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We all know the joy of taking your pups for long walks and hikes. However, we also know the struggle of trying to walk a dog that constantly pulls and chokes.

Dogs need a certain level of comfort when outside, so it’s best you consider the right type of equipment for hiking in particular. The Philwin is among the best choices for medium to large breeds that pull while hiking.

Dog wearing Philwin harness

This is the type of product you and your pooch will quickly get used to. It’s reliable, efficient and easy to use which is why most pet owners recommend it for hiking.

It’s designed in a way to provide maximum comfort as well as safety, so your time outside is fun, secure and enjoyable.

Continue reading to learn a bit more about this one and why it’s a good choice for your pup.


rottweiler in a black Philwin HarnessWhen it comes to features, it’s important to mention the assist handle that gives you more control over your dog in different situations.

If you need to help the pup over some obstacles or anything like that, this comes in handy. It’s especially convenient for elderly pets that need a little help now and then.

Its anti-knot specifications are especially handy with adventurous and curious dogs. The entire thing is designed in a way, so it’s almost impossible to tie in a knot.

Your pup can run, jump and have fun and this one will keep its form without tangling at all.


small dog in Philwin hiking harnessAll the pulling pressure is evenly distributed all over the body which helps prevent pulling and choking regardless of the size of your hound. It features one metal attachment on the back and another on the chest.

These are durable and sturdy to support even the most energetic breeds that pull all the time. You’ll find it easier to control your pet even if it’s not well-trained.

Choose one of the two attachments based on how your dog behaves when outside. These can help with training even with the most stubborn pups.


Dog on white backgroundIt fits the best on medium to large breeds, though there’s some room for adjustment. The straps are customizable at the back and chest, so you can go up or down a size a bit if need be.

If you’re looking medium to extra large, then you might want to consider getting the Purebox instead.

This helps prevent any potential injury and respiratory issues caused by constant chocking. The straps can be locked in place, so it doesn’t become too tight or too loose as you’re hiking.

It’s important you adjust it because if it’s too loose, your pup might escape it, while a fit that’s too tight would be uncomfortable. See this guide on how tight a dog collar should be.



dog in car wearing Philwin harnessOverall, it’s made from a soft, lightweight and breathable material with padding. You’ll quickly notice its quality of materials and performance the first time you bring your pooch for a hike.

Also, the stylish straps are reflective which helps with keeping your hound visible during nighttime walks. Overall, it’s a strong construction that’s anti-static and comfortable to wear for hours at the time.

Product Dimensions

rottweiler in Philwin hikingl harness It’s best for medium and large breeds though there’s some room for adjusting the sizes. If your pup’s chest girth is from 22.05 to 27.17 inches, you should go for the medium one.

The large is for dogs with chest girth from 27.17 to 31.89 inches. However, keep in mind that the sizes run a bit large.

Product Weight

Philwin dog harness with purple leashThe last thing you want is this to be too heavy for your dog. Luckily, Philwin is lightweight and won’t add any unnecessary burden on your pet.

Since it weighs less than 8 ounces, dogs barely notice it’s there. This is because it’s made of lightweight materials that are still strong and resistant.


Unfortunately, Philwin doesn’t come in a wide range of colors to choose from. This one is black with white reflective lining for both medium and large size. It’s a classic choice, though.

Final Thoughts

White dog in Philwin hiking harnessPhilwin is comfortable and secure which are the two most important factors to consider. The sizes run somewhat large so make sure to measure your dog and consult with the manufacturer’s size chart.

Though there aren’t any fun colors to choose from, this one looks rather stylish with its classic design and reflective lining. It’s an impressive product that helps you enjoy hiking with your pet.

It’s lightweight, so dogs don’t even feel it’s on if the size is right. Use its adjustability to create a custom fit and test it out the next time you and your best furry friend are going for a walk.

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