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If you’re thinking about taking your dog on your next hiking adventure, you need to get him/her the right equipment. Regular stuff won’t do the job as well, but we’re not talking about regular walking, are we? 

This Purebox model is among the best ones to consider for large breeds. It fits comfortably which makes it a popular choice among dog owners.

corgi in blue harnessYou’ll find it easier to control and assist your pup with it when out and about. The overall quality of the product reflects in comfort and functionality.

It’s ideal for dogs that tend to pull and make walks a struggle. This one will help train your pooch and help it over and across obstacles in nature. 

Continue reading to see why so many dog owners recommend this one as one of the best options for hiking. We’ll discuss its design, features, adjustability, and much more. 


puppy in purebox harnessOne of the best things about it is the soft leather handle that helps you assist and control the up in nature.

This is ideal if you have an elderly pet or a young one because it allows you to help them over and across different obstacles, you come across on your hiking adventure.

Use it to help your dog in and out of the car, over puddles, knocked-over trees, etc.  The 3M visibility color strap reflects at night making your dog visible and safe even if you take late walks. 


puppy in yellow harnessThis one features two D-rings for attachment. One is in the back while the other is on the chest giving you more versatility.

You can choose between the two depending on how your dog behaves when you’re hiking. Plus, there’s always the option of using both rings for maximum security.  

The attachment points are in the areas that are the best for this, so the pulling pressure is reduced even with dogs that aren’t trained. Both rings are made of durable metal that doesn’t rust and is almost impossible to break. 


dog in pink purebox harnessThe Purebox is easy to use. It takes a second to put it on and just as much to get the pup out of it thanks to the quick release buckles.

The straps are adjustable so you can customize the size to be more comfortable. Plus, each strap has a locking feature to provide extra safety and minimizes the chances of your dog getting out of it on its own. 

Make sure always to adjust the straps regardless of the size you got. By doing this, you ensure the best fit for your pup that’s not too tight or too loose in any area. 



small dog in pink purebox harness for dogsIt’s made from a durable and reflective nylon oxford material. Purebox is designed in a way so the pulling pressure is evenly distributed and there’s no choking.

Everything is lined with lightweight mesh material for some added comfort along with the sponge padding in the belly and chest area. 

Product Dimensions

old brown dog laying downThis one comes in three sizes that are medium, large and extra large. Though the straps are adjustable, make sure to measure your pet thoroughly to secure the best fit. 

Medium size fits chest girth of 14.2 to 23.5 inches. Large fits the chest girth of 20.4 to 26 inches, while the extra large is best for dogs with chest girth from 21.2 to 33.9 inches. 

Product Weight

The entire thing is quite lightweight given the thick padding its features. Though the manufacturer didn’t state the exact weight, the product doesn’t have more than 12 ounces in total.

Still, it’s nothing too heavy for the dogs it’s made for, and if the fit is right, they won’t notice it’s there. 


Though there aren’t many colors to choose from, you do get to choose between black or orange Purebox.

Both colors are lined with a white lining that’s reflective during nighttime. Black is a classic option, and it’s a bit more subtle than the bright orange.  

Final Thoughts

It’s easy to see why dog owners often opt for Purebox. It’s a product you can rely on in terms of quality and performance.  

It’s a reliable option especially if you have an adventurous pet that runs and pulls all the time. This will prevent choking while allowing absolute comfort and ease of use.

Because of the breathable materials and ease of maintenance, this product is ideal for both winter and summer. 

Most importantly, it’s durable as well as comfortable to provide your pup with the best possible outdoors exploring experience. If this product isn’t your choice, then you can look at other options available through our hiking harness guide.

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