What is The Best Dog Silencer in 2021?

By John Myers / August 8, 2021

Does your dog get fired up by the neighbor’s pooch or even the smallest noise? Many pups, especially small species, tend to have a barking problem now and then. If it happens often enough to disturb your daily life, you might want to consider a dog silencer.

These devices teach your pup not to bark and are often called anti-barking devices. Some people call them anti-bark collars although they come in several forms other than just collars.

brown dog howlingBuying such a device takes some time and experience since every dog is different. All silencers do the same job but can use different methods to achieve the final result. You should figure out which is best for your furry friend.

In the text below, we’ll guide you through the different types of silencers and help you choose the right one. Stick around as we’ll also present you the ten best dog silencer products on the market.

Buyers Guide

The first thing you should consider is what value the price adds to the product. The market is packed with different silencers some of which are expensive, while others are quite low priced.

small dog barking outsidePeople generally feel that quality isn’t expensive and that the high price is maybe because of brand popularity.

Although many affordable silencers perform perfectly well, the price is still something you want to consider carefully. Going for something cheap just to save money might result in a product that doesn’t fit your dog.

While you think of price, make sure also to check quality. These two are often quite connected, but one doesn’t always have to include the other. Quality high-end products usually do come at a price, but there are many inexpensive models at a decent quality level.

puppy howling on wood stumpMake sure the silencer is made of high-quality materials especially if you opt for an anti-bark collar. The materials have to be gentle, so there’s no allergic reaction of any sort. It’s crucial that the canine is comfortable and not annoyed or stressed by the device.

Now, you’ve probably noticed the many brands on the market. The choice is huge which can sometimes make it hard to pick a certain product. When you look for a dog silencer, consider the brand name and what you’ve heard of it. Read customer reviews as those can show you a clear insight into the quality of the product as well as how the brand treats its customers.

Go only for the brands you trust to care for the best interest of your dog. An anti-barking device should bring relief to both your canine and you. It should be effective, easy to use and well-made of quality materials.


dog barking through fenceWhen it comes to range, there are two things you should look into. All silencers should have sound distance and bark detection range clearly labeled on the packaging.

Sound distance is the device’s ability to reach a dog that might be far away from it. For example, if you place the silencer in the backyard, it should at least reach your pup in the front yard. It all differs from product to product, and it’s up to you to choose what distance you need. If your furry pal never leaves the house, you probably don’t need long-distance range.

hunting dog posing on grassThe same goes for bark detection. The device can detect barking at a certain distance and react to it. If your pup is always inside, you don’t need a device that detects dogs that are far away. You might want extended range if it’s the neighbors’ dog that’s bugging you.

Again, it’s up to you to figure this out since all pups are different. Think about where the hound spends most of the time and where it barks the most. The simple questions can help you determine what range would work the best in your case.

 Sensitivity Level

dog standing on grassMost devices have a sensitivity level; you can turn up or down for more versatility. This allows you to customize the training specifically for your pet. Something like this can help you train your dog to stay off the furniture or away from the garbage can.

Turning the level of sensitivity up or down is also useful if you know when the barking episodes are happening.

small dog looking upFor example, if the dog only ever barks at thunderstorms or waste collection trucks. In this case, you can turn up the sensitivity level when you see it’s about to storm or you hear the truck approaching.

On another level, the device should be sensitive enough to detect the bark and not be triggered by another loud noise.

If you have noisy neighbors, you don’t want their noise to set off the silencer since that can confuse your pet. A silencer should be able to tell these sounds apart.

Additional Features

black dog standing outsideSilencers can be quite versatile and come with several additional features to make the experience even smoother. While their primal purpose should be to detect and silence barking, it can offer a few other things as well.

Some models come with a remote control that makes the use much easier. It’s ideal if the pup is outside the range and if you’re trying to train her/him. On top of that, certain devices are also water-resistant. The device with this feature is ideal for outdoors as it cannot be disturbed by sprinklers or a little rain.

Happy dog playing on Grass in park.Another thing you might want to consider is if the silencer has indicators. LED indicator lights show low battery and other similar info. Some even have a test mode to verify that the speaker and microphone are working.

Silencers that have high-sensitivity can also be used as pest repellents if you leave them to work continuously. It’s a handy feature if you’re battling with rodents, skunks, raccoons, etc.

Ease of Use

portrait loyal dog looking cameraIt’s vital that you silencer is simple and easy to use; otherwise, you might end up not using it all. Much like all devices, a dog silencer should be easy to operate with and maintain regardless of your skill level.

Choose the one that’s easy to set up. The best silencers usually come with everything you need to mount the device.

Sometimes, these units can offer many features and look quite high-tech. However, none of it matters if you’re struggling to use even the basic stuff. It should be effective yet simple and straightforward.

The same goes for its maintenance. Go for a model that doesn’t require a lot of attention, maintenance, and repair. If it works on batteries, make sure replacing them is equally as easy.

Types of Silencers

Jack Russell Terrier at homeAs we mentioned, these come in many shapes and forms. The most popular is definitely an anti-bark collar that many people still don’t know enough about.

The main difference between the many silencers is in the way you use them. Some you use as a collar while others you hang on your pup’s crate. On top of that, some are portable while others aren’t.

Then we also have a difference in how these work. You’ll come across electric shock controllers that still raise a lot of controversies and rightly so. Another few types are the vibration-sensitive and the sound-sensitive controllers.

small brown dog standingIt might seem complicated to figure out all the similarities and differences. More so, if you’re under pressure to get a silencer due to excessive noise, you probably don’t have much time to test a few models before opting for one.

Luckily, none of this is too hard to grasp so we’ll lay it out for you. Below, you’ll find a few different types of silencers you can find on the market. We’ve included some basic info on each, but keep in mind differences may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Electric Shock Collar

These are also known as e-collars and are usually used in training. They deliver an electrical shock of different intensity and duration to the neck of your hound. Some people apply these to other places on the body to achieve different results.

sleepy dog looking forward It operates via a radio-controlled electronic device that’s in the collar. Some might have tones or vibration signals while others have GPS and internet mapping capabilities to locate the dog if it’s lost.

However, experts don’t recommend the use of these regardless of what you’re trying to train the dog. They claim that dogs can suffer from serious injuries, pain, psychological stress, displaced aggression and severe anxiety all due to shock collars. Others believe that such mild shock cannot harm the animal.

Vibration Sensitive Controller

Happy Cardigan Welsh Corgi facing sidewaysVibration controller is by far a better solution than the one that shocks your pup. These are great if you’re trying to train a sensitive dog. It’s an advanced idea because sensitive dogs can be stressed and frightened by an electric shock collar.

Vibrations are gentler, and dogs usually don’t have issues to tolerate them. They’ll probably work well even if the dog is mild tempered.

For the same reasons, it’s a good choice if your pet has been abused before since the mild vibration most likely won’t disturb the pup. These are also suitable for deaf and blind hounds.

Ultrasonic Controller

pub looking upThese work by using an ultrasonic tone to deter barking. The microphone detects the sound and emits an ultrasonic tone. Interestingly, humans usually can’t hear the tone which is great since you don’t want any more noise to disturb you.

Dogs can hear the sound that annoys them although it’s perfectly safe and cannot do any harm. The tone usually goes from low right when your dog starts barking. It keeps on elevating if the pup continues.

The good thing is that pets can’t get used to the tone because it varies each time they bark. This way, hounds don’t know what to expect and can’t get used to it.

Anti-barking Device

black dog on grassAnti-barking devices and collars are a popular choice due to their ease of use and effectiveness. However, even collars don’t always have to shock the dog since some work with vibration and ultrasonic tones.

Consider the best bark collars if you’ve never used one before because only high-end products guarantee quality and safety.

All dogs react differently so make sure to consider your pet’s needs. For example, if you’ve adopted the hound that may have been abused in the past, you might want to stay away from shock collars.

How to Choose The Right One?

side view of dogThe many models on the market can make it tricky to choose one. They have different specifications and offer various features which can complicate the life of a pet owner.

Think about the size of your dog as well as when does the barking occur and why. Consider the breed as well, since small dogs tend to bark for no reason quite often while large breeds are a bit calmer.

If you’re uncertain about what to get, you should consult a veterinarian. In most cases, a professional will know how to help if you present them with your situation. If you’re buying a silencer to train your dog, you can talk to a local dog trainer.

Your friends and neighbors might also have some info and could perhaps recommend a few silencers. Asking the right people can help but make sure those are people you trust and have faith in.

Ask a Vet

veterinarian with dogVeterinarians are professionals who know all there is about dogs. If you’re uncertain about which silencer to get, you should consult with an experienced vet.

These are the people who work around dogs all the time, so they can help you in choosing an effective collar. Your vet can answer questions and provide useful information on how to use a silencer.

Still, make sure it’s a vet you know and trust in.

Ask a Trainer

person training dogIf you have a trainer in your area, it won’t harm to ask them about anti-bark devices. More so, if you’re trying to train the dog yourself, an experienced trainer might help you with your choice.

Much like vets, these people can guide you in the right direction. More experienced trainers probably use a few of these devices as well, so maybe they could recommend some to you.

Still, ask and take information only from people you trust. The comfort and well-being of your pup are in question so make sure to know and trust the trainer.

Research Online

Hands Typing on LaptopThe internet has much useful information if you know how and where to look for them. So, you can always turn to online researching if you’re wondering which dog silencer is best for your pet. It gives you easy access to lots of information about the particular product and the breed you own.

Plus, you might even come across people who have the same pup like you. You could see what silencer they use and how it worked for them. Still, consider the information but don’t forget that each pup has different habits and needs.

Ask Friends or Neighbors Their Recommendation

Dog sitting on the parquet floorNowadays, it seems that every family has at least one pet. More often than not, it’s a dog. So, it’s most likely you have friends and neighbors you’re close with who also have a canine. If so, they could be a useful source of information.

Ask your friends and neighbors about the dog silencer they use. You’ll get an honest first-hand review from the people you trust. You might get the same info as you did searching online, but this type of recommendation is far more reliable.

Test Different Types

brown chihuahua sittingTrial and error is an effective way of finding the best product. It’s a form of research that can also be a lot of fun. However, it’s time-consuming as you might have to go through countless devices before you come across the right one.

If you cannot opt for one of the many types, you can try all of them if you have the time and the nerve. Apart from that, there’s not much more you can lose.

On a side note, testing different types is okay only if you’re choosing reliable products. Using random silencers might not be so good for your dog. You don’t want to use just about anything without being certain it’s safe.

Customer Reviews

man on computer with dogIt’s no secret that all of us rely on customer reviews regardless of what we’re shopping. It’s a section you simply must look at if you’re buying clothes, gadgets, appliances, or whatever else.

The same goes for silencers. The truth is, only the best devices will have good reviews, and that’s something you should remember. If people are saying negative stuff about the silencer you’re interested in, it’s best you look for another.

However, even though reviews usually paint a clear picture, try to use your best judgment reading them. Some people give low ratings simply because the product didn’t work for them, although there’s nothing really wrong with it.

Top 10 Dog Silencer Products

ELenest Anti Barking Device

This ultrasonic silencer looks like a birdhouse, and it’s quite decorative. It comes with a hanging rope that allows you to put it up on a tree, fence or wall. Still, don’t hang it near other dogs as they might be affected by the noise even when they’re not barking.

It uses ultrasonic tones to control excessive barking. You can adjust the level to suit small, medium or a large dog. The sounds are harmless yet effective.

The ELenest has a range up to 50 feet for outdoor bark control. It’s automatically activated and emits the sounds as soon as it detects barking. It’s safe and humane, so you shouldn’t be worried about the health of your pup.

It also has a test mode to check if the speaker and microphone are working. This one operates with a 9V battery and has an LED indicator that flashes when the battery is low.


  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Four ultrasonic volume levels


  • Not for deaf pups

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Meter.llc Ultrasonic Anti-barking device

This waterproof silencer emits ultrasonic sounds that stop your dog from barking. It has a range of 50 feet, three levels, and a test mode. Use this mode to verify that the speaker and microphone are working.

The ultrasonic frequency it emits isn’t harmful to your pets. Plus, it’s entirely inaudible to human ears so it won’t bother you or your family. It’s a good way to train your dog when to stop barking. It’s also important to mention that it works on most hounds within range regardless of the breed and size.

The pavilion shape design and its water resistance make this one ideal for outdoors. You can hang it on a fence or tree near the problematic area. The fun design will add some décor to the outdoors area. It also works inside although it’s mainly recommended for outdoor use.


  • Fun shape and design
  • Inaudible to people
  • Works on most dogs


  • LED is too bright

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Zelers Model Outdoor Anti Barking Device

This one works inside as well as outside using ultrasonic sound to stop dogs from barking. With a range of up to 50 feet, it will silence most dogs in the area. It has a sensitive microphone that picks up barking and signals the speaker that emits sounds.

It’s recommended you start with the first level and then increase if needed. However, this one won’t work on hearing impaired or deaf dogs. It silences both small and large dogs that are within range.

The new mini shape makes it easy to use. The design allows you to hang it on a tree, fence post or a wall. All the sound levels are safe and won’t harm your pet in any way. It also won’t harm any other animals within its range nor will you and your family be able to hear it.


  • Works on all breeds
  • Completely safe
  • Several adjustment levels


  • The LED might draw attention

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eXuby Friendliest Bark Collar for Small Dogs

If what you want is a collar, you should look at this eXuby model. It’s easy to use, safe and effective on all small dogs such as Chihuahua, Maltese, Yorkie, Pomeranians, and others.

It only uses sound and vibration, so there’s no shock of any sort. It’s still effective in stopping the bark while being much safer than most other collars.

It features the latest chipset that allows the collar to work between vibration and sound. The chipset decreases and increases intensity, so the pup stops barking as quickly as possible.

This one is designed for small breeds and toy dogs. It’s adjustable down to a tiny size while providing a tight fit at all times. The silencer is rechargeable, compact and lightweight so your pup won’t hate wearing it.


  • For tiny dogs
  • Rechargeable
  • No shock


  • Some pups can get used to it

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POP VIEW Dog Anti Bark Collar

This Pop View collar is another effective yet humane way of dealing with excessive barking. This one helps you train the pup by using vibration and sound without any shock. It’s safe for indoors and outdoors use.

It has seven sensitivity levels that prevent dogs from getting used to the device. If it’s the first time you use such a collar, it’s recommended you from the lowest setting.

The best thing is that you can adjust the level of barking that’s required to activate the device. This way, you get to customize the device a bit more to your dog’s needs.

It’s suitable for breeds weighing from 11 to 120 pounds or a neck size from 7 to 21 inches. The collar is fully adjustable and tight fitting on all breeds.


  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Customizable activation
  • Adjustable collar


  • Picks up barking of other dogs too

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Dansrueus Smart Detection Train collar

This one comes with four adjustable sensitivity levels and three barking modes. Though it does feature shock at a harmless level, you can turn it off and use the other two instead. Another two are beeping and vibration.

Its nylon reflective strap is adjustable and fits small, medium and large dogs weighing 8 to 120 lbs. It will fit if your dog’s neck is anything from 6.5 to 24 inches in size.

The intelligent barking detection system makes this one of the most effective collars on the market. It filters other sounds and prevents false triggering.

It comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts for about 14 days before you have to recharge it. It usually takes approximately one or two hours to recharge. The IPX7 waterproof design allows safe use indoors and outdoors regardless of the weather.


  • No false triggering
  • Quick recharge
  • Adjustable levels


  • Not for swimming

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DogRook Dog Bark Collar

DogRook collar is another excellent way of keeping your pup’s barking under control. It has seven levels of vibration and sound to help you train your dog. The levels vary, so it’s unlikely pets will get used to it.

It’s designed for small, medium and large dogs to help you fix their behavior. While you can adjust the sensitivity to the size of your pet, the collar most probably won’t affect other dogs in the area. It’s humane and safe as it uses ultrasonic sounds and vibration and no shock.

The strap is adjustable and suitable for hounds weighing 11 to 110lb. If the neck size is 9 to 22 inches, the strap will fit. It’s also water-resistant and comes with two extra batteries. It can handle some rain but make sure not to submerge it since it’s not waterproof.


  • No shock
  • Adjustable strap
  • Seven sensitivity levels


  • Very sensitive microphone

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Modus Dog Ultrasonic Trainer

This training and bark control device effectively trains hounds to stop all unwanted behavior such as barking, digging, fighting, etc.

The sound it emits is safe to you and your pets. Since the device emits ultrasonic sounds at 25khz, it’s not harmful to anyone around.

One of the best things about this one is versatility. You can use it outside as well as inside with the same results. It comes with an adjustable wrist strap so you can even use it when you’re walking the dog.

The green LED indicator is always on when the device is working. It comes with four AAA batteries and a control range of 16.4 ft.

It uses a sensitive microphone to detect barking. You can press the button and activate the sound that will automatically turn off after ten seconds. It’s a compact and lightweight device you’ll carry around with ease.


  • Portable
  • For inside and outside
  • Batteries included


  • Doesn’t work on puppies

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Wrcibo Bark Collar

Wrcibo uses a unique system to prevent false triggering. It detects the combination of your pet’s sound wave and vocal cord vibrations. This means it’s unlikely it could be triggered by other dogs or any kind of noise other than the one that your pup is making.

This one features a shock mode that’s pretty mild and only uncomfortable. It’s safe, but you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to. You can use vibration and beeping instead.

It has seven levels of sensitivity you can adjust to your breed, its size, and temperament. One thing that’s important to note is its auto-protection note that shuts off the collar for a minute if it worked for seven minutes straight.

It’s made of ABS and nylon, and it’s completely waterproof. It can be submerged up to 16 ft, so there’s no need to take it off when the pup is swimming or bathing.


  • Rechargeable battery
  • Waterproof design
  • Auto-protection mode


  • Large breeds get used to it

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Anpet Anti Barking Device Pro

If you have a large dog that enjoys barking at everyone, you should consider the Anpet anti-barking device. It features an adjustable collar that’s designed for hounds 7 lbs and heavier.

It’s activated by barking, but it also has an automatic sensor that’s ideal for auto behavior correction. It’s effective in stopping excessive barking safely and quickly.

This one runs on a 480mAh battery that lasts about two weeks before you have to recharge it. The entire device is 100% waterproof allowing your pup to dive and swim with the collar on.

You also get a training whistle to teach your canine obedience while learning basic skills. This can help you teach pets to come, sit, stay, stop barking and more.


  • Adjustable collar
  • Rechargeable
  • Automatic sensor


  • Vibrates when other dogs bark too

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Benefits of Dog Silencers

Dog with deep yellow eyes stands on chain

  • Reduced barking – this might be the most significant benefit that these devices offer. However, it’s only going to work if you’re smart with it since some canines can get used to the silencer. For this reason, it’s not recommended that you use it all the time. Instead, turn it on during those hours your dog is triggered the most. This will help teach your pet when it’s okay to bark and when it’s not.


  • More peace at night – it seems that dogs love barking at night when there’s nothing and no one to bark at. However, the excessive barking can keep you awake which is something you can prevent if you opt for the best silencer. This will help you get more sleep, but it will also help the pup rest and find some peace during nighttime.


  • Being a good neighbor – just how your pup is disturbing you at night, it might also upset other people who live around you. Even if you’ve grown used to the barking, people living next to you might hate it but don’t know how to tell you. Be a good neighbor and reduce your pup’s barking.

Are They Safe to Use?

happy-dog-having-fun-parkDog silencers are convenient devices that help you keep canine’s barking habits under control. These have been around for ages, but some people are still skeptical about their safety.

There’s nothing wrong with wondering whether these are safe since safety should always come first. We’re sure you’ve heard of those notorious shock collars and are now worried to use anything similar.

Some silencers use beeping, vibration or ultrasonic sounds. These are safe but also annoying which can cause different hounds to react in different ways.

Some pups will stop barking while others might bark even more if they’re annoyed with the sound. If you opt for using a silencer, keep an eye on your pet. The first few times you use it, you’ll notice if there’s any significant change in your pet’s behavior that indicates the device isn’t safe.


Can these silencers stop my neighbor’s dog from barking?

American bulldog runs around parkThe answer is yes, but that doesn’t mean you should do it. Also, not all brands share the same level of effectiveness. If there’s a loud dog in your neighborhood that you want to stop barking, then start with speaking to the owners about how it bothers you and how you guys can start working towards a solution.

All you can do is recommend a silencer, but it’s up to them if they’ll use one or not. As we said, imagine if someone used one on your dog without asking you.

Can I find a trainer to teach me how to use a silencer?

Getting help from a trainer is a good idea if you’ve never used a silencer before. The best thing to do is to find one from your local area. Use Google to locate professional trainers that live near the location.

Final Thoughts

lovely dog posing gardenA quality and reliable silencer is safe and won’t harm your dog. It’s all about choosing the right product that came from a trustworthy brand and has a large base of customers.

It’s important to keep a close watch on your canine at first to see if there’s any change in behavior. Observing how it behaves allows you to customize the sensitivity levels for best results.

Overall, these devices are the best of what the market has to offer. They’re all safe and easy to use on most breeds and sizes.

Before you opt for any model, make sure to consider your pup’s needs and temperament. Also, make sure you know what’s triggering your dog’s barking. It’s important that your pets are never aggravated or annoyed to the point of disturbance.

For this reason, go only for the brands you trust and products someone has already tried before you.

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