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By Ann Collins / August 3, 2021

A dog fence is a wise investment for various reasons. We all know how easy it is for most canines to escape as soon as we’re not watching, that’s why it’s good to buy one.

English Bulldog walking outsideThere are various types of fences on the market. You have the traditional in-ground one, or you have one an invisible fence.

Electric fences are my personal favorite, and I’ve talked to fellow owners about why they like using them, too. We’ve tested some big brand models and compared them to one another to bring you the absolute best electric dog fence.



Compatible with

Dogtek Boundary Wire

500ftPolyethylene jacket

Dogtek and other brands

Extreme Dog Fence Wire

500ftCopper core and polyethylene coatingAll brands
PetSafe Stubborn In-Ground 500ftCopper, plastic


Wireless Invisible Underground Fence Reviews

Dogtek Boundary Wire

If you want a quality wire that’s easily compatible with many brands of invisible pet fences, this might be the best choice for you. You get 500ft of burial grade wire that’s durable and weather resistant.

It’s proven to last a long time without damage or any wear caused by bad weather. Its size is enough to cover about ¼ acre area, so make sure to measure how much wire you’ll need exactly.

The copper wire is coated with yellow polyethylene for extra durability. Most people opt for it because it’s not only resistant to weather conditions but oxidation and static, too. However, more stubborn and large breeds may be harder to train with this wire, so make sure to be patient.



  • Durable and resistant
  • Compatible with many brands


  • Best only for smaller breeds

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Extreme Dog Fence Wire

This gauge wire stands out on the market for various reasons. Its best feature is its thick protective coating around the copper core. This polyethylene coating protects the wire against water and UV Ray exposure. What you get is 500ft of wire that you won’t have to splice.

It’s a tough way of keeping your pooch inside the yard since the wire is heavy-duty and buried in the ground.

The good thing is that the wire is compatible with all electric fence systems, all brands, and all wired applications. Make sure to create a loop with the invisible fence for it to carry the signal. However, if you want a place for your pet to cross the wire, simply splice a length of pre-braided wire or twist the two ends together. The twisting might be a bit of hard work since the wire is quite thick.


  • Resistant
  • Double coating
  • Compatible with all brands


  • Hard to twist

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PetSafe Stubborn In-Ground

If you’re installing an electric fence for the first time and don’t know much about all the things you’ll need, I suggest you get a kit. This PetSafe Dog kit comes with all you need to install it and to teach your pet to stay in the yard. In this kit, you get 500ft of wire that’s about 1/3 acre.

You also get two waterproof receivers, 50 boundary flags, and transmitter. I think it’s quite convenient that you also get two collars in the package. This way you have all you need to start. In case you have some trouble with installation, you can find all the answers and instructions in the manual and instruction DVD that’s included. The wire has five intense correction levels, but you’ll still need to pay extra attention to those stubborn and large breeds.


  • Comes with all you’ll need
  • Five sensitivity levels
  • Easy to install
  • Waterproof


  • Stubborn dogs might ignore it at first

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The Pros and Cons of an Invisible Wireless Dog Fence

Underground Electric dog fences have many pros and cons, but they mostly depend on the brand and quality. Sometimes, you’ll find a certain feature in one invisible fence that others may not have, and vice versa.

Below, are the pros and cons


  • Durable – Most invisible fences are made of durable materials and are covered with a resistant coating. You can find many different combinations, but most common are copper wire and polyethylene jacket.
  • Work on all breeds – you can easily train both big and small breeds with the help of an electric fence. Still, be patient and pay attention to how your pet behaves. Also, keep in mind that some larger and more stubborn breeds might need even more time to show results.
  • Covers large areas – most people opt for this type of training and restraining because it’s easy to cover large areas and big yards. If you have a large property, an electric fence could cover all that, allowing your pup to enjoy the big yard without any chance of escaping.


small dog playing outside

  • Take some time to install – some models are easy to install, but most will require some time, tools and skills. Also, keep in mind that the models that time to set up takes just as much time to remove.
  • Covers circular areas – most invisible fences need to make a circle to work, which isn’t as convenient for some people.
  • Although it covers large areas, you still want to take your pup on further walks. You want them to get familiar with unrecognized areas. Don’t assume that invisible fences are the only training devices you’ll need. Look into harnesses, or bark collars, when taking them out on walks.

Are They Safe?

chihuahua standing outsideThe answer is yes! Invisible fences usually have a few sensitivity levels you can choose from, so it’s easy to adjust it depending on how big, and stubborn your pooch is.

Of course, your canine may be uncomfortable at first, but once it learns to stay away from the invisible fence, all is good.

The Difference of an Electric Underground vs. In-ground Fence?

Poor pup by fence

The In-ground fence is no way to stop your canine from escaping your yard. Dogs are masters of digging holes and escaping, so unless you have an actual wall around your yard, your pet isn’t safe. Once your pet figures out the way to escape the basic fence, it’s going to keep on doing that forever. On the other hand, an electric fence doesn’t allow the dog to come near it, making it impossible to escape it.

Training Your Pup with a Wireless Fence

girl training pup outside

When your pet comes near the invisible fence, the electricity shocks him with a minimum voltage that’s uncomfortable but completely safe. Your pet will find this annoying and in time, will avoid coming near the invisible barrier.

However, if your pet is very stubborn, you might need more time and patience, but all canine’s grow tired of trying and eventually give up. This is an effective way of training your pooch, since all you have to do set up an invisible fence, and that’s all.


small dog playing with soccer ballElectric fences are a great way of teaching your pup to stay in the yard. With time, your pup will stop going near the invisible fence and won’t even try anymore. If you’re not sure which product would work the best, try the Dogtek Boundary Wire. It’s reliable, durable, and effective.

Make sure to set it all up according to the instructions, and keep an eye on your pup in the first days of training.

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