Wysong Dog Food Review

By Ann Collins / August 10, 2021

Are you tired of scouring pet food stores for the perfect diet for your furry companion? Look no further than Wysong Dog Food, a brand that offers a range of options to keep your dog happy and healthy. Founded in 1979, this family-owned business has exceeded expectations, providing pet owners worldwide with top-quality dry, raw, and wet food choices.

But what sets Wysong apart from other pet food brands? Bursting with innovation, Wysong enhances the ordinary to deliver unparalleled nutrition and flavor for your beloved pup. Their commitment to excellence ensures that your dog can thrive, whether they’re a sprightly young pup or a wise old senior.

At Wysong, they believe that every dog deserves the best. That’s why they use only the highest-quality ingredients, sourced from trusted suppliers around the world. So, once you invest in Wysong, there’s no turning back. Discover more about this remarkable brand by reading our Wysong Dog Food review below.

About the Brand

dog food bowl on wooden backgroundWysong Dog Food Company has been established for forty years and continues to provide healthy and beneficial food for pups across the country. They began, like many others, as a family-owned business from Michigan. They had a dream and started small, but have since made a significant impact on the world of dogs.

Dr. Wysong built a brand that encompasses a variety of animal-based products for cats, dogs, ferrets, and even horses, but the overall brand is known for its quality supplements. A majority of Wysong’s ingredients are sourced from within the United States and guaranteed to exceed your pet’s nutritional standards. 


Beagles puppy looking up Nutritional value is what Wysong stands for within the forty years of business, studying, and scientific experiments. Although plants and natural sources of nature contain levels of vitamins that are necessary for the human body, people are not able to produce them within the consumption of these plants. Wysong makes sure to include natural sources of vitamins in their products and steer clear of increases levels of fats because it increases the chances of oxidation.

Wysong found that raw food recipes were beneficial to their clients and a relevant factor when making their brand. All of these ingredients are raw, natural, and fresh foods that make up each type. On average, the guaranteed analysis states that there is a 60% protein content on average in Wysong’s products, whereas the fat estimate is approximately 15 percent.

On the Dry Matter Basis, we have a 67 percent average among proteins, 17 percent fats, and 9 percent carbs. The Calorie weighted basis in the estimated nutrient content chart claims that there is a 58 percent protein level, 35 percent fat, and 7 percent carbs. 


bowl in pile of dog kibbleThere are so many ingredients that make Wysong what they are. Several important specifics include garlic, flax seeds, chicken, fish oil, soy, limestone, kelp, turmeric, and yeast. Each of these ingredients is relevant and important to the food source that each dog is on.

We have included a list of why each ingredient is essential below. As a whole, the number one ingredient that Wysong implements within each of their recipes is organic chicken. It is not only beneficial but contains approximately 73 percent water, so when appropriately prepared, the excess water content dries up leaves a lower weight. 

Garlic– keeps fleas away because of the sulfur expelled through dog skin

Flax seeds– anti-inflammatory properties. Also reduced skin irritations and increases range of mobility/ joint health

bowl near spilled dog foodChicken– omega 6 fatty acid delivery, build lean muscle, healthy skin, and shiny coat

Fish oil– reduce allergies but now used for arthritis and high cholesterol reduction

Soy– lower blood cholesterol and decrease urinary incontinence/treat cancer

Kelp– salts and minerals are implemented to maintain the glandular system, pituitary gland, thyroid gland, and adrenal gland

Turmeric– anti-inflammatory agent/arthritis reduce. 

Yeast– healthy skin and a shiny coat. Good digestive health and control diarrhea 


chewing bones near food bowlA significant aspect of giving your dog the best opportunity possible to grow and succeed is to know how safe the brand is that you are using. Wysong pays special attention to nutrition and supplement safety because of their raw food options. With organic ingredients in every meal, you, as the pet owner, don’t have to worry about poisoning or high levels of unnatural products.

Although they do take a particular interest in the safety of their natural ingredients, they do happen to have high protein in multiple formulas. Other than this, they have flavor and protein sources for a selection of pets, a variety of product types, and clean, healthy recipes. 


adorable cocker spaniel outsideWysong is known for providing a variety of food options for dogs, cats, and many other pets. All of their products are created to reach the ultimate optimization for each pet owner. Each pup is unique and therefore deserves a unique option of food as well.

Wysong believes that since all breeds grew from the same diet when they ran wild that natural-based food products would be the best for them to achieve what they need to. Breed based products are a way to advertise for money and not specifically for the pet itself, so Wysong is a firm believer in creating food that can work for all breeds. 

Food Form

close-up of pet foodAs we stated earlier in this article, Wysong dog food presents three types of food options for any pet owner. This includes canned food, dry dog food, and raw dog food. Their canned food is made to be nearly all meat diets that level out at a 95+% mean Epigen that are also Starch Free and maximize their meat potential. This option is not entirely healthy and as a matter of fact, will include unhealthy ingredients within canned food options.

Dry dog food, on the other hand, is created to copy the diet of a natural dog diet. This will include a list of proteins and natural ingredients. Last but not least, raw dog food options are designed to be safe while maintaining the nutritional value of other types of food. The processed temperature is always under 118 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Life Stage

Sleeping beagle puppyWysong has paid special attention to the life stages of each dog and how their eating affects their health. This brand makes its food all-around good for each pup at any stage of life. These products are made to fit any breed, age, or time frame in life.

This includes puppies, seniors, middle age, and young adult dogs. Unlike many other dog food brands, Wysong is known for its intent to focus on the importance of feeding schedules.

They know that the care you put into knowing what time and how often to feed your pup will determine what brand is best for your dog. That is why we highly recommend this brand for you and your pup.

Recall History

dog near bowl with bone treatAlthough Wysong has spent generations working to build a steady and well-maintained brand for dogs around the world, they were previously involved in one recall to this date. It was on October 12 in 2009 when several product lines had a possible detected mold. The products were removed from the shelves because of contamination included the Wysong Maintenance recipe, Wysong Senior recipe, and Wysong Synorgon.

Other than this recall, Wysong was not involved in any other incidents amongst the forty years of hard and diligent work. This is great news for pet owners leaving this an overall trustworthy brand. 


close up pile of canine foodAlthough allergies are life-threatening at times and can cause significant health issues in a pup, Wysong does not sell any allergen-free pet food. They do suggest that to reduce the chances of allergy outbreaks that the pet owner should use their natural dog foods with a general schedule using previous brands and these new ones on and off to let your pup accumulate.

By doing this, you can give your dog a chance to get used to the products in each brand. With a constant rotation and a variety of brands, your dog can adjust, but by placing them on an allergen based brand, it can cause more allergies than prevent them. 

Feeding Directions

dog paws next to bowl of foodWhen it comes down to feeding directions for your pup, we recommend setting a schedule. Depending on the size, age, and requirements of your dog, set an eating schedule for them to follow that you won’t stray.  Wysong suggests that when integrating new food into an already working schedule, you should rotating a variety of food options for your pet to adjust to.

This new brand is vital to avoiding allergies and sickness. Once you have set a daily feeding schedule, you should provide your pup with at least one section of packaged food each day to accommodate the other options involved. When combining raw foods with average dog food diets, it is essential to use supplements that are the ultimate balance among protein and base food options. 

Final Thoughts

kibble in paw formThe brand Wysong has been building its credibility and customer-based source for forty years. Within this time frame, they have set down strong standards for their company to better the lives of dogs around the world with healthy and nutritional valued food. Unique from other brands, this one offers raw food as a healthy and scientifically supported option for your pup.

If you have other animals such as horses, ferrets, or cats, Wysong has options for them as well. They thrive on supporting every breed or animal type with nutritional value.

With only one recall in previous years for mold contamination, you as the pet owner can assume that this brand is trustworthy and has improved since then to meet every requirement that you have. Wysong has always risen to the challenge every year with new ingredients, combinations, and recipes. 


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