Paw Five Dog Harness Review

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How often do you walk your dog? Walking and exercising are among the most important things for animals especially if they are used to being indoors.

However, we all know that you need the right equipment in order for the walk to be enjoyable and safe. Unless your dog is one of the few that can walk freely next to your leg, you need to make sure he/she is secure.Small dog in Paw Five harness

Paw Five is one of the best choices to make walks care-free and fun. It’s also one of the better harnesses when it comes to no-pull.

PawFive harness is great for the outdoorsIt’s made of all the best materials and will last you a long time. Plus, it’s easy to work with and quickly get used to even if your dog isn’t trained.

This one changes the game for all breeds and sizes since it’s fully adjustable. Continue reading to see why we love the Paw Five as we discuss all its features and specifications.


One of the few things that make it unique is the built-in waste bag dispenser it comes with. This useful feature allows you to have waste bags at your disposal at all times with a single snap of a button.

close-up of dog in Paw Five harnessIt also comes with a free pack of disposable biodegradable waste bags. Another great thing about it is the waterproof outer shell.

This allows you not to miss a single walk even if the weather is a bit rainy or snowy. Paw Five also features a padded handle that’s especially convenient when you need to help your dog over some obstacles like fallen branches and puddles.


dalmation with PawFive harnessPaw Five has safety buckles and straps around the chest and waist area. It has a heavy-duty D-ring that’s durable and virtually impossible to break.

This makes the product ideal even for the most stubborn dogs that pull during walks. There’s an extra D-ring on the side that allows you to attach different accessories such as a pouch.


Paw Five harness on black dogThis one is suitable for many different breeds because it’s fully adjustable. Regardless of the size you go for, you’ll be able to customize the fit a bit.

This allows you to achieve the best and most comfortable fit for your pup regardless of its size.

Both straps that go around the waist and chest are adjustable. These adjusting points are easy to work with and move around.

However, they are also quite sturdy and won’t slip, so your dog gets out on its own.



dog in blue PawFive No-pull harnessThis one looks very much like those you see on service dogs. The ergonomic design allows full comfort while the large Paw Five print on the side makes it eye-catching.

It’s also important to mention that it’s made of durable materials, lightweight padding and reflective details for night walks. The overall style makes it simple to clean as you can just wipe it off with a damp cloth.

Product Dimensions

dog wearing paw five no-pull harnessPaw Five comes in several sizes to choose from based on your dog’s girth dimensions. The sizes go from small to extra large, so it’s just up to you to take precise measurements.

However, keep in mind that you can make minor adjustments of the size since the straps are fully adjustable.

Product Weight

Weight is among the most important things when it comes to this type of equipment. It’s crucial that it’s not too heavy on your pup’s back being a burden after a while.

It weighs 10 ounces which is slightly heavier than the most, but it’s still lightweight enough to provide comfortable walks.


black dog in PawFive harnessIf you’re looking for color, Paw Five has some bright options to offer. The product itself is black with several colorful details on each side.

The details can be green, pink or blue. All the color choices are bright and long-lasting, so you don’t have to worry about them fading after a while.

Final thoughts

The Paw Five is a great choice if your furry friend isn’t the best-behaved dog. If the walks often result in pulling and running, this is the type of product that can help you.

Not only it’s made of durable materials, but it’s also easy to use for both you and your pup. You’ll find it simple to put on and take off before the pooch becomes nervous.

The reason why most dog owners opt for it is its attractive design as well as effectiveness. The many sizes and colors are a plus, but what’s most important is your pup’s safety.

This one ensures that all the time outside is secure and enjoyable.

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Paw Five Dog Harness [Review] - 2 Great Features For Your Pup
How often do you walk your dog? Walking and exercising are among the most important things for animals especially if they are used to being indoors. Howeve
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