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Cosequin Vs. Dasuquin For Dogs in 2020

By Ann Collins / April 3, 2019

Both Dasuquin and Cosequin are joint supplements from the company called Nutramax Labs. They’re similar products that contain chondroitin and glucosamine among several other ingredients. There are some differences between the two which is why one is more expensive than others, but they’re both equally as effective. Dasuquin contains ASU that’s believed to protect against […]


Acana vs Orijen Dog Food Comparison Guide of 2020

By Erin Shaffer / March 18, 2019

As an owner of a furry friend who we want in our lives forever, it is tough to make the right decisions about what type of food would be best for their bodies. We want to give them something that will both keep them healthy throughout their lives, and be delicious and fun for them […]


Royal Canin vs Blue Buffalo – Which is Better?

By Ann Collins / October 17, 2018

How do you choose food for your dog? Do you check ingredients or grab the first attractive bag? Are you one of those people who can’t say no to cute packaging? Perhaps you like to stick to tried and reliable brands? The many brands on the market don’t make it easy either since there’s always […]


Greenies vs Dentastix (3 Important Comparisons for 2020)

By John Myers / June 30, 2018

Does your dog have horrible breath? Sometimes halitosis is a symptom of serious dental issues. Canines are not as fortunate as humans, in that we can brush our teeth whenever we want, or go to a dentist when we feel something is wrong. Pets rely on us as owners to help them care for their […]


Blue Buffalo vs Wellness Food for Dogs: The Great Comparison

By John Myers / May 8, 2018

As customers, we tend to gravitate towards the first can or bag of food we see at the store, or go straight to the cheapest brand, just to save a couple of cents. Just remember, cheap dog food brands are made with cheap ingredients, and are probably not the healthiest for your pet. Your dog […]