The 10 Best Dog Leash in 2021

By John Myers / August 2, 2021

Walking is beneficial to your dog’s overall health, and having a good leash makes the task a lot easier. A quality dog leash is durable and long-lasting, helping have enjoyable and fun walks with your pet.

It’s hard to find a good leash because there are so many different models on the market. The choice you make is going to determine the quality of your experience. The worst thing that could happen is for the leash to break in the middle of the walk. That is quite an inconvenient and dangerous scenario.

All the low-quality leashes don’t last long, breaking after only a few uses. On top of that, your canine can quickly chew through a leash if it isn’t strong or durable. For this reason, you should only consider buying the highest rated dog leash to ensure the quality of your walks and times outdoors.

To make your decision easier, we’ve done some research to find you a cool leash. We’ve tested many models, and interviewed many customers so we can deliver only the absolute best to you.

First, take a look at our table below that has the 5 best dog leash on the market. These models are the most convenient, durable, and overall sound quality.

Dog Leash Buyer’s Guide

labrador wearing red leash for dogsA leash can serve as a training tool or a method of controlling your pet canine during your daily walks. Also, in case you’re at the store and the establishment doesn’t allow pets, you can quickly tie the other end of the leash to something. When searching for a quality dog leash, find one that fits your level and types of activity, and consider your pet’s breed.

Is your dog ridiculously strong? Are you looking for a lead that is stylish? Will you be attaching it to your canine’s leather collar during walks or a harness for those adventurous hikes? Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of features to help ease the headaches of looking for the ideal lead for your dog.


Japanese Akita wearing stylish dog leashFor some dog owners, the look is everything. It is all about “fashion over function.” Nowadays, there are so many colors and designs available on the market, that it is extremely easy to find a cord or leash to reflect your dog’s personality and lifestyle.

For example, I have a purple and gold, Los Angeles Lakers dog lead. But depending on the type of dog, some owners focus more on the functionality and less on the aesthetics of the product.

Type of Cords

Typically, there are three types of cords consumers can choose from: standard, retractable, and adjustable.

Each one has its own set of pros and cons, but once again, it comes down to your lifestyle and needs.


Chihuahua wearing standard leashStandard leashes typically range anywhere from 4 to 8 feet in length. Base the length of your lead on your dog’s size and how much freedom you want to give your dog on walks or hikes.

Is this a leash your pet will grow into or do you plan on buying a new one as it grows in age and size?

In general, the bigger the dog, the longer the leash. Personally, when it comes to standard leashes, I like to buy longer ones to allow myself options.

For example, I might buy a 6-foot leash and then roll it around my hand depending on how much freedom I want to give my dog during our walks.

However, unlike a retractable leash, the downside is having to hold the bulky excess of the standard leash in my hand. Lastly, consumers can choose either a braided or solid lead.


A retractable dog leash is perfect because it is conveniently compact in size. These kinds of leads are not bulky and function much like a tape measure. Also, just like a measuring tape, there’s a locking mechanism so you can choose the length of the cord, up to 16 feet. Then, simply release the mechanism’s switch on the handle to retract the lead.

dog walking with red retractable leashHowever, some customers have concerns about these types of leashes. For example, some feel they allow your canine too much freedom to roam, which can get your pet into trouble or hurt. Also, some fear the excess cord can lead to strangulation of your pet.

That’s why we strongly suggest only to purchase the retractable lead if your dog is well-trained and does not spontaneously run away.

Lastly, some retractable leads on the market also feature a small compartment on the handle to store dog-waste bags in the case you need to clean up your dog’s poop while on a walk.


black dog with red adjustable leashAn adjustable dog leash is a perfect compromise between standard and retractable leashes. They allow you to control your pup as if you’re using a standard leash and the flexibility of a retractable lead.

These kinds of leashes typically use some sort of clips and rings to adjust the length. For example, some adjustable leads on the market use nickel plated durable swivel snaps and rings.

Typically, you can adjust the leash from either end, anywhere from 3 to 6 feet, which is really convenient. So you can keep it short during training sessions or extend the length if you’re walking out and about.

Materials Used

When it comes to the type of material for a leash, I take a couple of things into consideration. I think about the aesthetics of the leash, durability, and the temperament strength of the dog. But just like any product, consider your pet’s needs before committing to a brand or leash type.


Leather leashes are more visually appealing and comfortable than other materials. However, they are a little pricier than its nylon and chain counterparts, but well worth the extra cash if you have it. Also, genuine leather leads are more durable and can last a long time if cared for properly.

french bulldog waiting with leather leashPersonally, what I like about a leather leash is that it gets more comfortable to hold over time as the leather begins to mold to my grip. Leashes made of this material can be used on all types of dogs, in terms of size and strength.

If you’re into these types of leashes then you should consider looking into buying a rolled leather dog collar as well.


nylon dog leash w/ designNylon is a synthetic material that is durable, easy to clean, and definitely lower in price than its leather counterpart. Even better, nylon does not easily tear or rip and does not warp or shrink when wet. However, if your dog were to chew on it over time continuously, it will eventually rip.

Also, one con about nylon is that its rough texture has a tendency to give my hands “rug burn” when my dog pulls aggressively, so beware of that. But don’t let those nitpicks deter you from trying one of these nylon leashes out. Also, the material and the process in which it is made allows more of a variety on the market as far as design and colors offered.


Chain dog leash with leather handleChain leashes are the most reliable and durable out of all them. Unlike leather and nylon, your dog won’t be able to chew through it. Also, we suggest using a chain leash if your dog is heavy and strong, such as a pit bull or rottweiler.

The last thing you want is for your pitbull to snap its leash as it chases another animal. However, a chain leash does have its downside. They can sometimes be too heavy, especially for puppies or small breeds. So only use them if your pet can take the extra weight.

Quality and Durability

As you shop for a dog leash, always check the quality. You can usually test a product’s quality by simply inspecting the product. Check the construction, stitching, and hardware of the canine lead.swivel snap hook

In general, leashes on the market are constructed with swivel, metal bolt snap clips to connect to a collar or harness. They are hooks that utilize a spring-loaded lever to open and close. Bolt snap clips are relatively durable, but over time the spring may break.

Other clips used to secure a leash to a collar or harness are trigger snap clips, which I think are the way to go. They are also spring loaded, but the overall design and construction are stronger, reliable, and more durable in comparison to bolt snap clips.

girl testing dog leash at storeAs you’re inspecting, don’t be afraid to replicate the pulling and tugging that you’ll encounter when taking your dog for a walk, especially around the hardware.

If it looks and feels cheap or poor in quality, then it probably is, so move onto your next prospect. If you’re shopping for one online, then peruse the reviews and comments on each product. See what previous customers have said about the quality and durability of the product.

Product Dimensions Considerations

The width of the dog lead is one feature to consider. If your canine is an aggressive chewer, then search for a wider leash so they won’t chew through it right away. Also, a thick leash is excellent for strong canines that have a tendency to pull since it won’t easily snap.

Lead for a dogHowever, if your pet does not aggressively chew or pull, then a wide leash is probably not necessary. It may create extra bulk and weight that may hinder your pet during walks or hikes. The hardware, specifically the clip is one thing to consider as well. Typically, leashes use two types of clips to attach to a harness or leash: bolt snap or trigger snap clips.

Different Dog Leash Sizes for Dogs

The length of the leash is an important consideration as well, depending on how you will use it with your pup. Below, we have general guidelines on the function of the different sizes of a leash.

4 feet

A short leash is perfect to keep your dog close, especially in crowded areas. Also, short leashes function as a useful training tool if you’re teaching your dog to sit, stay, or obey other commands. The short length allows you to quickly correct your dog’s behavior when they disobey a command.Akita Inu dog training with short leash

6 feet

A leash of this size allows for a little more freedom than the 4-foot ones mentioned above. These types of leashes are more suited for leisurely strolls in areas with a slightly less crowd. For example, you would use one of this length while you and your pup are getting your steps in at the park. This length allows your pooch to explore a little while keeping them close enough for comfort.

8 to 10 feet

Leashes of this length are meant for training a dog from afar. If you’re using a lead of this length, then your pet probably does an excellent job of obeying your commands, and you’re looking to move on to the next step. You want to use a leash of this length if you’re trying to build greater trust between you and your pet as far as letting them roam around and explore without getting themselves hurt or into trouble. But, if they were to get themselves into any trouble or a problematic situation, then you can still use the leash to control or correct them.

Little dog walking on retractable leash

10 feet and up

If you’re using a lead of this size, then you’re really training your dog to be independent and responsible when there’s a greater distance between the two of you. As we stated before, a leash of this length allows you to command your pup from afar if at any time they need to be corrected while on a walk. These are perfect for walking in areas with little to no crowd. For instance, I used a lead of this size when me and my dog were on a hike.

Dog Leash Reviews – Best for Walking




Dog Size


Primal Pet Gear



Large or medium breeds





Up to 110lbs


Leashboss HD Pro



medium, large breeds


Grand Line Bungee Leash



Up to 120lbs


Primal Pet Gear

The Primal Pet Gear is specially designed for both yours and your dog’s comfort. It features a dual handle that’s padded to ensure extra convenience and comfort.

One handle is at the end of the leash at about 6ft, and the other is at 1ft from the clip.

The leash provides remarkable control by allowing you to go from one handle to another. Use the closer handle in crowded areas and busy sidewalks. That way you have all the necessary control over your canine while walking him. The leash is suitable for large and medium breeds.

However, it could work on some smaller puppies as well. Pet owners choose it for its ease of use, durability and classic design.

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Rosmax Leash

If you often take your pup to open areas where there aren’t many people and traffic, this is the strap for you.

You only need one hand to control it, which means you can adjust the least to the desired length at any time. It’s retractable, which is one of the most convenient and popular types of leashes.

The Rosmax is 16ft long and fits all sizes from small, too large breeds. It works on every canine up to 110lbs, providing freedom for your pet. All you have to do is hold the leash with one hand and press the brake button with your thumb. For as long as you keep the button pressed, the leash is locked.

Also, its locking system retracts your pet quickly when needed. It’s durable and long-lasting thanks to the nylon material that it is made of. It’s a tangle-free nylon, so it doesn’t cause rope burns. The overall ergonomic design and all-size-fit make the rope a perfect fit for both pets and their owners.

The strap comes with a waste bag roller and a pack of bags.

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Leashboss HD Pro

If you need a heavy duty rope for your active and playful pet, this is a good choice for you. The Leashboss HD Pro leash is thick with double-layered nylon webbing.

It’s sewn together with poly-bonded nylon thread for extra support. The product’s features provide extra control when you’re hiking, running and walking with your best friend.

It’s perfect for every pooch that needs an extra tough leash when walking and running. It’s 3mm thick and strong so that it can endure even the most powerful and fierce dogs.

Besides, it’s made of nylon, and it’s lightweight, so it’s never heavy on your hands. It features a duty clip that fits medium and large breeds. The handle provides total comfort because it’s neoprene and padded, so it isn’t rough on your hands when you’re controlling your canine.

The leash is 6ft long and comes with a D-ring so you can easily clip on your favorite waste bag dispenser or other important items, like keys. It’s manufactured in the USA and comes with a 5 year guarantee, so there really is nothing to lose when you purchase this item.  The leash is a great choice for all owners who need extra toughness and longevity.

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Grand Line Bungee Leash

The Grand Line Bungee is one of the best leashes for puppies, cats, and large dogs. It can support pets from 3lbs up to 120lbs, which means you can walk your cat or your big canine anytime you want.

Its elastic bungee is durable and strong, absorbing change in direction and pulls without any possible loss of balance.

The rope features reflective stitching on both sides, so you’re visible during nighttime walks and jogging. One handle loop features sponge padding, while the other has soft plastic padding. Both loops are comfortable and provide enough control without any pressure to your wrist. Also, the rope has gunmetal, polished buckle, and a D-ring.

Overall, customers who have tried the leash said it gives them enough control over their canine but also provide comfort for the animal. No doubt, when it comes to the best dog strap on the market, this model deserves to be on the list.

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PONECA Retractable Dog Leash

This retractable leash is full of features and an upgrade from the brand’s previous model. First, the plastic casing has been upgraded to a more durable, ABS material that is also environmental friendly. The cord is made of double-stitched nylon and extends up to 26 feet.

Also, the retractable lead and the stainless steel hook can handle a dog up to 110lbs or up to 415 lbs of tension. It also comes with a detachable LED flashlight and a hook for you to carry a poop-bag cartridge. The product features an anti-grip handle with a quick release button so you can operate the lock and brake system with one hand.

The release and recoil system for the cord is reliable and always responds on command. This is a product that should be heavily considered if you’re looking for something durable for a large or strong dog. It is perfect for those that go walking with their furry friend at night.

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Papipaw Dog Leash

This adjustable leash by Papipaw is constructed with high-quality nylon material, which makes it extremely durable and tough. For added safety, reflective 3M material is embedded throughout the polyester webbing so you and your pup can be easily seen at night. The length of the nylon cord extends anywhere from 35’’ to 50’’ with the easy to use adjustable buckle.

The looped handle is padded with high -density EVA material, which eases the stress on your muscle and joints when your dog pulls on the leash. A bonus feature of this product that must be mentioned is that the end of the handle contains a safety belt insert. Customers love that they do not have to take the leash off their dog when traveling in a car. They simply push the insert into the buckle. Then, when the safety belt insert is not in use, you can tuck it away into its rubber sleeve.

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Vanshchan Pet Retractable Leash

This retractable dog leash is perfect for small to medium size dogs, 66 lbs and under. Its quick-lock system is easy to use and allows you to lock the leash at any length with the switch, up to 16 feet. The cord is made of extra strength nylon, which makes it extremely durable and tough to chew through or get tangled.

In addition, the use of the durable nylon material keeps the retracting of lead smooth and effortless. Also, the product attaches to any harness or collar with its chrome-plated bolt snap clip. Also, customers love the compact handle (4’’ H x 6.5’’ L) and the ergonomic design, which makes it easy to grip and carry.

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RVT Pet Care Leather Dog K9 Training Leash

This standard genuine leather leash is heavy duty and strongly suggested by obedience trainers because it provides a nice balance between resistance and flexibility. Testing shows that this product can withstand up to 500 lbs of pulling force. Its dimensions are ¾’’ wide and 6 feet in length.

Also, it is handcrafted and finished with a braided end for design and strength. This product uses a special clip, called a lobster clasp, to secure the leash to the collar or harness. The clasp is easy to slide open, which makes it perfect for people with weak or arthritic hands to detach the leash easily, without pain.

The leather of this 6-foot lead is already soft, free of rough or stiff edges, so it is easy on the hands as you hold it. What makes it even better, is that the leather will continue to soften over time, so it only gets better over age. Its size, material, and strength make this leash perfect for all types of dogs.

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JAXplanet Dog Leash Bungee Extension

This leash by JAXPlanet is a must have that is strong, stylish, and safe. The canine lead comes in a set, which includes the leash, bungee extension, and a compact poop-bag dispenser. This leash is great for when you and your dog walk at night due to its bright neon color.

For extra added safety, the leash has reflective 3M material embroidered throughout the length of the cord. Also, there’s a special loop if you want to connect an LED light to make yourself extra visible in the dark. For extra comfort, the product utilizes a neoprene padded looped handle.

What customers like about the set is that it comes with a bungee leash extension, which reduces the risk of muscle strain if your dog tends to tug and pull on the leash. The bungee extension is constructed of elastic nylon webbing, so you know this product is extremely durable. It easily attaches to collars and harnesses on one end, and any type of inelastic leash on the other.

Both the leash extension and leash utilize a combination of aluminum alloy carabiners and zinc-alloy trigger snap clips. This product is a great value and quality product that should be owned by all.

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Final Thoughts

Walking your hound should be a fun and careless activity. Both you and your pooch should enjoy it and be comfortable while you’re walking. All in all, it’s important dog on a leash walking outsideto find a durable and convenient dog leash that fits your dog’s personality and energy level.

Also, think about the additional features you’d need such as the hands-free belt, or reflective stitching. In our opinion, the Primal Pet Gear dog leash is one of the top leashes in today’s market. It’s long-lasting and very comfortable for both you and your pet. Think about what would fit your pet the best, and make the decision based on that.

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