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Our 5 Top Rated Indestructible Pitbull Cages in 2021

By John Myers / May 8, 2021

Have you ever come home from a long day of work, see nothing but a broken crate, furniture destroyed, and your pit bull roaming around unsupervised? For these reasons, a heavy-duty crate is essential for every pit bull owner.  They serve as a secure space for your dog to call its own, a place to […]


Our 20 Best Dog Crate for 2020

By Erin Shaffer / April 15, 2019

Do you ever have a hard time keeping your pet from causing any havoc in your house while you are away?  Does your pup rummage through your home and make messes for you to come home and clean up?  If you are training a new puppy, do they get anxiety while you are away and […]


What is The Best Dog Silencer in 2020?

By John Myers / March 6, 2019

Does your dog get fired up by the neighbor’s pooch or even the smallest noise? Many pups, especially small species, tend to have a barking problem now and then. If it happens often enough to disturb your daily life, you might want to consider a dog silencer. These devices teach your pup not to bark […]


Why Won’t My Dog Drink Water Out of His Bowl?

By Erin Shaffer / February 23, 2019

Every living mammal needs a source of water to live.  Without water, there is no life (we are made up of 60% water).  If your pooch is not getting the correct amount of water that it needs to stay healthy, then that is a very serious problem. Usually, dogs know when to drink on their […]


How to Prevent Dog Urine From Killing Grass Naturally

By Ann Collins / November 10, 2018

So, you’ve noticed that your green lawn is turning brown and yellow? Though many reasons could cause this, your outdoors dog is most probably one of them.  Urine is known to kill grass, so unless the problem is treated, you’ll have those ugly patches all over your yard.  The good news, at least they’re not peeing […]


How Long Can a Dog Go Without Peeing?

By John Myers / September 11, 2018

Just as we have to use the bathroom every few hours, so do our dogs. If you’re a new owner, you probably wonder how long can a dog hold its pee. In most cases, trained dogs will ask to go outside, but even then, they might have been holding it in for a while. Imagine […]


Our Top Rated Bark Control Collars for Small Dogs

By John Myers / March 7, 2018

You ever noticed that smaller dogs tend to bark more? Maybe it’s because they have all that ball of energy to compensate for their size. Or maybe they just have a bad temper overall? You can train your pooch to not bark, but the process takes a lot of time and patience. And for that […]


The Best Electric Dog Fence

By Ann Collins / March 7, 2018

A dog fence is a wise investment for various reasons. We all know how easy it is for most canines to escape as soon as we’re not watching, that’s why it’s good to buy one. There are various types of fences on the market. You have the traditional in-ground one, or you have one an […]