The Best Dog Ear Cleaner Solution [Most Effective Treatments]

By Ann Collins / August 3, 2021

Do you know how important it is to regularly clean your dog’s ears? If it’s dirty, it can cause bad odor, wax buildup, and even an infection. Cleaning is essential, but you need a top rated dog ear cleaner to have the best results.

It’s important to find the right cleaner for your pup to avoid all the problems that dirty ears can cause. There are many products on the market, so you’ll have to consider a few things before choosing one.

Continue reading to learn more about our featured products, why they’re important, and how often you should use them.

ProductHow much you get?What it does?What is it made of?
VetWELL8 fl ozRemoves fluid, buildup, dirtDeionized water, Propylene Glycol, Aloe
Teton Pet Co.8 fl ozRemoves dirt, debris, waxCoconut, palm
Virbac Epi-Otic8 fl ozRoutine cleaningSalicylic acid 0.2%
Petpost100 presoaked wipesCleans dirt and debrisCoconut, aloe, glycerin
Noah&Tilly Natural 8 fl ozRemoves dirt, ear wax, fluidNo harsh chemicals, parabens, sulfates, etc.

Highest Rated Ear Cleaner for Dogs Reviews

VetWELL Dog Ear Wash Cleaner

This gentle rinse was formulated by veterinarians who know how to help dogs the best. The cleaner consists of various ingredients some of which are water, propylene glycol, aloe gel, vitamins A, C, E and F. It smells fresh, a bit like cucumber, which I loved.

Use this rinse to clean, acidify, deodorize and dry your dog’s ears. It’s a gentle product that doesn’t burn their canal. It’s great for eliminating fluid, wax buildup, debris, and dirt. Once you eliminate all that, you’ll notice your pet is no longer scratching, and shaking its head from irritation.

If your dog already has an infection from yeast and mites, this cleaner can help relieve it. Overall, you get eight fluid ounces of from this product that can significantly improve your dog’s life after the very first use.


  • Smells fresh
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Great for dogs and cats


  • It’s not an antiseptic

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Teton Pet Co. Dog and Cat Ear Cleaner

If you’re looking for a product that has no parabens, sulfates, or phosphates, this might be the best one for you. Because it’s made of all-natural ingredients, it’s safe to use on all types of dogs, even puppies.

Thanks to its ingredients, the cleaner also smells very nice and fresh. This product cleans, acidifies, and disinfects your dog’s ears. Use it regularly to clean their wax, dirt, and debris. Also, it’s great for soothing skin that’s already irritated.

What I liked about this wash the most is the fact that it even cleans chemicals and minerals from your dog’s ears leaving them completely clean and fresh. Also, you can use it much more often than most dog cleaners, which is great if your pet has a lot of buildup inside its ears. However, make sure to read the instructions on the bottle before applying.


  • Naturally derived
  • Removes all kinds of dirt and chemicals
  • Ideal for both cats and dogs
  • Suitable for puppies


  • You must dry the ears after applying

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Virbac Epi-Otic Advanced Ear Cleaner

This mild, alcohol-free cleaner is ideal for routine cleaning. If your pet has clean ears and you just need something to keep them clean, this might be a good solution for you. Most people use much heavier cleaners to clean buildup and then use the Virbac cleaner to keep the ears clean for a long time after.

The cleaner also dries ears, so you won’t have to use any q-tips. The Epi-Otic has only 2.2 pH which is quite low. Also, it features no alcohol or chlorhexidine. It’s non-irritating and helps prevent any bacteria buildup. You can use it quite often, but make sure to read all instructions before applying. The product comes with all instructions and ingredients listed on the back of the bottle.


  • Good for daily use
  • Low pH


  • May cause allergic reaction

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Petpost Pet Cleaner Wipes for Dogs

If your dog isn’t a fan of having liquid squirted inside them, you might want to try wipes instead. This is an ideal solution for all dogs that hate the traditional type of cleaners. The PetPost product is a safe solution that cleans any bacteria and mites. It has no irritants, chemicals, or pesticide.

The wipes are made with all-natural ingredients and come in recyclable packaging. This is great if you want to clean your dog’s ears, but also be 100% eco-friendly. What’s best is that Petpost is very customer friendly and they’ll return your money if you or your dog don’t like the product.

Also, note that you can use the wipes on puppies, too, just make sure they’re older than six weeks. What most people dislike about the product is that it’s quite oily and drenched in solution.


  • Gentle and natural
  • Eco-friendly
  • Safe for puppies


  • You might have to squeeze the pads

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Noah&Tilly Ear Cleaner

Noah&Tilly is a very famous company that’s known for making quality products. This product is ideal for dogs with sensitive ears. If you’re looking for a safe way to treat your dog, to relieve irritation and remove wax and dirt, this might be the best solution for you.

The cleanser features condition and moisturizer, so your dog’s ears don’t end up dried and itchy. It’s easy to use, and you only need very little per each use. There are no reports on any side effects since the cleaner is made of completely natural ingredients. It’s safe to use on puppies older than 12 weeks. Also, the cleanser performs well even on dogs with floppy ears.


  • Suitable for sensitive ears
  • No side effects
  • Moisturizing


  • It’s very watery

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Why Should You Clean Your Dog’s Ears?

Dog with clean earsPuppies need their ears cleaned for the very same reason we clean ours too. If you neglect it, your canine may develop an infection, irritation, and buildup of wax and debris. If you fail to treat those problems, your dog may end up deaf at some point.

Since dirty ears may cause serious problems, you’ll end up having to pay tons of money on veterinarian bills. We don’t even have to mention how uncomfortable and painful this could be for your canine.

How Do You Clean a Pup’s Ears?

All you need is a suitable cleanser. Many cleaners have different application processes such as an ear wash, so you can choose based on what your pet likes the most. Some canines don’t mind having cleaners squirted into their ears, in which case you can use a cleaning spray.

If your pet hates that, use cleaning pads or wipes. These don’t clean as thoroughly since you can’t reach as deep inside the ear, but with routine use, you can achieve nearly the same results. The best thing to do is try and see what works the best for your pet.

How Often Should You Clean Them?

brown puppy with long ears.

There isn’t only one way to answer this. It depends on your pooch, and how dirty its ears are, to begin with. If your canine has floppy ears, you might need to clean them more regularly than you would with breeds that are pointy.

And ultimately, it also depends on how much you care about your pup as well. If you don’t care about their personal hygiene then it could cause something worse such as ear mites.

What are Ear Mites?

dog ears with mites close-upEar mites are parasites usually attacking your dog’s outer and inner canal. They spread rather easily, mostly through contact. These pests live off the wax inside your dog’s ears, and you can notice them by the dark discharge they produce.

You must clean this discharge. Otherwise, it can affect your dog’s hearing. Ear mites cause itchiness and irritation. However, it’s important to note that no cleanser can help you get rid of them by itself. You’ll also need medicine to help you get rid of ear mites.

How Can You Tell if Your Pup Has Ear Mites?

Dog with dirty earsThere are numerous symptoms to look for when inspecting for ear mites . Make sure not to ignore them because it can cause severe problems. Clean your dog’s ears every time you notice these symptoms:

  • Unusual odors
  • Dark ear wax
  • Loss of hair inside the ear
  • Redness
  • Ear discharge

Final verdict:

puppy with droopy earsNow that you realize how important it is to clean your dog’s ears regularly, I’m sure it’s much easier for you to choose a cleanser to help you with that. Every one of the five cleaners we’ve discussed is highly rated and recommended by vets and dogs owners. If you can’t make up your mind about which product to choose, I recommend the VetWELL. It’s convenient and allows you to treat your cat as well as your canine.

Last thing, make sure you consider if your pet has floppy or pointy ears, as well as the amount of buildup you want to clean. Once you do that, pick the cleaner that you think would work the best in your dog’s case.

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