Best Dog Food for Dobermans

By John / February 17, 2023

If you’re the proud owner of a Doberman Pinscher, you already know that providing them with high-quality food is essential to their overall health and well-being. But with so many brands to choose from, it can be tough to know where to start. That’s why we’ve done the research and found a variety of dog food brands that offer the perfect blend of protein, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that your furry friend needs.

So whether you’re looking for wet or dry food, grain-free or organic, we’ve got you covered. Take some time to learn about your Doberman’s specific nutritional needs, and discover which food will benefit them the most.

Dobermans Breed

Dobermans have been around since the end of the 19th century. It all started in the 1870s when the German stay dog catcher Fredrich Dobermann wanted to breed a combination of good reaction, courage, endurance, and fearlessness.

As a result, Doberman was created with experimental crosses of Rottweilers and Old German Pinschers. The breed initially carried the name of Thuringian Pinscher because it was in the Thuringian city of Apolode that Fredirch Dobermann developed the breed.

The breed didn’t enter the register until February 1994. The International Cynological Federation registered the breed under the number 143.

Dobermans have a graceful, proportional, and strong physique. They have a broad chest bone but a long and narrow muzzle. The ears are set high while the eyes are small.

What stands out are their strong back and rounded chest. Plus, the limbs are straight, well-muscled, and strong.

However, their character is complex. They’re energetic, active, and can tolerate high physical loads. They’re mainly aimed at service with their well-developed sense of smell.

These dogs are excellent bloodhounds, watchmen, guards, but also companions. But, it’s always best to get a puppy from proven parents than an adult dog. This is because they can develop a problematic character, turning aggressive towards their owner and others.

The 10 Best Dog Food for Dobermans in 2021

Merrick Grain-Free with Real Meat + Sweet Potato Dry Dog Food

This Merrick grain-free formula is meant for adult dogs of all breeds. It contains real deboned bison, beef, and sweet potato for a healthy life.

It’s dry dog food with 65% protein and healthy fat. It also has 35% produce, vitamins, fiber, and minerals to support your dog’s immune system.

Most importantly, 75% of the protein comes from animal sources, which is crucial for Dobermans. Sweet potato brings both protein and healthy fats for increased energy and weight management.

This one also has added chondroitin and glucosamine to maintain healthy joints and hips, critical for active dogs. What it doesn’t have are wheat, soy, corn, and artificial preservatives.

Lastly, it contains omega fatty acids for your dog’s coat and skin. It’s a 22-pound package, although smaller bags are available as well.

Standout Features:

Animal source of protein

Rich in omega 6 and 3 fatty acids

No artificial ingredients

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CANIDAE All Life Stages, Premium Dry Dog Food

Although this Canidae is meant for all life stages and breeds, it’s one of the best Doberman dog food choices. It’s dry dog food, providing optimal nutrition for adults, seniors, and puppies.

For this reason, it’s a great choice if you have more than one dog, possibly even one of another breed. It’s formulated specifically to nourish small and large breed dogs regardless of how active they are.

However, you may want to pay special attention to portion sizes. Naturally, Dobermans will require more food than your Bischon or Poodle.

The formula contains no fillers, soy, corn, or wheat. Instead, it’s rich in omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids to promote a healthy coat and skin.

Plus, it contains protein from chicken, turkey, and lamb meals to meet different nutritional levels. It also has chondroitin and glucosamine to support healthy joints and bones.

Standout Features:

For all life stages

Nutritionally dense

With probiotics and antioxidants

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Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Adult 1-5, Large Breed

This Hill’s Science is high-quality dog food specially formulated for large breeds. It’s especially suitable for seniors as it’s rich in animal protein.

It’s a chicken and barley recipe with added supplements to support your Doberman’s health and immune system. Plus, the wide range of nutrients helps to prevent health problems most common for this breed.

It’s rich in glucosamine and chondroitin for hip and joint health. On top of that, it can help fix different conditions like weight and hair loss.

Omega fatty acids promote a healthy coat and skin, so you’ll notice your Doberman’s fur becomes shinier. Hill’s also went a step further to ensure a rich ingredient list that helps to prevent different health conditions.

It’s designed to promote lean muscle and different energy levels, so it’s veterinarian recommended. However, keep in mind that it’s made in the USA, but with ingredients from all over the world.

Standout Features:

Nutritious and flavorful

Promotes healthy skin and coat

For energy and lean muscle

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Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Large Breed Dog Food

Wellness Natural dry dog food is among the best dog food for Dobermans, thanks to its high-quality protein. It’s meant specifically for adult dogs, containing wholesome ingredients, supplements, vitamins, and minerals.

This one doesn’t contain any meat by-products, artificial preservatives, or fillers. Instead, it’s designed to meet your dog’s nutritional needs and energy level.

Added glucosamine helps support healthy bones and joints, which is especially important for large and active dogs. We should also mention it contains probiotics to help with digestion.

Most importantly, the kibble is sized to fit your large Doberman’s mouth. So it won’t fall out of their mouth, nor will they struggle to pick it out of the bowl.

This one comes in a 30-pound bag, although a 15-pound package is also available. And, Dobermans usually don’t take much to get used to these natural ingredients and rich flavor.

Standout Features:

Glucosamine, chondroitin, and hydrochloride

No suspicious ingredients

Rich in natural ingredients

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Merrick Puppy Dry Dog Food with Real Meat

Doberman puppies require proper nutrition and a balanced diet. This Merrick puppy formula is meant to help their slow growth rate and healthy development.

The first thing you should remember is that this one contains grains. Grains are essential for puppies younger than one year. It contains whole grains like barley, brown rice, and quinoa.

Its first ingredient is deboned chicken, but it also contains other animal fats and meals. Eggs are included as the source of protein, while the formula also has omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, vegetables, fruits, vitamins, and supplements.

This one has 28% protein, 16% fat, and 3.5% fiber, all of which are vital for Doberman puppies. On top of that, it contains chondroitin and glucosamine for bone development.

The calorie count is higher than most dog foods at 406 kcal a cup. However, this isn’t a problem because puppies often need more energy anyway. Nonetheless, keep an eye out for rapid weight gain.

Standout Features:

Healthy whole grains

Rich in protein and healthy fat

Perfect kibble size

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Castor & Pollux Organix Dry Dog Food Organic Chicken Recipe

This Gastor & Pollux formula might be your best option if you’re after a grain-free recipe. It’s among the best dog food for Dobermans due to its organic chicken, sweet potato, and other nutritious ingredients.

First and foremost, this one is USDA-organic-certified, meaning that it doesn’t contain any artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors. Instead, it’s completely natural, delivering a complete and balanced diet.

It’s an adult dog food featuring a quality blend of superfoods like organic blueberries, flaxseed, and coconut oil. These things help to support your dog’s immune system and weight management.

It uses no GMO products, which means all its ingredients come from quality and reliable sources. Another thing that makes it stand out is the pleasant aroma that’ll attract your dog into eating the kibble.

The bag contains 10 pounds of adult dog food, but both smaller and larger bags are available as well.

Standout Features:

Organic chicken and sweet potatoes

Grain-free formula

It promotes healthy digestion

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Newman’s Own Dinner for Dogs

There’s so much to say about this Newman’s Own dog food for Dobermans. Although it’s not specifically meant for this breed, it’s one of the best options for large dogs.

This one is 70% organic, containing organic chicken and brown rice for protein and fiber. It doesn’t contain any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, so it’s safe to use for all dogs.

Another thing we should mention is that it doesn’t have any wheat or corn, so it’s good for preventing weight gain in older dogs.

And, the company works hand-in-hand with different organizations, supporting charities that help children, guide dogs, blind people, and many more. They give a part of their profits to these groups in need.

So, you’re not only feeding your dog high-quality ingredients, but you’re also helping certain people and animals.

Standout Features:

Natural ingredients

Rich in amino acids

Formulated according to the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials)

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Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food With Smoked Salmon

Taste of the Wild is one of the world-leading brands when it comes to the best dog foods. This particular formula contains smoked salmon, real fish, fruits, superfoods, and much more.

It’s high in protein, containing up to 32% of animal protein for your dog’s lean and strong muscles. It’s also rich in vitamins, minerals, and omega fatty acids for the coat and skin.

Most importantly, each serving has probiotics, antioxidants, and prebiotics. This helps to promote your dog’s healthy digestion, overall wellness, and immune system.

It doesn’t have any artificial ingredients, flavors, or colors. It’s also grain-free, so it’s safe for dogs with food allergies.

Most of its ingredients are locally sourced, although some are imported from various parts of the world. Nonetheless, this is quality dog food for Doberman.

Standout Features:

Highly digestive probiotics

No grains or eggs

Sustainably sourced salmon as 1st ingredient

Check Amazon for Availability and Pricing

ORIJEN Puppy Dry Dog Food for Large Breeds

This Orijen dog food is meant for puppy large breeds, so it’s safe to use as Doberman dog food. It offers proper nutrition meant specifically to follow the metabolism and growth of a Doberman puppy.

It’s rich in whole animal ingredients like farm-raised chicken, cage-free eggs, free-run turkey, and wild-caught fish. In fact, 85% of its ingredients come from animals, so this is a good source of protein, vitamins, and minerals.

When it comes to animal products, Orijen uses everything from meat and organs to bone and cartilage. This ensures quality nutrients to support your puppy’s development.

Another vital thing to mention is that this dog food formula is grain-free. It’s suitable for food allergies as it doesn’t contain wheat or soy.

Also, all the most important ingredients Orijen uses are grown locally. This one comes in a 25-pound bag, but smaller packs are available.

Standout Features:

85% animal ingredients

Free-run chicken and turkey

Grain-free formula

Check Amazon for Availability and Pricing

AvoDerm Natural Dry & Wet Dog Food, For Skin & Coat

AvoDerm dog food for Doberman comes in a 30-pound bag. However, this recipe is available as wet food as well if your dog prefers it.

It contains organic chicken meal and brown rice for maximum flavor and nutrition. It’s designed to promote the immune system, healthy skin and coat, and overall health.

It contains omega-rich avocados that play a primary role in the health of its coat and skin. Also, this one is rich in protein, so it’s good food for puppies and adult dogs.

It’s a grain-free formula that doesn’t contain any soy, corn, or wheat. It also doesn’t contain peas, potatoes, legumes, by-products, or artificial colors and flavors.

This one is made in the USA, but some of its ingredients are sourced from outside the country.

Standout Features:

Quality ingredients

Rich in antioxidants


Check Amazon for Availability and Pricing

How Often Should I Feed My Doberman

Like all puppies, Doberman puppies need frequent feedings. You’ll reduce this number as your dog grows to two meals a day.

Puppies at least 6 to 12 weeks old need four meals per day. On the other hand, a young Doberman that’s up to 12 months old needs three meals per day.

Adults that are at least a year old need two meals every day. However, you may also want to think about how much you’re feeding your dog and when.

Make sure to spread its meals throughout the day. For puppies, it’s best to feed them in the morning, once during the day, and once at night.

Dogs that eat twice a day can have one morning and one evening meal. Avoid feeding your dog only once a day because this doesn’t work with Dobermans.

These dogs are prone to bloating, which is more likely to happen if you feed them only once a day.

Nutritional Requirement for Dobermans


Protein is a must-have you don’t want to skimp on. All dogs need high-quality protein for muscle development and support.

Your dog’s diet should include at least 25% of protein, although this varies with every breed. However, Dobermans are slightly different than most.

This breed is prone to kidney disease, so too much protein can make things worse. There’s only a fine line between the amount of protein needed for them to stay healthy and the amount that’d be too much.

It’s also important to consider where the protein comes from. It should always come from trackable sources so that you know it’s high quality.

Meat is the best source, but again, make sure it’s easy to identify. Some manufacturers use meat meal, which is ground-up meat, organs, and other parts of a certain animal.

Things like chicken meal or fish meal are usually good enough. On the other hand, ingredients labeled as meat meals are too vague, and you can never know what’s in there. So, it’s best you avoid them.


Fats are desirable in dog food because they add flavor and can help your dog’s skin health. Again, Dobermans are slightly different than most dogs because they need somewhat more fat.

They have short hair that dries out easily. It can quickly become itchy unless there’s enough fat in their food.

However, there are good and bad fats to feed your dog. For example, flaxseed and salmon oils are good for your dog because they’re rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

And, as mentioned, fatty acids help your dog’s fur and skin by getting rid of the itch and making it shiny.


Carbohydrates should make up a quarter of your dog’s diet because they’re an excellent source of energy and fiber. However, you should look for food with complex carbohydrates.

Dobermans are prone to high blood sugar that often leads to diabetes, which is what carbohydrates can help with. Feed them carbohydrates like peas, sweet potatoes, and legumes because these carbohydrates take longer to break down.

Plus, these ingredients provide an ongoing supply of energy from meal to meal.


Fiber is crucial for your dog’s energy, digestion, and overall health. So, make sure to add fiber-rich food regardless of how old your Doberman is.

Vegetables, potatoes, and turkey and buffalo meals are excellent sources of fiber. They also have many other health benefits to improve your dog’s immune system.

Other Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables are vital for your dog’s health. These can help boost their immune system and fight various diseases.

Things like kale and blueberries have loads of antioxidants that help with cellular health. Other fruits and vegetables might contain other vitamins and minerals equally as beneficial.

One of the most important things to look out for is calcium. Make sure your dog’s diet has at least 2% of calcium for optimal bone development and health.

They can get it from blueberries, rhubarb, or additional supplements some manufacturers add.

Ingredients That Should Avoid Feeding Dobermans

Corn and Wheat

Corn and wheat are filler ingredients used in cheaper foods. This helps the manufacturers produce carbohydrate-rich food at a lower cost.

However, these ingredients are difficult for your dog to process. Some pups might even end up with gastrointestinal issues due to too much wheat and corn.

Filler ingredients may provide energy bursts, but this is typically short-lived. Instead, your Doberman is more likely to bloat and not get any nutritional value.

Some dogs are allergic, in which case you should look for grain-free and allergy-safe pet food that doesn’t contain wheat or corn.

Meat By-Products

Although Dobermans are strong, they’re still sensitive to low-quality food that contains meat by-products.

Meat by-products don’t necessarily have to be bad. In fact, sometimes, they’re okay for your dog to eat. However, okay is often not good enough for these strong dogs. A

And, you can never be too sure what exactly meat by-products are. So, it’s often best not to take the risk with these ingredients.

A meat by-product is never just meat. It’s more likely to include the remains from a slaughterhouse like brains, blood, intestines, chicken feet, and other similar parts.


Additives are meant to change the way the food smells, tastes, or looks. Most brands use artificial additives that are completely unnecessary.

Your dog’s body is unlikely to process chemicals, so it’s best to go for natural ingredients. Go for dog food brands that use fat instead of artificial flavors and tocopherol instead of chemical preservatives.

It’s always best to steer clear of additives and other similar ingredients your dog doesn’t need.

Artificial Flavors

Artificial flavors are meant to make the food more appealing to your dog. Although it’s not a bad idea to use something to make certain foods more appetizing, you want to avoid artificial ingredients.

Dobermans are prone to various diseases, so it’s always best to stick to natural ingredients. Artificial ingredients can be found in many pet food products, so make sure to read the label carefully.

Low-Quality Fillers

Many people think grain is bad for your dog, but that’s not the case. Whole grains are welcome, and so are vegetables and fruits.

But, some grains like corn, soy, and wheat are used as fillers with no nutritional value. These give nothing to your Doberman except calories, so it’s best to avoid them.

On top of that, these ingredients can often mess up your Doberman’s stomach. They can trigger different allergies and put your dog in danger.

Rendered Fat

Rendered fat is meant to add flavor to the food. While this doesn’t sound like a bad thing, it’s important to remember that it often contains heavy metal toxins and dangerous microorganisms.

Dobermans are known to build up copper in the liver. This can be dangerous for them, especially if they eat lots of rendered fat.

Plus, rendered fat can cause mold and bacteria to grown in the food your Doberman eats. And, eating mold is never a good thing, especially over a long period.

Common Health Problems to Look For


Hypothyroidism is a condition that prevents your Doberman’s thyroid glands from producing hormones necessary for them to stay healthy.

Dogs with this condition tend to gain weight rather easily, even if they exercise regularly. And, the best way to fight this is with the best food for Doberman.

The best food doesn’t have simple carbs or processed fillers since these can only agitate hypothyroidism. Instead, you should go for one that contains meat, vegetables, and fruits only.

Wobbler’s Syndrome

Wobbler’s Syndrome is typically diagnosed with adult or senior Dobermans. It affects the spinal cord, causing your dog to fall due to loss of balance.

Although it’s diagnosed later in life, it actually happens earlier when your dog is still a puppy. For this reason, it’s important to feed your Doberman puppy with good food from the beginning.

Wobbler’s Syndrom often occurs due to rapid growth and weight gain. So, use the best dog foods that fit their life stage and stay on top of monitoring their growth.


You know how uncomfortable bloating can be to humans. Well, it can be deadly to dogs. Gastric Dilation Volvulus, commonly known as bloating, is a serious matter for dogs.

Their stomach inflates and twists, which can cause breathing problems and death. And, all of this can happened quite quickly.

The best way to prevent this is to be mindful of what and how much your Doberman eats. Split their meals into small portions, making sure they don’t eat too much in a short period.

Avoid foods with fillers like wheat, soy, and corn because these are known to cause bloating at times.

Also, try to make your pet relax for about half an hour after the meal.

Dilated Cardiomyopathy

Dilated cardiomyopathy is a condition that happens due to weak heart muscles. It can happen due to low-quality dog foods that clog the arteries, making it hard for the heart to do its job.

Blood vessels then begin to stress the heart, possibly causing heart failure down the road. Although food isn’t the main cause of the problem, it sure can help speed it up.

Low-quality dog food usually has unhealthy fat that clogs the arteries. Eating too much of this food usually results in dilated cardiomyopathy or even heart failure.

Chronic Hepatitis

Chronic hepatitis impacts your dog’s liver, making it difficult to absorb copper. And a low ratio of vitamin to copper will weaken the joint condition of your Doberman Pinscher.

Although it’s a serious condition, it can be treated if you react in time. Once the liver is affected by whatever condition, it takes quite some time for it to recover.

Luckily, your Doberman Pinscher can bounce right back to health with proper treatment and a switch to better dog food.


Do Dobermans eat more?

Dobermans eat a lot and will most likely eat whatever you place in front of them. Most Dobermans will gobble everything up regardless of the recipe, allergies, or the amount of food you gave them.

For this reason, you may want to be mindful about how much and when you feed your Doberman Pinscher.

Think about how old your dog is to determine how much food they should eat. And spread their meals throughout the day, making sure they relax after eating.

Should I feed my Doberman grain-free food?

Dobermans have a naturally strong digestive system. As a result, they don’t require grain-free food. In fact, some grains are good sources of fibers, so there’s no reason to avoid them.

However, this is only the case with the whole grains they get from fruits, vegetables, and legumes. As mentioned, avoid fillers and other ingredients that will irritate your Doberman Pinscher.

On the other hand, you should switch to grain-free dog foods if your pet is allergic. In this case, look for the best dog food for Dobermans labeled as grain-free and allergy-safe.

How to keep a Doberman healthy?

The best way to keep your Doberman Pinscher healthy is to feed them the best dog food. Look for the best dog foods that have high protein and low-fat content. However, you should ensure that the fat content is higher than the carbohydrate content.

Also, make sure you’re using proper food for their life stage. For example, giving your Doberman puppy anything other than puppy food might cause different health complications. The same goes for adult dogs and seniors.

Apart from using the best dog food, you should also ensure your dog gets enough exercise. Make sure they run, play, and socialize with other dogs and people right from the get-go.

Final Thoughts

Most pet parents know that using the right dog food is the number one thing in keeping a dog healthy. Keeping a Doberman healthy is relatively easy if you feed them quality ingredients, vitamins, and minerals.

And, you can only find this is good dog food meant specifically for large breeds. What most dog owners should pay attention to is maintaining a healthy weight and steady growth rate.

Hopefully, we helped you understand the importance of using the best dog food. You’ll notice changes in your dog’s health and behavior the first day you switch to the best dog food we talked about.

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