The Best Toys For Dogs (And Puppies) of 2021

By Erin Shaffer / August 9, 2021

poodle reaching for toyDoes your furry friend ever look bored?  Do you often find them chewing on your furniture or other things they are not supposed to be gnawing on?  Do they ever stress or get nervous about something?

Maybe they have weak teeth or are teething puppies whose teeth are growing in?  Or perhaps they just want to be entertained?  If any of these apply to your pet, then you might want to look into getting them a dog toy for chewers to keep them happy and active.

Bull dog with tongue outTaking into consideration your animal’s wants and needs will help you decide which design or texture will work best for them.  Pay attention to what they need a toy for so that you will be able to choose the one that will satisfy them.

There are so many different types of dog toys on the market to choose from. But if you keep reading and look through our reviews, you might be able to find the best dog toy for your furry friend.

Top Rated Dog Toys Reviews


Kong makes a classic chew toy that is great for any size pet.  Large dogs especially love this one!  Made of healthy non-toxic rubber, this toy can bounce when it is thrown which gives you a chance to be able to play fetch with your pet.

This product has been proven to keep the teeth and gums in your puppy’s mouth to remain strong and healthy.  Since Kong makes their products in the USA, they are very reliable and trusted by animal owners.

There are a total of six sizes to choose from that range from extra-small to XX-Large.  This is also a highly recommended item from pet owners, trainers, and vets! 

An added bonus about this toy specifically is that there is a hole in the bottom of it that you can put little treats inside which will help your pooch to love it even more!

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ZippyPaws Skinny Peltz

ZippyPaws offers a great product that comes with three different animal toys.  Notice how it did not say stuffed animals!  This is because these are not stuffed with anything, they are just soft plush dog toys that look like a raccoon, fox, and a squirrel.

Each toy in the pack has 3 squeakers inside of them that make fun noises when they are squeezed.  These Skinny Peltz characters are very durable for chewers and are made with a unique design. 

Each toy is at least 18 inches long which is a great size for medium to larger breeds.  Animal owners who have bought this product by ZippyPaws have really loved the durability and the cuteness of the toys.  Hounds also enjoy this squeaky toy because they play with it hours on end!

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West Paw Zogoflex

If you have a dog that loves being rewarded with treats, then this is just the product for them!  Zogoflex makes an interactive chew toy perfect for keeping your pooch entertained throughout the day.

This product comes in three different colors of tangerine (orange), aqua (blue), and granny smith (green). The durable treat-releasing chew toy is an awesome item to have in any pet owners home.  People who have purchased this product for their pet love the amount of fun their animals have with it!

West Paw is made in the USA which means that it is very durable and reliable.  If it gets too dirty at any point, the easiest and safest way to clean it is by putting it in the dishwasher.  Place treats inside of this toy to keep your furry friend entertained for hours!

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Multipet Duckworth

If your pup is anything like my lab-pit mix Maggie, then they love plush toys!  Maggie loves holding the toy in her mouth and carrying it around wherever she goes.  She loves them so much that when someone new walks into the room, she picks it up and walks over to show it off.

I chose this item because it is precisely the type of plush stuffed animal that she would do this with.  This product is a yellow duck-shaped stuffed animal that is very soft and fun to play with.  It is fun to both catch and toss, the soft material makes it easy for your dog’s mouth to grab and pick up.

Pet owners with plush-toy-loving pets will really love this product because it is fun, cute, and adorable to watch your pup play with.

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Benebone Wishbone

This product is the perfect chew toy for a canine. It is the ideal combination of flavor and durability. With the bacon-flavored Wishbone chew toy, your hound will be able to chew for hours on end while getting the natural taste of bacon from the layers of this toy.

The well thought out shape and design of this product is so aggressive chewers can get a good chewing session in.  The real flavorings that last all the way throughout the chew are irresistible for your pets and will keep them entertained for a long time.

Benebone is made in the USA and is trusted by many pet owners to be very durable and be made with only healthy products.

Also, this toy is not edible, it just tastes like bacon, but it is not actually bacon, so be sure to get it out of your pooch’s reach if it ever starts to rip into bite size pieces.

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Allstar Innovations Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

Allstar Innovations makes a product they call the “Wobble Wag Giggle Ball.”  This ball is a fun toy for any age, breed, size, or shaped pooch.  Allstar can be used indoors or outdoors and has a very special quality that most toys do not have!

The special quality is that just like its title, it actually makes ‘giggle’ sounds!  When canines move this ball around, it will imitate some sounds that are quite similar to giggles.  There are tubes on the inside of the ball that passes air through the item, which helps make the noise (no batteries needed).

It also has a few pockets that curve in which makes it easier for your animal to grasp onto if it wanted to chew on it or anything.  This product is made to keep your canine active and moving around even on the lazy days!

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GoDog Gators

Imagine a newspaper headline saying: “Florida Dog Caught Chewing on Cute Gator!”  Well, cute indeed!  This stuffed alligator toy is an adorable and colorful chew toy for canines.  The plush softness of this product is loved by all dogs who can get their mouth on it!

The sizes come in both large and small so they will be great for whatever size breed you have.  The plush outer layer also has chew guard technology that protects it from being ripped to shreds too quickly.

GoDog Gators also has a squeaker inside of it which gives your pet hours of loud squeaky fun!  Canines love playing with the Gator toy and enjoy the playtime for hours on end.  Pet owners who have purchased this item have said they have seen a change in how active their animal gets.

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If you have a pooch that loves to chew things up and really get a good chew going, then you are going to need a very durable chew toy.  Ranging in sizes of small, medium, and large Oneisall also comes in both colors of white and green.  These are very popular products that are known for lasting a long time and not ripping or tearing.

Oneisall ensures that your pet will have healthy teeth and gums because they put extra thought into the non-toxic food grade nylon (not rubber) that they make this toy out of.  It also tastes like bacon, and who wouldn’t want that?

When you are trying to select the right size for your canine’s mouth, be sure it is not too small because that can become a choking hazard.

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Does your pet ever get bored?  Do they often seem like they have nothing to do or demand your attention, especially when you’re busy?  Well, an easy way to keep them entertained whenever you are too busy is to get them an interactive treat and chew toy.

This 100% non-toxic CHLEBEM product comes in the two fun colors of pink and blue.  The natural rubber gives them safe and comfortable chewing habits and will not release any harmful chemicals into their bodies.

A bonus feature of the product is that you can surprise your pet with hidden treats inside the ball which come out when rolled at certain angles.

Also, if you are at all unsatisfied with this product, then you can call the company and get your money back with no questions asked!

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Looking for a functional chew toy?  Well, look no further than the Nylabone, which can stand up to even the most aggressive chewing canines.  If you had to guess which material this was made out of what would you guess?  Nylon right?

Well, you are correct.  This chewing bone is made with textured nylon meant for keeping your hound’s gums and teeth healthy!  Some bristles act as a toothbrush that ensures clean teeth and can help prevent teeth from turning sensitive.

This comes in extra large.  Another thing that your pup will love about this item is that it has a natural and realistic flavor!  There is a bacon, beef jerky, chicken, peanut butter, and original nylon flavored bone.

All of these flavors are loved by every pup that gets its mouth on this product!

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PAWABOO manufactures a stuffed plush toy that is known for being incredibly soft.  People who have purchased this chew toy love how it seems to make their pets more independent and keep them occupied throughout the day.

This stuffed animal looks just like a small hedgehog, which gives it a more lively feature.  Inside of the hedgehog is a squeaker that makes a fun noise when it is bitten or chewed on.  The squeak trains your hound that it is okay to chew on a toy. More importantly, it teaches your pup to not chew on items that are not meant for them to gnaw on (shoes, socks, homework, you know… the usual).

The stuffing is non-toxic and environmentally friendly if it were ever to rip open, however, if this does happen then you should throw it away because the stuffing could be a choking hazard. 

The materials that make this hedgehog are faux-fur and PP cotton.  When this item gets dirty, you can machine or hand wash it; however, if you machine wash it then be sure to put it in a machine wash bag.

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Dog Toys for Small Dogs


Small pets usually need to (or at least have an easier time) chew and hold smaller toys in their mouths.  Since they have smaller shaped mouths and are not able to fit toys meant for larger dogs, they need their own smaller toy.

Yotache has a six-pack set of toys that include balls, rope, and chew toys.  Small dogs who have tried these products have really loved each item it comes with and seems to enjoy the variety of the different types of toys!

These products by Yotache are of high quality and very durable.  The material is nontoxic and safe for your animal to have in their mouths.  These six toys are colorful, cute, and great for photoshoots with your pup!

Pet owners who have gotten this product have really enjoyed the fun it brings into their household and their small canines!

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Small animals have needs that are much different than larger breeds.  To get them the perfect size toys (in comparison to their body size), Jalousie has an excellent option for you!  If you want a wide variety of different style squeaky toys, then this pack is perfect!

The plush style toys are all very colorful and cute.  They come in shapes like a watermelon, banana, ice cream, and so much more.  Prepare for the hours of endless fun ahead with twelve of Jalousie’s most popular squeaky toy options.

They are made with premium quality, which means no glue or any other unhealthy items that can get into your pup’s system.  When your hound chews on these toys, their teeth and gums are cared for and healthy.

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If you favor the color blue and have a smaller sized pup, then BUIBIIU has the perfect item set for you!  There are a total of six different types of toys that come in this pack that are nothing but great fun!  BUIBIIU is also designed specifically for smaller dogs, so the science behind the product is very reliable.

This chew toy set comes with a variety of uniquely woven rope, squeaky toys, and a plush donut or animal shaped toys.  The colorful collection is loved by all who own it.  Owners love how interested their pups are with BUIBIIU products and highly recommend it to others.

All of these products are made with high-quality materials and are incredibly durable.  Lastly, small animals really love toys, and these are so great to introduce to them because of the excellent quality and high recommendation rate.

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Chiwava took a different spin on what you would normally look for when you want puppy toys—in a good way!  This brand has a four-piece set of non-toxic latex rubber toys that are made to look like animals.  The animals that these look like are a frog, pig, chick, and a bear.

There is no stuffing inside of them which means that if they were to be chewed up, there would be no mess left behind to clean!  The soft, egg-shaped toys are very squishy and will squeak when they are squeezed.  Also, these toys can bounce when they hit the floor which is a whole fun game of its own!

These Chiwava toys are round and also able to roll or be pushed around by your hound.  The toys stand at 2.4 inches tall and 2 inches wide/long. 

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AMZpets is a very well known brand and very reliable as well.  Now they are offering a ten-piece set with the most favorite dog toys by both small breeds and puppies (even puppies of larger breeds).  The different types of toys that this AMZpets package includes are plush, rope, squeaky, rubber bones, balls, and chewing ropes (also comes with a bag to put everything in for more accessible storage and travel).

With this set of ten toys, you are really getting the best value for your money when it comes to buying items from AMZpets.  The mixture of different toy types is really great for animals that get bored with one kind of toy after playing with it for a short time.  These toys will be able to keep them entertained for a long time!

These toys also play a significant role in keeping the teeth and gums of your furry friend healthy!

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HOLYSTEED makes perfect size toys for small breed pets.  The toy is big enough to fit inside the palm of your hand and is very soft to the touch.   These ball-shaped toys are squishy and will squeak when you squeeze them.

The colorful balls are made of non-toxic latex of which is healthy for your pup and will bring them loads of fun!  Each of the six items has a different color and a different funny face on them.

To entertain your animal, you can either play fetch with them (these balls with bounce when thrown) or you can just give it to them to enjoy on their own.

HOLYSTEED offers a one year warranty if the product was ever to rip, break, or get messed up in any way.

The high-quality material (both chemical and lead-free) )is sure not to get your pet sick or cause them any harm.

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Type of Dog Toys

toys on white backgroundFirst of all, yes, there are many different types of dog toys, not just one.  Even though they are all characterized under the word ‘toy,’ that does not mean that all toys are the same.  There are many different types of toys that vary in materials, textures, sizes, shapes, and purposes. 

So, you’ll need to decide what purpose you need the toy to serve when searching for the perfect toy for your dog.  Also, keep in mind that you will need to consider your pup’s breed, size, and chewing tendencies? For example, you might need a product that is durable if your dog is an aggressive chewer. 


dog outside chewing on ringJust like when our loved ones leave us for a long time, our furry companions are no different.  Whether we are gone because of work or vacation, it’s all the same to a pup. That period, no matter the length, can be boring and lonely.

That’s why our pets need some sort of interactive toy to keep them entertained and active while we are away.  Certain toys can keep them busy for a long time! For instance, there are interactive toys that require your dog to hit buttons that release a snack from a secret compartment.

Interactive toys are great for any pet who finds themselves bored or lonely because they get to make their own fun.


blue chewing rope and chalkboardMany animals are notorious chewers by nature.  One example is, of course, the canine in your very home.  You have probably figured out by now that your pup likes to chew on items around your house, such as a shoe or even your couch. 

This is not out of malice on their part; it is just because they like to have things to chew when they are bored, nervous, excited, etc. 

Chew toys keep your pooch occupied during the day and will eventually learn to gnaw on the toy rather than your furniture or clothing. 


dog outside catching frisbeeExercise is vital to raising a healthy and playful canine.  Dogs love to run and play outside, especially in wide-open areas. From squirrels to birds, hounds are determined to bring them down to play with them.

A frisbee acts as a bird that flies through the sky, yet falls to the ground which gives pooches a chance to catch them.  Frisbees are great for active pets who love to run and chase after things! You can visit our frisbee buyer’s guide page if you want to look at our top products. 

Puzzle Toys

wooden cubes with dogSome breeds and personalities are meant to play with puzzle toys and some are not.  If you are not sure which category your pup falls into, then let them try one!  Some love it! However, some do not care for it too much. 

Puzzle toys help to activate the mind of your pet and makes them figure something out.  There are also different levels of difficulty that are available, so if you are not sure if your pet will enjoy it or not, then get an easier level for them to try out.


row of dog suppliesOften times I find myself throwing away pieces of toys and shoes that my pup, Maggie, tears to shreds.  Buying her new items to play with is a struggle because sometimes I feel like I am just wasting my money because some of the toys barely last a week!

While this is very frustrating, I was able to come across some toys that were genuinely indestructible.  Indestructible toys are great for big-time chewers!  Toys like these will last a very long time because they are made with durable materials that do not tear easily. 


indestructive toysMost dogs naturally love squeaky toys.  Unlike their owners, canines enjoy the constant sound of the high pitch noise that comes out of their toy when they squeeze it with their mouth or paws.  Humans can get irritated after a little while; however, if you are gone for work, then you will not have to worry about it!

The sound activates the hound’s playful side and helps them learn that a squeaky toy is more fun to chew on than your shoes—which do not have a squeaky noise for them to get hooked to.


indestructive rope toys

A rope is an all-around solid material that is used and respected because of its durability.  Because it is so robust, it is a great toy for animals.  It will last for a long time and can be used in a game of tug-o-war with your pup!

Rope can be chewed on, pulled on, and twisted in so many ways, yet it will still stay strong and in the same shape as before!  My dog especially loves rope toys because she can really get a good grip while biting on it.  She will even randomly pick it up and bring it over to me so I will play with her.  Overall, rope toys are excellent!


multicolor ball and blue chew toy

Toy balls are one of the most common and loved toys that keep dogs entertained for a long time.  They can be thrown, tossed, rolled, chewed on, thrown in the water, and so much more!  If you have an active pooch or one that likes to roll things around with its nose calmly, then ball-shaped toys would be great for your pup!

Playing fetch is also a very popular game that most hounds are obsessed with!  Chasing after balls and bringing them back to their owner for another round of fetch is too fun to stop!


yellow plush and blue rope toysPlush toys are basically stuffed animals for pets.  The first day we brought my puppy, Maggie, home we got her a stuffed bunny that she ever-so-gently held in her mouth as a ‘comfort toy.’  Plush toys work well as soft and comforting toys for pups that are light chewers (most aggressive chewers might rip them to shreds leaving fluffy stuffing everywhere).

Ever since that first bunny toy, Maggie has loved having soft toys to sleep with when she is tired or nervous.  I highly recommend plush toys for gentle dogs that just like holding it in their mouth or cuddling with when they are laying down.    

Why Does Your Dog Need a Toy?


dog food and chew toys

Exercise is essential to keeping your pooch healthy and should be part of their everyday lives.  One way to engage your pup into an active lifestyle is toys. They are a good way of keeping them moving around and out of risk of gaining too much weight and from becoming lazy.

Keeping your animal in good physical shape will keep them healthier later in their life when they are older and do not have as much energy to exercise.  If the toy you want to get them is specifically for keeping them active, then maybe look for a throw toy or something that will move around so that they will have to chase it down actively.


bored dog outsideIf your animal is often left home alone or finds itself frequently bored throughout the day, then they are definitely going to want something entertaining with them.  ANY toy will pretty much accomplish this simple task because that’s just what toys do, entertain!

Whether the toy squeaks, looks funny, tastes good, or drops out little treats, it will be able to effectively entertain your pet a lot more than they are used to!  A fun toy will open the door to a fun life for them even when you are away. 

Dental Health

dog chewing on plush toyJust like humans, a canine’s teeth are susceptible to cavities if not cared for properly.  To prevent teeth decay, as well as additional trips to the veterinarian, it is great to keep an effective chewing toy in their midst. 

These types of toys will keep their teeth healthy and strong throughout their lives.  Gnawing on chew toys made specifically to benefit their dental health is a great way to easily maintain both their teeth and gums without going through the hassle of brushing their teeth.


black dog staring at ballThe most common thing that will make your pet anxious is the fact that you are not near them.  There are also other causes like fireworks, illness, if it is in a new environment, or if company comes over.  All these things can cause nervousness in your pup.

To get rid of anxiety and to gift them with a sense of relaxation during these moments, it is effective to give them a toy to bring them back into a peaceful state of mind.  This will benefit not only them, but also you because you will no longer have to worry if they are anxious or not because they will now be relaxed at all times.


multicolored chewing ropes for dogsAs young hounds are getting a feel for the new teeth they have growing through their gums, they tend to feel the need to chew on/up anything they can get in their mouth.  The chewing gives them a comforting sensation that helps the growth of their teeth.  However, as owners, we are usually left with the mess of shredded shoes or torn furniture. 

As annoying as the clean up may be, there is a solution!  Getting a puppy a new toy that they can chew on until their heart’s content is the easiest way to avoid the mess!  If they have a designated toy to themselves, then they will not want to chew on your shoes anymore.


dog supplies on white backgroundAs an old or new pet owner, we all have the tendency to worry about what goes inside of our dogs’ mouths.  Some things may be unsafe or cause sickness.  Just like you, I worry about the toxicity of unhealthy plastics and other materials going into my pup’s mouth and into their system. 

Two common “ingredients” used to make durable pet toys (mostly ones made with hard plastic or vinyl materials) are BPA and phthalates.  The common solution is to just stay away from such items and stick to toys with natural materials.

Another thing to keep in mind is the latex that is in some toys.  All of these chemicals/materials will expose your pet to a small risk of illness (not a definite risk).

large dog with orange ball in mouthBPA and phthalates have been proven to have adverse effects on humans, so companies started to make chew toys without these toxic ingredients. The reason being if they can hurt humans then they can most likely hurt animals too.

Overall, just be sure to check labels and be sure that any products you are getting will do nothing but benefit and help your hound. 

Final Thoughts

dog toys on the rightOverall, I hope this article has opened your eyes to the various reasons why dogs need toys. Also, after reading through all of the buying considerations that involve choosing the right pet toy, I hope that you’re at least able to narrow your choices down to a few products.  Finding the perfect match to fulfill the needs of a canine can be tricky since they are unable to tell us specifically what they want. 

However, that is where we come in as owners.  We must be aware of how they are acting and feeling so that we can tend to their needs.  Different toys will help them in different ways.  Some will all a canine to get more exercise, distract them from the stress of nervousness, keep their teeth healthy and strong, and even entertain them while they are bored.

No matter what the toy is for, even if it’s just for fun, your pooch is going to love you for getting them one!


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