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Does your pet dog struggle with mobility? If your dog is recovering from surgery or suffering from arthritis, then the PetAZ Dog Lift Harness is perfect to help your pet. One of the pet parents at the local dog park found this product very useful. It’s not like your traditional harness that is used as a training tool, but more of a support.

She used it to assist her German Shepherd was suffering from hip dysplasia. The product’s adjustable handles allow her to help her canine complete daily physical tasks.


Walking Aid

The PetAZ Dog Lift Harness is the perfect walking aid for dogs that struggle with limited mobility or need assistance in supporting their own body weight. These may be the result of arthritis, hip dysplasia, spinal trauma, general fatigue.

Also, this product is perfect if your pet is recovering from surgery and is in the processing of rehabbing and walking. This sling is built to assist aching canines in accomplishing simple movements such as standing up, climbing stairs, or climbing in and out of cars.

While your pup is resting its belly on the sling, pull-up on the handles as necessary to help take the weight off your pet’s joints.

Ease of Use

Many customers that have purchased the PetAZ Dog Lift Harness love how easy this product is to use. Simply place the support under your pet’s belly and snap-it at the top.

Its construction is meant to protect the back and maximize comfort for the pet owner, by preventing them from having to bend over to pick their pets up, especially when they’re heavy.

Also, the adjustable handles make this a product for all pet owners, no matter their height.

When not in use, it is easy to carry around and a space-saver. All you have to do is roll it up and store it in almost any compact space.

Soft and Comfortable

The last thing you want to do is cause more discomfort to your already aching pet. The creators of the PetAZ Dog Lift Harness understand this and not only created a durable product but one that is soft and comfortable.

The support’s inner-lining is made of cotton, which will not rip or tangle hair, or irritate skin.


This product is extremely durable, which can be credited to its material. In addition to its cotton inner-lining. The rest of the sling is made from 100% Dacron.

Dacron is a polyester fiber that is known for its lightweight, medium-firm feel, scratch-resistance, and excellent tear strength. So this aid is perfect for the heaviest of heavy breeds.

The easy to adjust handles are made with nylon that is sturdy and strong and joined together by a non-slip grip. Lastly, the high-quality buckle will not rust. All the materials are easy to clean and can be thrown in the washing machine. But we do not suggest putting this product in the dryer.


This rehabilitation sling is perfect for a various size range of canines. It comes in four sizes, from small to extra large. The lift support uses two measurements to determine its sizing. First, the manufacturer strongly suggests using your canine’s chest circumference, followed by its weight.

A small is perfect for dogs with a chest circumference of 24.61’’ and a suggested weight of 11-22 lbs. A medium sling will fit a hound with a chest circumference of 29.53’’ with a weight range of 22-55 lbs. Large supports will fit a canine with a chest size of 34.25” and weight not to exceed 77 lbs.

Finally, the XL size will fit a pet with a chest girth of 37.8” and a weight of 77-99 lbs. The manufacturer suggests going up a size if your pup is between sizes.


This support harness was made with your pet’s safety in mind. Causing further pain is the last thing anyone wants for your little friend. The sling covers a good portion of your canine’s chest to the abdominal area, which helps distribute the weight appropriately and not cause pain when you pull on the handles.

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