The 10 Best Dog Toys for Chewers

By John Myers / August 2, 2021

Active and playful dogs are always fun to be around, so having some type of dog toy for chewers in your house is a good idea. In the case of my dog, he tends to pull out firewood from next to the fireplace whenever he’s bored or wants to chew on something. He’d drag the wood usually under the table and chew on it.

Canine’s like chewing on stuff because it feels good to their teeth and it’s just generally a fun thing to do. Trust me, your canine doesn’t care much about the mess or importance of the item it’s chewing.

dog chew toyI’ve made a list of some of the best toys for chewers that he or she will adore. Finally, it will stop eating your furniture and walls.

Some of these products come in packs with many to choose from. They’re all good for your pet’s, teeth, and long-lasting. Take a few moments to check out the comparison table, as well as the detailed reviews below.

Product:Material:Color:Package Includes:Size of Dog:

CNMGBB No Stuffing Dog Toys with Squeakers

Durable plush fabricDifferent Colors5 plush, squeaky toysSmall, medium and large
Ztent IQ Treat Dispensing ToyNon-toxic rubberBlue1 ball, no food includedSmall, medium and large
RoyalWise Rope Toys For ChewersDurable cotton and rubberDifferent Colors12 different rope chewing toysSmall, medium and large
PatPet Dog Rope Chew ToysDurable CottonDifferent Colors4 rope toys, and 1 Frisbee toySmall and medium
Acopsh Tooth Cleaning ChewerRubber and Cotton RopeBlue1 rubber and rope toySmall and medium

Top Rated Toys for Chewers

CNMGBB No Stuffing Dog Toys with Squeakers

This value pack is suitable for all kinds of canines, from small to large breeds. The pack comes with variety of plush objects that will solve the problem of your dog’s boredom, especially for those that are aggressive. The package includes five different plush toys: squirrel, raccoon, fox, skunk, and penguin.

All items feature a squeaker inside the head, and crinkle paper in the center, which creates a crunchy sound that dogs love.  It’s important to note that none of these products have stuffing, so there’s no mess in case your canine rips them.

All products are created with non-toxic material and easy to clean. Simply put them in the washing machine. As an added bonus, this 5-pack comes with a free drawstring storage bag.

If your companion isn’t as aggressive, you can be sure these five realistic flat wildlife toys will last a long time. These chew toys are great for bouncing, shaking, tossing, and retrieving. Also, they’re ideal for when you’re leaving your canine alone in the house. They provide perfect amusement for hours.

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Ztent IQ Treat Dispensing Toy

This is quite a different toy that will promote IQ improvement and mental stimulation. It works like a treat dispenser while stimulating your pet to figure out how to retrieve treats.

All you have to do is fill the toy with treats, and they’ll just spill out as your canine is playing with the ball.

The toy is made of non-toxic plastic, and it’s completely safe to chew on. Also, its design pattern is unique and cleans your pet’s teeth as it’s chewing on the ball.

It provides loads of fun as your dog plays and rolls the ball around while getting all the treats along the way.

Plus, it’s important to know that the ball is quite easy to clean by just rinsing it in water. Since it’s made of plastic, it’s also easy to dry. This kind of toy will not only keep your canine busy and amused throughout the day but will improve its IQ as it learns how to get treats out of it. Oh, and it’s definitely a great choice for chewers!

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RoyalWise Rope

The set of RoyalWise Rope Toys are bound to last and keep your pooch busy a long time. They’re all different and come in a few colors that make them much more fun.

The ropes are suitable for small, medium and large breeds. The package includes squeaky ball and bone, plush toy, rope carrot, duck, bones, and other rope chew toys.

The fact that there’s so many gives you different options. For example, you can give all 12 items to your canine, or you can give it one at the time depending on how you like it. Nonetheless, the ropes are made of long-lasting rope and materials that are non-toxic.

Also, you get a handmade rope bag that’s included, so you can keep them all tidy and in one place.

All objects, as well as the bag, are easy to wash and dry. Apart from providing endless fun, the ropes are also ideal for cleaning your dog’s teeth and massage its gums. This will help prevention from chewing your shoes, pillows or furniture when you’re not around. However, they’re not suitable for aggressive chewers. Also, make sure to dispose or replace the broken ones in time.

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The PatPet is another great set of objects that provide hours of fun for your canine. The pack comes with four ropes and a Frisbee toy. These ropes are suitable for all sizes and breeds.

They’re ideal for long-hour playing and chewing to improve the dental health of your pup.

Toys are made of non-toxic and safe materials that are durable and easy to clean and dry. They’re suitable for you to play with your pooch as well as let it play alone.

This is important because playing with your pooch can improve your bond, as well as reduce separation anxiety.

Also, by having a few items lying around, your best friend won’t think of chewing on chair legs, or firewood.

However, these aren’t for aggressive chewers, so it’s best always to be around when your dog is playing. The cotton ropes are long-lasting, but make sure to replace them as soon as they break.
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Acopsh Tooth Cleaning Chewer

If your pooch is as interactive and playful as they come, this might be the best toy to choose. It’s a treat toy that will not only provide fun but loads of treats. It’s ideal for puppies or kittens and allows you to bond with them while you play.

What may be important to someone, this toy has no squeaker so it won’t produce any noise whatsoever. However, bare in mind that there are a lot of dogs that like squeaky toys.

Also this product is made of non-toxic plastic, rubber, and rope.

The best part about this toy is that it features side slots where you can put in treats or snacks. This makes your pet best friend work to retrieve the treats while using his energy and intellect.

You can give it to any breed since it’s completely safe and won’t harm your pet in any way.

The toy is ideal for cleaning your pet’s teeth while it massages the gums and helps freshen its breath.
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If your pooch is an excessively aggressive chewer, then you are going to need a product as durable as ONEISALL to keep your pet’s teeth healthy and your home from getting ruined.  

This green colored toy bone is made of durable nylon which is non-toxic, therefore safe for your dog.

Since chewing on things is very healthy for your pet’s teeth, it is good to give them an option to chew on something.  

It also tastes and smells like bacon which guarantees that your pooch will love it! ONEISALL has this item in small, medium, and large depending on what size you would like to get for your canine.

This toy will also get your pet used to toys and give them something to go chew on if they are ever bored or anxious.  

Your dog will not have any luck chewing this into shreds, so you also do not have to worry about any messes!

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 ZippyPaws Woodland Friends Interactive Chipmunks

ZippyPaws’ plush and interactive chew toy is perfect for pets that do not necessarily chew things apart, but just like to have something in their mouth to chew lightly.

Because it is made of softer materials, it would be easier to rip up which is why it would be great for pet’s who do not like to chew things apart.

The cute design has squirrels coming in and out of a little log, and when your pooch bits on certain areas of it, the toy will squeak.  

There are four different sizes to suit your pet’s needs no matter how big or small they are.

The squirrels and log included within this interactive toy will keep your pup entertained and prevent them from getting bored.  

The squirrels can come in and out of the holes in the log part of the toy which helps want to put them in different areas of the toy and just play around with it in general!

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Benebone Maplestick Durable Stick Medium

Benebone made a Maplestick looking chew toy out of solid materials that will not tear when chewed.  

Benebone is made in the USA, and the flavor that it holds is real maplewood which is very healthy and delicious for your pooch!  It is not edible; however, your pup sure will hope it is!

Any dog would love the taste of this product that gives them an entertaining chewing session and will last them a very long time!  

Coming in three different sizes including small, medium, and large, this chew toy also uniquely looks like a real stick which gives a more authentic feel to your pet’s toy.

Canines will love the realistic look and texture that this toy will have as well as the very yummy taste of maplewood that is added just for them!  

Benebone encourages good chewers with this product because it helps them to keep their teeth and gums clean without the struggle of trying to brush their teeth or anything such as that.

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Kong Classic Durable Natural Rubber

KONG has a very unique product that is literally made to suit your pet’s age/needs.  Coming in sizes of x-small, medium, large, x-large, and xx-large, this bubbly looking chew toy will keep your pet away from chewing up anything it should not be chewing up.  

When you throw this item, it will change its path of directory once it hits the ground once which can keep your animal entertained for hours!

The reason why I had previously stated that if they are made specifically for your pup’s age/needs is because the durable rubber comes in four different toughness levels.  

One type is made for puppies and is a little softer to chew on when they are growing their teeth. The second type is for older/senior dogs that need softer materials to clean their teeth with.  

The third type is made with classic rubber durability, and the last one is made with extreme rubber which is durable for even your most aggressive chewers.

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goDog Dinos Triceratops Guard Technology

GoDog makes a dinosaur shaped chewable toy that makes squeaky noises when your pup chews on it.  

The friendly triceratops stuffed animal chew toy would not only give your canine something to chew on, but it also gives them a little friend!  

The material is very soft and plush which will feel great when your pup bites on it.

The chew guard technology helps protect the toy from any damage when held and clamped with teeth.  

The seams are stitches twice over so that it will last you double the time of your average plush chew toy.  

Any canines will love to play with this product, plus it is less stuffed on the inside so that in the rare case that it does rip, there would be less of a mess!

Another exciting addition is that there is a squeaker inside that will make a noise to encourage your pet to chew on this fun toy!

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Final Thoughts

Having a toy for your canine to chew on is the best decision you can make. These toys have countless benefits and ways to improve your pet’s life. They keep them busy, and away from your pillow, furniture or anything else canine’s might chew on. If you’re looking for a more broad list of toys, then visit our dog toys page.

I hope this list helped you find a new and interesting entertainment for your furry friend. My favorites are the Jostart 5 pack toys. They’re all different, made of safe materials, easy to clean and suitable for all sizes and breeds. Once you give them to your pet, it will most likely want to chew on these toys consistently.


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