. But if at any time you have doubts about a product you bought or are about to buy, consult a veterinarian or other experts for assistance.

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