Dogtra ARC Remote Review

By Ann Collins / August 9, 2021

If training your dog didn’t result in as much success, you might want to consider trying a training collar. One of the best on the market is the Dogtra ARC Remote Training CollarSystem.

It’s a unique piece that’s entirely safe for use on different breeds. Its design and features allow ease of use as well as efficiency that delivers outstanding results.

We’re sure you’ve heard of training collars or even bark collars, and you’re probably also concerned about how safe they are. Sticking to reliable brands such as the Dogtra ensures safety and efficiency at all times. This is a long-range system that’s waterproof but only works on small dogs.

Take a minute to read the article below as we break down its specifications and features. You’ll also find some pros and cons to help you decide whether this is the right collar for your pet.

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small dog on the grass

  • Slim design – it’s compact and narrow, so your pet will be comfortable. Since it’s suitable for small dogs, it won’t be too big on whatever breed you have as long as the overall size fits. The slim design isn’t as noticeable either.
  • 127 levels of stimulation – such a large number of stimulation levels is almost unseen on the market. It allows gradual intensifying, so you can go a level up depending on how stubborn the pup is.
  • Rechargeable batteries – this is a more eco-friendly option that’s much more convenient than disposable batteries. These take about two hours to recharge, so you can always have them ready.

Adjustable Levels

dog walking in woodsAdjustability in stimulation is crucial, especially if your pup is challenging to train and stubborn. Dogtra ARC offers 127 levels of static stimulation you can gradually intensify or lower depending on the technique you’re using and several other factors.

Use the rheostat to adjust the levels as you go. The transmitter has a little screen where it shows the level you’re on, so you don’t have to remember that info. It recognizes the level you were at the last time and picks up from there.

Safety and Responsibility

black dog up closeTraining collars are always a controversial topic because people generally question their safety. However, it’s important to note that its static stimulation levels are in no way dangerous.

Even the highest levels aren’t painful but uncomfortable to train the dog to do or not do certain things.

As we said, reliable brands and product ensure the safety of your pet over everything else. For this reason, using the Dogtra ARC is entirely safe.

Still, use the collar responsibly and make sure to watch your pup all the time for whatever change in behavior.


small white dog on grassIt comes in one size only, and it fits smaller dogs the best. Make sure to measure your pup since the collar is only suitable for dogs as small as 15lbs.

It has adjustment points so that you can customize the size to a certain extent depending on the size of your pet. Still, it most likely won’t fit pups that are bigger than 15lbs, at least not in a comfortable way.

Sizing doesn’t come off as you use the collar, so you shouldn’t fear it could come loose and fall off. We didn’t find any reports on that happening.

Temperament of Dog

large white dog posing outsideDogtra ARC Remote Control is among the best choices for pups with mild to medium temperament. It’s an ideal product for animals that never had any training and are responding poorly to conventional methods.

It comes with 127 different static stimulation levels you can choose from depending on how the pup responds. It’s advised you start slow and with a lower static level. You’ll see how the animal responds as you move along with training. Adjust the levels accordingly with time.

Higher levels might do well on a more stubborn pup, but keep in mind that those levels shouldn’t be used for an extended period. If the dog isn’t responding to them, you’ll maybe need a stronger training collar.

Range of Effectiveness

brown dog laying down

The collar and its transmitter have a ¾-mile range. This allows you to be creative with the training and also give your pet some more freedom.

Keep in mind that there’s more than that. Much like with all-electric dog training devices, the range on Dogtra ARC can vary depending on the terrain, weather conditions as well as interruptions from buildings, trees, etc.


dog sitting in snowDogtra is a reliable brand that’s been around for quite a while. The ARC training collar is among the best choices on the market for dogs with mild to medium temperament.

Its reliability lays in its effectiveness as well as the ease of use. Both the collar and remote are made of quality materials that are comfortable and simple to use at any time.

The product is proven safe, so there’s no fear that it could hurt your pet in any way. Plus, being a reliable brand, Dogtra has excellent customer support, offering information, and help at any time.


dog wearing a collarIt comes in black color only, and no other options are available. The collar is designed to be comfortable with its slim dimensions and lightweight. It weighs only 1.55 pounds together with the remote.

The remote is also quite comfortable to hold. It has checkered grips allowing easier handling and improved grip in different weather conditions. This means there’s less chance of you dropping and possibly losing the remote.


Cardigan Welsh Corgi facing sidewaysDogtra offers a two-year warranty for its ARC training collar. The warranty deal, as always, covers only certain things, so make sure to familiarize yourself with this beforehand.

It doesn’t cover normal wear and tear, or any damage made by the animal or the owner. It also doesn’t include any damage caused by misuse, abuse, and repair done by unauthorized service.

Accessories such as cables, chargers, batteries, antennas, and straps are only covered for a year. Make sure to verify your purchase since only then is your warranty activated.

Final Thoughts

black dog laying downIf you have a small dog that’s somewhat stubborn, you might want to try the Dogtra ARC remote collar. It’s one of the best options on the market thanks to its simplicity and versatility.

Its 127 levels of stimulation are efficient on small dogs with mild and moderate temperament. As we mentioned, higher levels might work on more stubborn pets, but make sure to keep an eye on them.

If you’re looking for a quality and reliable training collar, you should try the Dogtra Arc. It’s easy to use and completely safe for teaching your dog proper behavior.

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