The Best Dog Nail Clippers in 2022

By John Myers / August 2, 2021

Dog nail clippers are one of those essential items that every dog owner should have at home. When it comes to indoor dogs and their nails, if not cared for properly, they can do a lot of damage to your floor and furniture. For this reason, it’s good to have a quality nail cutter to deal with those sharp paws.

However, keep in mind the importance of quality. All the dull and poorly produced trimmers can hurt your dog and damage its nails. Also, they won’t last as long and will probably break.

Using a dog nail clipper on a dogIf you ever want to buy set of cutters for your dog, you’re probably aware of how many different models there are on the market. There are variations and features you might have never heard of, which can make it hard to choose the right one.

We bring you the top five dog clippers, comparison table and all you need to know about every one of these models. They share a few similarities, as well as a few differences, so we’re sure there’s a model for everyone’s needs.

First and foremost, take a look at our table that’s below and check out all of the most important information reviews about the best dog nail trimmers.


Airsspu Quick Safety Clipper

TPE / PP Stainless Steel

Quick safety guard


126g / 4.44oz

Thunderpaws Clipper and File

Stainless Steel

Safety lock, protective guard




3.5mm Stainless Steel

Quick sensor safety guard



RollinPets Grooming Clippers

Stainless Steel

Safety stop and locking switch




4mm Stainless Steel

Protective guard and safety lock



Different Types of Trimmers

Before deciding which clipper you should get for your pet, you’ll want to understand the different types that are out in the market.

Guillotine Clippers

close-up of dog getting nails trimmed by guillotineGuillotines are better off for small dogs. And the reason being is that they’re not as powerful and so it would be harder for larger breeds. Additionally, this type of trimmer is a lot easier to handle.

There’s a stationary ring where you put your dog’s paw in, and from there that’s when you squeeze the trimmer so that the blade will cut the canine’s nail.

Scissors for Dogs

close-up of dog with long nailsScissors are meant for canines with really long nails. And when I mean long, to a point where their nails are curling into a circle.

Typically this happens when your dog’s nails have been growing for a long time and/or it’s their dew claws which are closer to the inner side of the paw.

Dremel for Dogs

close-up of black paw with long nailsI personally like the Dremel just because I like to play it “safe”. As you know, dremels grind or sand things down.

A Dremel tool is an electrically powered, hand-held file that grinds the nail. Also referred to as nail buffing or nail filing, I always recommend getting your dog used to this method; not only does it grind off those sharp edges left after trimming, it’s more precise and can actually get the nails shorter.

It should be noted, however, that you should trim the bulk of the nail first and THEN grind the nail; because the Dremel grinds the nail, it creates friction, which heats up the nail. This is uncomfortable on the dog’s foot and will often upset them, so be sure that you’re only using a Dremel tool for small sections of the nail and not the whole thing.

Safe Dog Nail Clipper Reviews

Airsspu Quick Safety Nail Clipper


The Airsspu Quick Safety features sharp blades that cut through nails evenly, quickly and effortlessly. There are no difficulties or crushing of nails, only clean and smooth cutting.

If you’re looking for top quality as if you were taking your pet to the groomers, these are the trimmers for you.

The combination of safety features and materials make these clippers a top choice on the market. The ergonomic handles provide a comfortable grip for you, while the stainless steel and an angled head, cut nails within a minute.

The clippers feature a sensor guide that prevents you from cutting your pet’s nails too short. Also, the safety lock prevents accidents and allows you to store the clippers quickly when you’re done using them.

The nail file that’s included helps you smooth out the nails after you’ve cut them. Besides, the trimmers fit all sorts of breeds from small to large, so it’s convenient for people with multiple dogs.

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Thunderpaws Dog Clipper and File

The Thunderpaws clipper is one of those you’ll hear the veterinary recommend. It’s made of high-quality stainless steel and rubber to ensure sharpness, efficiency, and comfort.

The non-slip handles on this trimmer are ergonomic, so they provide a comfortable grip when you’re cutting your pet’s nails.

Also, the ease of the clipping experience is important, which is why these trimmers are one of the best. The protective guard prevents you from over clipping and possibly hurting your dog’s paws. The safety lock comes in handy when you want to store the clippers away.

This is a professional solution for clipping as opposed to going to the vet and paying for all those grooming sections. The Thunderpaws clippers are a great choice for everyone who has a medium or large breed that keeps scratching the floors and furniture.

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Bencmate Dog Nail Clippers

These baby blue clippers are a perfect combination of effectiveness and safety that deliver remarkable results in no time. They’re made of 3.5mm stainless steel and provide a quick snip without ripping the nail. You’ll often hear veterinarians and other pet owners recommend them.

The non-slip handle is comfortable and allows you to clip the nails easily. Also, the sharp stainless steel edge will enable you to do the job efficiently.

Since safety is crucial when cutting your pet’s nails, note that the Bencmate clippers feature a safety guard that prevents from over cutting and injury. For convenient storage, all you have to do is lock the handles together.

The clippers come with a nail file that many customers found useful. The nail file allows you to smooth their nails after cutting, and the hole on top of the handle makes it easy to hang the clippers on the wall.

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RollinPets Grooming Clippers

If you’re looking for something durable and long-lasting for your pet, these are one of the best you’ll find. They’re made of stainless steel that guarantees quality and longevity for many years of use.

Its safety features and sharpness deliver amazing results in no time. You won’t have to spend much time in clipping your pet’s nails, which is important especially because pets don’t like the overall experience.

These clippers have a nail guard that helps you avoid injuries and over cutting. The rubber coated handles provide a comfortable, full grip that allows you to do the job efficiently. The clippers come with a free massage brush to treat your pet after trimming.

Overall, these trimmers are ideal for everyone who wants to avoid vets and groomers as much as possible.

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Monbro Dog Nail Clippers

These modern-looking clippers are suitable for large and medium breeds. They’re made of 4mm stainless steel that provides a clean cut, quickly and easily.

You’ll often hear many veterinarians, pet groomers, trainers, as well as other owners recommend these nail cutters. The handles are made of non-slip rubber that allows you to comfortably clip your pet’s nails.

Besides, they make the overall experience easy for both you and your pet. The safety stop prevents injuries and accidental over cutting, so you can freely cut the nails. Also, the file is conveniently built into the trimmers.

These convenient features make the clippers popular amongst the customers. What’s great about the trimmers is the safety lock that prevents kids from using it. Also, the lock and the hole on the bottom provide for ease of storage.

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Boshel is an excellent brand of pet nail trimmers because they are very sharp and get the job done very well.  Highly recommended by many professionals, this product even gives you the peace of mind that you will not hurt your pet because the handles are grippy so your hand will not accidentally slip at all during the process.  

The precise cuts that these clippers make leave the pup with fresh, healthy looking nails.  In the fear of ever cutting your pooch’s nails so short that they will bleed or hurt them, these specific clippers prevent that from happening.  There is a piece that stops the clippers from getting too close or hurting the pup.

An added feature to help keep the nails smooth and soft is the attached file that is included on the clippers.  Many vets use and love this product, so they highly recommend it for you and the safety of your canine.

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GoPets has an orange and black set of nail clippers that have very efficient, sharp metal clippers.  All the people who have bought this brand of pet nail clippers have loved the style of this product. The quality is known to be very professional as it keeps you from cutting too close to the ‘quick’ of your pup’s nail which would cause them a lot of pain.  

The handles you would be gripping are non-slip which is going to help you have a quicker process of nail trimming.  The safety guard is what is going to prevent you from hurting your animal. The thick and sharp metal is strong enough to cut through even the toughest nails.  

The nail file that comes along with this product is made stronger than emery boards for humans so it will smooth out the rough edges to prevent any scraping or cutting on floor, couches, etc.

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CleanHouse makes professional quality clippers that come with the bonus of a lifetime warranty if it ever did break, which is extremely unlikely considering just how great these are made.  The blue clippers come with great grip texture to ensure that you do not accidentally slip while trimming your puppy’s nails—causing them pain.

Made with extremely durable stainless steel, CleanHouse’s large nail clippers are built to last a very long time while clipping the nails of your canine’s safely and efficiently.  There is also a smaller size that works well (and just as strong) as the large set.

Many professionals and dog lovers really appreciate to well thought out design that CleanHouse used to make this specific product.  People who have bought this item do not regret it one bit, because these clippers have made their nail trimming sessions much more simple than some other products similar to this one!

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If you ever have troubles with your canine scratching up your floors or furniture, then Resco is the way to go.  Resco makes a black and silver nail clipper for pooches that comes in both sizes regular and large. If you have a bigger sized dog, then you will want to get the larger size clippers to trim their nails efficiently.  

A big plus that can come with this item is an option of an added kit.  This nail trimming kit would include a sharp nail file as well as a power that will stop your pet’s nail from bleeding if regrettably, you do get too close to the ‘quick’ of their nail.  

If you purchase this item, you also get a limited lifetime warranty which you can take advantage of if the item ever gets damaged.  

The surgical steel is strong enough to get through the toughest pet nails and will leave them with clean cut nails.

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HDP Professional Stainless Steel Nail Trimmer

HDP’s professional nail clippers are made specifically for the well being and health of your canine’s nails.  The steel that these are made from is extremely strong and will last you a very long time, even after cutting your pooch’s nails for years. These are safe and easy to use with the handle grip that eliminates any chance of your hand slipping and injuring your animal during the procedure.

There is even an option to buy packs of these that will last an even longer amount of time!  The pack options include small-medium, large, small-medium two pack, small-medium three pack, small-medium five pack, and large two pack.  

So if you even want to gift another pet owner friend of yours with these excellent clippers, you can purchase one of the packs to keep one for yourself, and give the rest out to spread the joy of HDP professional nail trimmers!

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How to Cut Your Pet’s Nails

human and dog holding pawsLet’s face it. It’s scary to cut your pet’s nails. The biggest fear for everyone is that they could cut their nails too short. And what happens then? They start to bleed, and soon enough the sad puppy cries in agony.

It’s the worst feeling ever.  Typically, we would just go to a professional groomer and have them do it instead. But we all know that they can be expensive over time.

If you want to learn how to use a dog nail trimmer and learn all the protocols to do it safely for both large and small dogs, then check out this video below. goes through a step by step process that will not only teach you how to trim their nails, but also make sure your pet feels comfortable.

Now if you’re thinking about turning this into a career, and you want to be a professional dog groomer in the future, then make sure you understand the following steps.

You want to make sure that you truly have a passion for pets and a lot of patience if you do decide to become a professional groomer.

How Often Should You Cut Their Nails?

You want to make sure that your pup is properly groom. As far as how often you should cut your dogs nails depends on several factors. More specifically, the amount of exercise your pup gets on a day to day basis.

brown puppy with long nailsIf you take your pet out for a walk almost every day, then chances are you won’t have to cut their nails very often. The reason being is that their nails scrape from the cement floors.

However, if your pooch stays inside your home all day and you’re too busy to walk them out; then it’s probably best that you cut their nails once a month. And as mentioned earlier, if you still want to take your pet to a groomer, it’s going to cost you a lot of money.

It’s better that you either
1) Cut their nails yourself
2) Take them out for walks more so it doesn’t grow as fast.

Just an FYI – Huskies, which are known as dog sledders, are the ones that are extremely active. If you own one, and they have long nails, then you’re not giving them enough attention!


black dog getting nails trimmedAll in all, nail clipping is a must for most breeds, especially cats. If you keep your pets inside your home, you probably know they can do a lot of damage.

In addition, long nails can cause your dog discomfort and from personal experience, I’ve seen long nails get caught in my dog’s collar while he was simply scratching. Imagine if I wasn’t there to help him?

Not only do they scratch floors but can tear apart furniture and other goods. Therefore, trips to the groomers are often and consuming money, so it’s only logical you want to avoid them.  It is a good idea to own a set of clippers so you can avoid spending your money on groomers.

Our recommendation is the Airsspu Quick Safety Clipper for its convenience, effectiveness and overall quality.

The trimmers allow you to do the job easily, without any accidents or injuries, which is essential in a good pair of dog nail clippers.

Dog trimmers are essential, but it’s important to choose the good ones so you can clip the nails easily without troubling your pet. Effectiveness and ease of use are important for both the dog and its owner.

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